Hello, I'm james....😎

Great job in here James. TONS of frost everywhere.

Excited to see how that cowboy kush male turns out! What are you going to pollinate with him?


Good show! That shit looks like…well…the shit lol. Really classic, tasty looking buds.


Yes sir…the shit #1 pheno I have was a very sativa head/energetic buzz great daytime/get shit done smoke…now #2 which is pictured further up…is a little trickster…she starts out like her sister and then mellows out to a heavy body/couch like buzz not stong enough to not smoke during the day…


Oh yeah…lol here’s a gem I bred/working with now… this is the first lady outta testing seeds


Got a few shots of the ladies outdoors…they are being finished manually…as it’ll hold me over until the other ladies I put out finish in fall.


Hey folks, wanted to show my little breeding venture.:grin:…here is pretty wicked on left front and shit in back in the tent with cowboy kush male…hopefully everything pans out and well be introduced to wicked cowboy…, and my dad name so far…cowboy shit. Also took a shot of the other tent with all ladies including 2 BD#2×js,ssdd,and 88g13hp.:grin:

…closer shot of shit looks to have accepted pollen.


Sup peeps…here’s more shit pics as of today…as I can see she’ll be pretty seedy​:sunglasses:…shes in a 2×2 tent with pretty wicked who I also hope will be good and pollinated…and here’s a random bud pic of s gg4 that was chopped last week or so…mmm…sexy gorilla…:grin:


Sup og fam, got a couple shots of others that’s going be sides the ssdd, and is crosses…heres the shit mama…a little over watering went on​:man_facepalming:t5:…my mistake…but other than that she’s coming along good. Had a seed fall out.:grin:bueatfuly marked, sat away to dry…anxious to see how this cross turn out.

…and here’s a clone of the leading lady pretty wicked almost on her second yr running😁…oh the frost she puts out😎and last but not least…the 88g13hp…this girl loves to pray


Just a few of the things that’s being started around here. Mostly Afghan influenced stuff, and another test of a girl I bred…i call beloved.:grin:

here she is . The first run of her was done organic on soil. This clone going hydro. And here’s the rest of the gang…afghan #1, the north, shit, also have 88g13hp, and bubba kush, but no pics yet.


Your ladies look happy.

How is the frost on the 88g13Hp? :v:


Not a good pic, but from the only bean I attempted to pop.

she’s being done in organic soil, I’ll run more clones but in Dwc this time. For some reason I’m better at hydro than organic on soil…but im addaement :grin:. Any whoo…ill get better pics of 88 later when I’m off. But while I’m at it here’s beloved done on soil​:grin:. I figure if I got her to do this in soil…sjell beast in dwc.


Looking good! That’s pretty wicked is frosty af there lol. Have you started any of the beans from your cowboy kush crosses yet?


Oh yeah…i almost forgot about that…lol my short term is shot…but yeah I attempted to pop about three cowboy shit , so far only one came up. I also found that ssdd, had about 6/7 beans in her too😁,havnt attempted wicked cowboy yet…but it’s coming


Here’s, some shots of everyone, I got a few poor shots of 88g13hp and everything else :grin:.

. And the rest of the gang, shit, and the north in Dec with shit out shinning the north. Then it’s shit, the north, afghani #1, pebble pusher, bubba kush, and the little one is the first bean popped of the cowboy shit.. And two clones of beloved (sweet belly×sweet sin)


Nice man. Is that 88g13HP crossed with something else ?


Did you crack any your Sk91’ and any hermies ( if you have some up & running.) .?
The skunk 91 and Shit being crossed would possibly be a great pairing :+1:… Good luck if you do that cross… Plus your ‘cowboy crap :poop:’ has great potential too .! :crossed_fingers:

Btw; the 88g13/HP may still get LARGE, but when i ran some recently, i had two different pheno’s - one quite tall and branchy, the other was shorter and stouter but both were an excellent smoke

Anyway nice :+1: growing mate …:exclamation:


Nope…just a taller pheno,as mentioned there like two phenos.


Yeah, the two sk91 I have are outdoors I put a few pics this morning in the sk91 thread.


This is one reason why I don’t let pretty wicked go. It’s early August and she’s frosting already…:grin:, she’s a 're veg…also got some random of my kinda bad outdoor patch. Smh.


just found out she’s a girl​:sunglasses: ghost train wreck haze #1:thinking: debating on Bringing her back in veg…or let her go and hope for lower branches enough to clone.