Growing with Mr.Sparkle : Trials & Progression 2020

Start of my 2020 grow journal…

Quick break down of the setup and how it sits now.

Dual stealth closet cabinets made from ikea parts mainy, measuring around 0.28m2 or 3sq/ft a side
Lighting is taken care of one panel aside made of 14 of the 380mm bridgelux eb gen 2’s strip leds which run off some XLG-100-L-AB drivers which are overdriven to around 120w from the wall when running at full.
Ventilation is taken care of by an AC infinity T6 and through a 6" filter as well.
Internal air circulation is take care of by two 92mm noctua B9’s on either side.
Auto Watering setup compose of basic parts
Reservoirs are Ikea Kuggis bins
Water timing is done by some 12v cycle timers, one per res
Media is coco specifically bagged canna coco
Nutrients this is gonna vary but will mention as i go along.
Container size also will vary but Ikea kid cups are 200ml the square pots are around 400ml and yogurt containers if i use them are 750ml.

And currently got a bunch of plants on the go trying some things.

Anyways here we go…


First one here! Plus letters


Just like always …mean and clean!!!


It’s very impressive to see someone kill it in a space like yours. My micros were always so terrible.
I was in my seed bag the other day and couldn’t remember who I got those temperature strips from…lol…now I remember. Thanks again for the beans, man.


Let the trials commence!

Will be following along as usual :popcorn:


Well so far i’ll give a rundown on what i’ve been doing and my thoughts on why without going too deep and idea’s on where i would like to go.

First lets throw out the thought about Excess… are we using too much ? consuming too much ? or creating unnecessary waste ? Whether growing or in life I think we all can say in this “time of excess” it’s easy for us to indulge, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it better and is something to figure out specifics for and how to be more efficient in the end.

So past issues ive run into more so as of late is overwatering, and over feeding issues leading to unstable environments, and myself taking a step back and reevaluating what and how i’m doing things.

Goals - First is to make things as simple as possible, easier is better unless for a purpose, second goal is to become efficient as possible so long as the first goal is kept in mind.

So to start what am i doing, first i’ve raised my chamber temperatures to aid in transpiration of the plants, due to changing lights to ones that run cooler coupled to having way more air extraction than needed i’ve been running plants on the colder and drier side than i probably should have… So with some actual programmed settings for my fan it’s only turning on when temps chamber temps get above 28c and above 60% humidity “note my actual fan settings are a bit higher due to my sensor placement” but it’s currently on its lowest setting to even out the bouncing when it turns on, but the fan is just sipping air at the moment.

Next im running at two different feed levels just to dial in things, one on the high side “1.4ec of maxi” using a pH adjuster to bring me up into appropriate levels and an extremely low side of 0.2ec that allows the water to fall into the appropriate pH range without adjusters, and will adjust as time goes on.

And third i have a group of seedlings running on low feed megacrop “0.55ec” where the pH comes out to acceptable levels to start.

The silver white cups are the megacrop, the others are maxibloom and divided by left and right plants per cup color, low feed on the left high feed on the right at the moment. Obviously the plants will all have some differences regardless but thats where were at

Oh and the Silver/white cups were multiplanted for better selection “only the best will move on” that and i didnt have any more small pots… but here is a picture from this morning to show which ones already got pulled, they would of been darkspark crinkles/lesser plants which im just running as testers.


Always a joy to watch you grow. :seat: :popcorn: :movie_camera:


Will be following along your 2020 journey and seeing what your cabs have in store for us :thumbsup:


Thanks for sharing, happy to be on board again. :popcorn::seedling:


Happy new year of growing :+1:


Pulling up a chair and watching as usual

Cheers Johnny


Looking good. Do you maybe own shares in IKEA? :slight_smile:


Going to tag along for the ride here, let the fun and games commence :+1:


I love watching your experiments… mostly because then I don’t have to and can still learn! :joy:


New here, for a new year. I get to watch from the beginning.


looks like an awesome start … found my opposite … a good name for me would be messy marvin :slight_smile:


Watching and learning, thanks for the show!


Thinned out the right side plants tonight just were too far in with the troubles i gave them, also pulled one of the DS fuzzs from the lower left white cup in the center tonight, lady said give the other two i should pull two more days, really just had decision fatigue asked her and she bounced it back to me with that response.

Also repotted some of the C9D’s i had multi-planted their tap roots were already at the bottom plus some but they got the cups that the other plants were in, saying that you can see i lined them with some aluminum foil as well tonight, not that those colors were giving me issues with light transmission and algae growth which were more the white and yellow cups, but if i’m gonna do some of them i might as well do all of them.

Also a couple multi planted DDxSBR’s from @ReikoX at the bottom in the two right square pots, but will spread out a couple once they break surface.

Also over watered the pink cups, and am playing with feed levels at the moment still. My low side is too low and high side to high so just gonna bring them down and up respectfully.


Most of my seed now is either ones i’ve made myself, or acquired from other members here on OG, but some good auto seed makers to look at are Sweet Seeds, and Mephisto, there are others but those two are a good start.


More new seedlings, and either plucked or spread out the multiplanted ones.

Just gonna be playing with feed levels and fan temp settings for a bit.