Guerrila Outdoor Grow in Portugal

Welcome guys to my guerrila outdoor grow in Portugal. I had planned to have everything ready by now but sadly, with corona, our portuguese government declared emergency state 2 weeks ago. My spot is over +50km from my house and you need to have a justification to go out so for now I decided to delay it until this whole situation calms down. My plan was to go full organic with mostly OG gear, from @Sebring and from the og preservation runs. Huge thanks for anyone involved in those and for @Gaz29 that managed to get the seeds to me, after losing one shipment earlier. Also had many problems with customs, they’re always trying to fuck us up because sadly, seeds aren’t legal here like in other european countries like Spain and UK. For now, I have a maui sunshine nearby just for test purposes, but maybe if it’s a she, she will still give me something.

I also decided to start germinating 2 maui sunshine and 2 tiger jack and keep them in 2L pots until I’m able to transplant them to the spot. Just to do something, it’s really boring to stay home all day. and I also give some seeds to my friend, and after my last experience, many friends are starting to get into growing too.
It’s tiger jack, point break and love wave.
Almost all material ready, the only thing missing right now it’s the compost
and here are some pics of the spot, which is in the countryside of portugal.

and for last I just wanted to share a pic of my old spot that was discovered just to see how much of a difference the compost and all that good stuff do to the plants. The nettles on the place that we added the good stuff went huge unlike all the other that remain really small around there.
Hope everything is going great with you and stay healthy guys. Let’s if I can start showing you pics from outdoor in a few weeks.


looking forward to this - take care of you and yours bro
love Portugal !


I am subscribed for the ride, thanks for sharing your GG with us.


Long time no see! :grin: I was thinking if you get caught in one of your spots. Now with the confinement indoors is the only reasonable choice, as don’t think this will change until June or more.

Have you got a tent? I don’t think your actual run will be transplanted outside, we’re facing a loooooong confinement :sweat:, they always speak about two weeks but once ended there’s always two weeks more … :sunglasses:


@SamwellBB Thanks for the words, you will some of your stuff here too, especially those point breaks, really interested in those and still got love wave and undertow but I don’t if I will have space for everything. Atleast my friends will also get some and then I share some pics of theirs here.

@Pedro_Bann Same thing to you, I loved to read your guerrila grow, extremely interesting, wished I had a river nearby and did the same thing as you. The watering process is the most exhaustive thing to do in guerrilla. We also have the same name, is that a common name in australia? I thought Pedro was Peter in english ahah.

@George1961 Yeah man I have been lurking around but not active as I used to. My last spot was caught but not me. I really hope you are wrong for good. Here the infection curve is really below from the prediction graphics. We’re already stabilizing and all I wanted to do is to go alone in a car to the middle of countryside and then comeback. I don’t think that’s dangerous but I can’t explain that to the police. When the 1st opportunity appears to go out I will try to plant them as fast as I can, especially now it’s raining so I won’t need to water them probably until may. I hope I don’t need a tent, money now is a concern and I would prefer to keep them in the balcony instead or in a less safer spot nearby. Hope the things there in Spain get better, I don’t like to hear that our brothers already surpassed China in active cases and deaths. And now it’s USA time… really sad to hear that, hope everything recovers well. This disease is frightening.


hope you can do it but not worth getting caught
be careful


Hi @SpikPT nice to see you again! Good luck with your grow, I hope you can manage to get some plants outside. But stay safe & healthy! :seedling::seedling::seedling:


If it’s not a distance that requires car travel… consider working at night without light? :night_with_stars:

If the law has night-vision/infrared then forget it. :blush:

When I dabbled in guerilla gardening I painted EVERYTHING with flat black spraypaint & wore camoflauge. :roll_eyes:




Hi @allotment Thanks for the words, I always try to stay safe that’s why my spot is so far away in the middle of nothing. And healthy as you can see I didn’t start the guerrilla to stay in quarantine.

@cannabissequoia So it’s around 70km by car and I have to go through a bridge to passthrough river Tagus, I don’t think I’ll be doing that at night ahah. About the paint, I painted the buckets and I’ll paint some more stuff when I setup everything. About wearing camouflage I think that would be funny ahah.


