Agroecological guerrilla, in search of the True Brazilian Sativa

I would like to share my guerrilla 2020, based on agroecological principles, for the rescue of Brazilian Creole seeds.
I’ve done previous cultivations, always discreetly to preserve myself. So I couldn’t talk to anyone.
I appreciate the opportunity and we are open to suggestions and suggestions …Uploading: IMG_20201101_094222.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20201101_094135.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20201101_094131.jpg…


Thanks for sharing beer3|nullxnull , do you have pics of your actual or previous grows? Here we’re all in the same boat, you can freely share your thoughts and experiences … :sunglasses:


Thanks :smiley::smiley: @George1961 I’m going to focus on the 2020 plans. As the laws are strict here in Brazil, besides I don’t comment on anything, all the photos were deleted as a security measure … Very good to have someone to talk to openly. …


Agroecological guerrilla, in search of the True Brazilian Sativa.

I am Brazilian living on a farm, with access to remote areas, where:

Seeds: Rescue of varieties commercialized in the Brazilian Northeast region, in the States of Bahia and Sergipe.

09/15 and 09/21, in water plus cow urine.

fertilized with cow urine (2 urine: 100 water).

Soil preparation:
In August, 1x1x1 cribs (meters) were opened and limestone, oyster powder, wood stove ash, Mb4 rock powder and natural phosphate were mixed.

In September, fertilization with bat guano, poultry manure, sheep and ox, coffee powder, crushed cane and grass was carried out. The cribs were wetted with water and EM (effective microorganisms, extracted from the forest).
It was also planted, pork beans, dwarf-spiced mucunã, string beans, cosmos, basil, tobacco, nasturtium, citronella, peanut grass, castor bean and curcubitaceas.

In October, the start of planting…!
Three plants were planted per cradle, to separate males and hermaphrodites.

I have doubts about pruning, as the plants are overgrown, is it worth it to prune above 3 knots? Some are already 7 to 9.
I made some moorings to test.
the plants are 5 to 7 weeks old.

Here are the photos from 01/11/2020.


Uploading: IMG_20201101_104812.jpg… Uploading: IMG_20201101_094218_1.jpg…

I think it has reached the limit of files … I will resize the images and then post more …


meu sonho irmao conseguir deixar minhas lindas assim to apanhando aqui desenvolvimento ta lento .


Is it in the vase? in the land? I did not do soil analysis, the ferns indicate acid ph, which I correct with a little lime, but the best is EM (efficient microorganisms), which colonizes the soil with good fungi.
The secret is in the soil, healthy soil, healthy plant …
Urea and the other components of cow urine also have a good effect, ward off pests and fertilize directly in the plant’s vein, every 4 days I spray them …
Send your soil settings to see if the most experienced ones manifest themselves …

hug :smiley::smiley:


right you apply urea foliar?

I would never apply urea to my plants.
It is cow urine, which has urea in its composition, in a balanced form, along with other compounds that benefit plants.

the soluble urea makes the plants susceptible to pests, mainly to the attack of sucking insects. It would also kill fungi that already existed and those that were introduced. In addition, in excess, it can cause cancer due to the possibility of absorption of free nitrogen.


I’m using vermiculite, earthworm humus and coconut powder

You have a good start! Keep up the great work. :v:


So you’re in the southern hemisphere? ejem|nullxnull Good to have now some outdoors action while most all of the OGers have frozen balls frech|nullxnull , they’re looking great, keep us posted … beer3|nullxnull


another brazilian, cool, i live in the south of brazil i have planted indoor, but it´s great to know that someone here looking for brazilian landraces 36 weeks flora is not for everyone, it´s only for those who have courage, i will follow this thread, I hope you don’t care about that.



Yes @George1961 , latitude 48 ° south. Leave it, I’ll keep it updated.
Can you clarify something about the image limit …

Speak @Shanti-ri , so I live in the south too.
I have a really cool place for them …
I planted pressed seeds and several loose seeds from the northeast …
It would be an honor for me if you follow the topic.


Maybe the problem you had is that you didn’t wait for an image to be uploaded before starting with the next one, that’s why Uploading IMG- 21… appears. Here you have some info about:

All the EXIF and metadata is erased while uploading so you don’t have to worry about the localisation of the pics, growing is also illegal in my country (Spain) but I doubt any Spanish cop is actually reading this forum, I guess in your country they have also better things to do … :sweat:

Here they also fertilize the corn crops with the urea and poo from the cows, so they finally eat their own sheet :sweat_smile: :poop:. You won’t see me in the organic threads, just knowing what bottle to use is enough for me … frech|nullxnull


Exactly… The guide is here: How to upload photos to Overgrow 📸

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THAT, it is an old practice, difficult to be used internally because the smell is strong.
“They are techniques for replacing commercial chemical / liquid inputs. The use of Cow Urine is one of these options. It makes it possible to preserve the environment,
conserves and improves fertility of
soils and production costs. In cow’s urine we find several nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, boron, copper, zinc, sodium, chlorine,
cobalt, molybdenum, aluminum (below
0.1 ppm). In addition, she has
phenols that increase resistance
of plants and natural hormones of
growth. So it increases the
number of leaf sprouts and
fruits on the plant ”.
In Flowering not even think …




Here are some pictures of a plant that has been attracting attention, I already posted it at Weird plant picture thread.
The tips of the leaves are curved, at first I thought it was the humidity, but time has dried up and it is still the same …

Some have already shown pre flowers !!!


Hello, I’m developing a grow using a refrigerator that cannot be fixed

For mother plants and their future clones …

I’m waiting for a hygrometer to evaluate the parameters …


In pés : 2 x 2 x maximum height of 3.

in centimeters: 60 cm x 60 cm x maximum height of 90 cm…