Heavy yielding and potent indoor strains

I’m looking for a strain with the yield of a big bud but with the potency of an og kush…any suggestions?


Potency can mean several different effects. Indica for couch lock saliva for heady tippy high. You need to be more precise with what your after

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i like #image-gallery white russian

India dominant hybrid.

Northern Lights x big bud from world of seeds is the heaviest plant I’ve grown…just not strong enough for me. Indoors that is.

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What flower time u looking for?

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As short as possible…50-60 days

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Depending on how long you plan to veg, things like ghost train haze, trainwreck and amniesia can offset the shorter veg vs the flower time and yield the same as og with bigger buds and not lack potency.

If you want things to sell fast then a couple weeks here and there aint but a thing bro

who has these strains in clone form??

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