Fresh air is healthy too. And I doubt there are a lot of people around at your spot. Guerilla growing is probably the best thing to do these days, besides staying home and getting stoned.


If they ppl_police|nullxnull cannot see you at least they can hear you! I go late night to walk with my dog in a secondary road and in 45 minutes only one cop car and a truck passed in the main road.

Cops will be bored for “lack of action” and will stop you for sure nunu|nullxnull . No need to take risks, hope you can do a micro grow at home … :sunglasses:


Hi @SpikPT! Sounds like good line up and gg is always a hoot. I still do it even now it’s legal where I live. I remember great and no so great hash I used to get in Lisbon when I lived in Spain. Beautiful country and looking foreward to watching your success


Just a little update of what I’ve been doing. Sadly I don’t have yet the freedom to start my real guerrilla but I’ve been trying to save some time and I germed 6 seeds, 2 maui sunshine, 2 tiger jack and 2 nepali temple. I had 100% germ rate but one of the mauis was eaten by some bug. Right now they are chilling outdoors in a spot nearby my house. Sure they can’t be there for much time but while they are small and probably for the next month/ 3 weeks they will be fine. Here are some pics of them.

The bigger one, on the left was one that I accidentally dropped and because that soil isn’t as good as the other pots, it all spread on the ground including the little seedling with her roots out. I quickly put her back in the pot and it really seems nothing happened because she is going ahead on the run. I’ll be germing the maui sunshine again and hopefully she can join the others in a few days.

I also have some news from my friend, he sucessfully managed to germ 2 point break, 1 tiger jack and the love wave didn’t break the shell and right now I can’t give him more.

For last I have the maui sunshine that’s doing really well.

I’m trying to do some LST to keep a low profile, just trying to keep her nearby the ground. Later she will be able to fly high after harvesting time :wink: .

Hope you guys are all doing great and stay healthy!
Edit: I decided to upload better quality images, the ones I had before were too blurry. I also added one more pic of the rock wall for you @cannabissequoia ahah.


Seems you have invented the confined guerilla grow :grin:, looking good so far. Glad to hear that in Portugal things are not as worse as here :mask:, watch out slugs and snails, cheers … :sunglasses:


… and that rock wall/face is beautiful. i need some nature. :slight_smile:



Looking dude my good :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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@George1961 Yeah I really had to find something to be entertained. Things here aren’t as bad as in the other side of the frontier, so I like to do some walks just to do some exercise, and I ended up discovering some nice spots. Still, I have to be careful because I know people walk around there but I think if the girls don’t get too big they will be well hidden. It is also a rough path until you reach the plants, I have even injured myself when I went there after raining since I have to climb to reach them, the rocks were wet and I slipped. Nothing that I’m not used to as a guerrilla grower, but usually it’s because of brambles and other plants with spikes. For the slugs and snail I guess I can’t do nothing about it ahah. I won’t use poison for them so I just hope them to stay way from my girls or boys because they are all regular seeds.

@cannabissequoia Yeah it is, and the landscape is also really beautiful. I would like to show but I would be showing too much and in guerrilla that can’t happen. Anyway, I added a new pic of the rock wall for you ahah. And the nature also needs you my friend! You really grow some huge girls, you’re an inspiration ahah.

@Fabio48 Damm fabio, already smoked up and you didn’t invite me :crazy_face::crazy_face:
You did well gotta keep that distance though.

For last I’ll show you the maui sunshine already going up again to the sky.

I never smoked a maui sunshine but it seems that I always end up choosing her to grow first, after losing one maui to a thief last year. I hope this year I will finally manage to try her.


Thanks (:thinking: hmm) amigo :sweat_smile: (sorry!)

I imagine the air smells as nice as everything there looks. It reminds me of the coastal California weather I grew up with & it’s hard not to associate the fond memories I guess. Thanks. :slight_smile:




Looks good. Thick brush lots of sunshine. Good luck!


Que tenha boa sorte.