Closet Chronicles : Growing With Mr.Sparkle 2019

That’s the best retrospective I’ve seen yet, very well done.

It’s been an interesting journey for those of us following along, too. Thank you for that.

Best wishes for the new year! :fireworks:


It looks like you had a successful year, it will be interesting to see what you get upto in the new thread


I have Dark Devil x Red Cherry Berry completely untested… :wink:

:champagne: :tophat: @Mr.Sparkle: keeping us all humble :smile:



I’m not even close to finishing this thread yet but I have started and already taken some notes thanks for sharing much appreciated happy growing in 2020 and now I have to rush this one so I can start the new one :laughing:


Look forward to the next chapter in the Mr Sparkle saga


Loved it all Sir! Thanks for a great year! Its been a lot of fun and always learning! Happy New Year and Magical Green Thumb Juju to ya!


Enjoyable, Mr. Sparkle. I wish I knew more about some of the things I am looking at here.

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Thanks everyone, i appreciate the comments and even though i said i was wrapping this thread up, im gonna do another post just as it makes more sense to drop it here than in a new thread once i get that going.

To @invisible in regards to how little you need bud wise to make some seed, i wanted to post this as an example.

The following bud is just the top of the one branch i pollinated heavily, Its a bit bigger than the size of my thumb as you can see and some seeds had already been shaken off, but from a bud around that size i got a bit over a hundred seeds off of it, which would allow anyone to play for awhile if they did it themselves.

Saying and showing that and due to my disregard and “ain’t care” attitude when pollinating i may… of over shot my target of 50 - 100 or more seeds lol by a factor of 15-30x…

LOL oh well by weight should be around 1500 seeds, will run some but not really planning on using them due to the late nanners they threw, as that’s not something i want to carry on genetically, but i still want to see if roughly 25% of these will express the auto trait as i have never actually done a photo/auto cross and worked back to being an auto, so something to play with this year just for that alone…


100 seeds from that tiny nug… I definetly did somthing wrong when I made seeds lol a 7 gram plant gave me 15. And i had a fan blowing pollen directly at the female, I’m guessing my extraction fan snagged most of the pollen before it reached the bud


also depends on how ready the bud sites are for pollen these were pretty far along in relative terms so lots of opportunities, where as doen early not much gets hit


I will keep that in mind for next time… for my first attempt I was just happy to get a few viable femmed seeds!

** edit. How far into flowering were they when they got pollenated?


@Mr.Sparkle Thanks for thaking the time to post your results from the self pollinated plant. It’s very helpful and gives me hope that I too can replicate the process.

Thas a whole lotta seeds and would be more than enough for me and my medication needs once I find the strains that work.

Extras I would gift as I see a lot of that happeing in this community.

Very interested to follow along your journey of turning a photo to an auto. There would be some CBD strains that I would one day like to do the same with, that’s if they aren’t done by then which is highly likely :slight_smile:

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had to look above but week 5 of flower is when they got pollinated


Thanks so much for sharing your projects here with us Mr sparkle! It’s a great thread to watch…

I’m growing in 1 gallon of hydroton (start to finish), and I’d be interested to hear what you learned about growing in it. I see you use real micro pots and it seems to work great. Did you not like the hydroton?


Yeah didn’t like it at all, my experience and especially with autos it the ball were treated like obstacles by the plant so starts were either really hard and or slow cause the plant had to work its root around the balls, using rockwool starter cubes helped with that, but i also had troubles trying to keep consistent moisture levels with in it especially with small pots, like if you have a deep bed and the top couple inches are used then it can be worked around, but when a couple inches is half the pot for me didn’t quite work.

As for the root binding on the other end of the spectrum, the issue i ran into was that the balls unlike coco do not move or cannot be compressed, so the roots when growing in the spaces between them once they filled those spaces then went through a dry and wet cycle or continued building on the roots would pack so tightly in between that they would actually choke themselves out and then ran it phytium issues because of that and lack of air. Like they were bricks.


Curious how often you watered the leca?

In my top feed drip setup I water 1 minute on, 14 minutes off. In my flood and drain setup I flood every 2 hours. Seems like it really needs to be watered frequently. I do use rockwool starter cubes though also… And I use a gallon of leca per plant. I’ve only done a couple using leca but I’m actually liking it ok. I’m growing autos from Mephisto, I’ve finished one in 1 gallon flood and drain, and one is about a month away in a 1 gallon TFR setup.

The main issue I’ve had with it is that the roots look for the drains and clog them up fast.

It is surprising how much more root can fit in the coco…

Also curious how small those pots were? 1 liter?

Thanks again for going through all the details of your grows. Very cool stuff you’ve done with those autos!

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Looks like i started at 8secs on 2.5hrs off but moved over to 6sec every 4 hrs

Depends on the pot

The Square pots that i most often use have around a 400ml fill level, the smaller Ikea kids cups im running seeds through have a 200ml fill level which really hampers the plants early on but also keeps them small, i did use some larger bowl style pots for a bit there that had around a 900ml fill level but realistically could only run one of those per side with how big the plants wanted to get, so if i wanted to go down that route again id just run probably old yogurt containers at around 750ml and 2 per side with how i like things now but im more interested in trying to keep the plants small and running a couple more right now than having them fight when running in bigger containers and higher counts of them.


Thanks for the link, I was digging through this thread multiple times trying to find the hydroton part! :slight_smile:

It’s funny, you and I actually commented in the thread of the guy I learned hydroton TFR from back in 2016!

I was running TFR in hydroton around that time and I still use my DMs with him as a guide. He had great results in 3L of hydroton. I did OK with it, but ended up trying a lot of other stuff and I’m just circling back to it now.

I think with hydroton you can get away with pots about 3L smallest. I did one run in 2.5L with sweet seeds fast version photo periods and that went OK.

It’s fun watching people experiment with different mediums for sure… Very impressed with what you can do with those tiny pots!


Alright new thread lets close this out, bring any discussion over if there is any :wink:


Wow i wasn’t sure if I should go with autos or periods in my small space(bigger than your closet lol) but after seeing these pics and the chamber, you’ve convinced me a dozen or so posts in. I can’t believe that you have such consistent results across different strains… speaking of which, where do you get your seed? I’m pretty new to all this… I’ve grown here and there but I don’t know shit about who has good seed.