Guerrila Outdoor Grow in Portugal

Looking dude my good :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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@George1961 Yeah I really had to find something to be entertained. Things here aren’t as bad as in the other side of the frontier, so I like to do some walks just to do some exercise, and I ended up discovering some nice spots. Still, I have to be careful because I know people walk around there but I think if the girls don’t get too big they will be well hidden. It is also a rough path until you reach the plants, I have even injured myself when I went there after raining since I have to climb to reach them, the rocks were wet and I slipped. Nothing that I’m not used to as a guerrilla grower, but usually it’s because of brambles and other plants with spikes. For the slugs and snail I guess I can’t do nothing about it ahah. I won’t use poison for them so I just hope them to stay way from my girls or boys because they are all regular seeds.

@cannabissequoia Yeah it is, and the landscape is also really beautiful. I would like to show but I would be showing too much and in guerrilla that can’t happen. Anyway, I added a new pic of the rock wall for you ahah. And the nature also needs you my friend! You really grow some huge girls, you’re an inspiration ahah.

@Fabio48 Damm fabio, already smoked up and you didn’t invite me :crazy_face::crazy_face:
You did well gotta keep that distance though.

For last I’ll show you the maui sunshine already going up again to the sky.

I never smoked a maui sunshine but it seems that I always end up choosing her to grow first, after losing one maui to a thief last year. I hope this year I will finally manage to try her.


Thanks (:thinking: hmm) amigo :sweat_smile: (sorry!)

I imagine the air smells as nice as everything there looks. It reminds me of the coastal California weather I grew up with & it’s hard not to associate the fond memories I guess. Thanks. :slight_smile:




Looks good. Thick brush lots of sunshine. Good luck!


Que tenha boa sorte.


Boas @Flor és de Portugal também? Devias começar por te apresentar neste tópico Introduce yourself @OG e aconselho-te a escreveres em inglês pois este fórum é internacional e há pouco pessoal que percebe português. Qualquer das formas bem-vindo e obrigado. Mantém-te por aqui que daqui a umas semanas já há conteúdo bem mais interessante quando isto acalmar do corona.

@corey Thanks my friend!!


Sim, sou do norte.


Sup guys, hope you are all doing well. Here everything remains the same, but they were talking about lighten the movement’s restrictions in the next week. Maybe, we’ll start having some more action, but probably the government will still maintain a lot of restrictions. Let’s wait to see… For now, all I can show you is my maui on the ground, my other little seedlings and my landscape.
First the maui, topped and doing LST, growing really well without any nutrients at all. She just has what that soil has to offer her. It was native soil btw.

After my friend’s seedlings.

And now my own seedlings. I will post first a close pic of them from some days ago taken during the sunset.

And for the most recent pics of them… I couldn’t take a close up because when I arrived there I saw a snake chilling 10cm away maybe less from the plants. She saw me and she decided to hide right under the rock that’s near the girls… I know here in Portugal we don’t have poisonous snakes but still I’m not aware in how to deal with a snake so I don’t how I should procedure to scare the snake away. If you have any tips to give me please help ahah. (I know some of you are really used to snakes, even the most poisonous ones :wink: )

For last, just some pics of the landscape, the sun kinda ruined one of them but still really beautiful view.

Take care my friends!


Hey, some more portugueses :portugal: and you could make a football team! :soccer: There’s an International section where you can start a thread in your language (also brasileiros could join). I understand Galician which is pretty much alike.

Regarding snakes, the same advice I use with :boar: and :honeybee:, just ignore them and they will ignore you … :innocent:

That spot you found looks great, willing to see them grow healthy, boa sorte … :sunglasses:


Looking good. What a pretty spot ya found!! Darn snakes😀


Ok guys, I decided to water my own balls to be able to water my girls. I made it and saw no snakes :smile: :smile:
Finally some close pics of the plants, idk why I keep calling them girls if they are regulars but I guess if you really want something, it’ll happen (then they will pop up some balls :cry: )

I guess the snakes are good for cannabis, they will keep some pests away, I will just have to live with it.
Thanks for the words guys.


I just remember one thing that happened recently that may help you with slugs, :snail: and snakes. I had problems with them eating my outdoor plants (no weed :sweat_smile:) so I bought Diatomaceous earth and made barriers with it.

Sludges came through the window’s frame attired by a beer barrel dispenser (they love it, put some beer outdoors and they will drown) so I also put there a barrier and also in my bathroom for the :ant:. One day I came in and there was a :lizard: staring at me. Instead of escaping he didn’t move away,I noticed white dust in his feet. I presume they were damaged by the barrier and just picked it and tossed away for the crows :sweat:.

If you spread it around your plants and in caves (goes away with rain) it will protect your plants and keep away that snake and any reptant or bug. I was wondering why you didn’t want to put poison bait for the slugs, perhaps you never killed a fly … frech|nullxnull


Hey guys, I have some bad news… Today when I went to the spot I found out some heavily damaged plants and I took a bunch of photos to see if you can help me to see if I can save them or atleast the 2 the are still healthy. I am sorry to drop so many photos (we should save space for og) but it’s to try to give as many details as possible about the damaged plants as possible. I can delete the worst ones after.

If you have any idea of what happened please tell me. The stems are really weak, they seem somewhat eaten but they are still there, like they arent cut they just seem half eaten. And then there are obvious marks on the leaves.
Thanks guys in advance for the help, and RIP to this animal I found out dead nearby the plants, can someone identify it?


My guess is hedgehog for the dead body of it were round near me. slugs or snails for the plant damage a ring of copper tape either round the plant stem or round the pot is what I use to combat those nasty plant munchers.


Yeah maybe slugs or snails but right now I don’t have copper tape at home, idk what I should use to make them stay away since I won’t go out buying stuff rn. That type of stuff isnt sold in the supermarket here, you have to go to a specific place to get it. Maybe some poison for slugs but i don’t like to use that type of shit, but maybe it’s the only way


Any.Cooper would work, so a pipe or something, old wires stripped for their copper may work but it needs to be a good width worth or half a beer can with beer in it works as a slug trap until it gets rained in.


Yeah looks like slug damage to me. And I’m guessing the stems were damaged when they mounted them to when they mounted them to get to the vegative growth.
Beer traps work but maybe you can make cloches if spot is well enough hidden?
That’s what I used to do if for some reason I had to take seedlings that young outdoor. Looks like they prefer some strains more than others.
How strict is the law there? I thought all drugs had been decriminalised, if that’s the case surely the threshold for growing for personal consumption is taken into account?


Sadly, that’s not the case. They will gladly give you 2 or 3 years of suspended sentence if they(police) caught you with 2 plants (some guys I know got 2 years of suspended sentence when they were growing only 2 plants, because they got accused of having kilos while in reality they probably had something like 200g of dried bud.) if you have criminal antecedents, it gets even worst. Only in spain and holland you can grow some for yourself I think and it’s more chilled out there, here even seeds are illegal and they already confiscated me some og stuff and I also had some problems with the customs. About the cloches idk what I should use for that, atm I don’t have enough 6L water bottles to make 5 for them. It would take some time to drink 5 full 6L water bottles ahah. Maybe I have to go to the last resource and put some slug poison there, which I didn’t want to do…


It’s you or them! avatar38|nullxnull Once they know that spot they will go back :snail:. I use this poison, small little blue balls water resistant, they love it! icon_twisted|nullxnull

I don’t know why are you so reluctant to use it, as it doesn’t affect the crop, maybe drowning in a good Sagres beer covered pond is a more pleasant death for them, a real guerrillero must have a stone earth … ejem|nullxnull


I have those blue poison balls, Thats what i was talking about. I prefer to keep the super bock (my pick for beer ahah not Sagres :wink: ) to me. Those slugs dont deserve it.