Grow room diary,take #2

Hey all ,I’ve been around for a bit,many unsuccessful attempts,and it seems something clicked,have seen some incredible successes,so I would like to try a new(new for me) approach,so chin up I’m going back in baby!wish peace and love to all,may you let cannabis take you on the life journey you were meant to experience or realize,ya I be a bit of a head case,kinda comes and goes,ebbs and flows if you will, man last year this time,I couldn’t break an obsessive dire to give up on life it self, only hung on for my children,well today I hardly think that way,it feels like my depression is losing its grip , slowly definitely,but a world of difference for me on my end ,I really feel grateful for stumbling on to this amazing community,so if you are new here welcome! I emplore you to hang on,find some beans,and stick around,more the merrier, please feel free to ask questions,offer advice,I don’t feel so sensitive to criticism,so a definite improvement since this time last year,

Lights ,400 wt mh, veg
Small cab with some 4’ t8’s
400 halide in the bud area,
Will update later tonight,just wanted to get this started, Peace and Love


Something about nurturing a plant that tends to bring perspective. I like to say, “the more you grow, the more you grow”.


Being in your zone where you control everything is very peaceful… creating a place for you and your routine


A few earlier starts,my main concerns are for happy healthy babies and very potent medication ,I also obsess over preservation of the genetics, everything is a work in progress,I currently run a light soil to sometimes straight Coco and perite,and every so often I’ll throw in a bag of “HP” as it has some added mycorrhizae plus insane drainage baby,or “rootsfarm” or the local “organic” soil if that’s all that I can get,as I don’t really get to the bigger towns/cities to often,man bright city lights stress the shit outta me, really can’t be bothered, and man do I get sidetracked easy,so I will try to be mindful of that, earlier I had mentioned grabbing some beans and giving it a go,if you are struggling i am offering 10 or so beans to anyone who needs them,must be within range of a $1.80 stamp or two i live in northern alberta canada,I’m not the only one ,I know there is no shortage of free beans here,I dont have a lot of cash and am willing to try to get decent genetics out to those who are in need,I grow for the love of the beautiful and giving and nurturing, soothing medication ,Edit(I don’t think we have even begun to understand the full scope or range of benefits/uses,be it medical or any other),and don’t think anyone should be without,peace and love,I got more pics coming, peace and love baby!


Genetics as I recall are, trainwreck x#1&#2 both female,kinda makes me wonder about if her Papa started out as a moma,as the one and only other seed that I started of them ,was a female as well(various trainwreck crosses and backcrosses).Gg4xzkittlez(#1 is a beautiful male,#2 is one terpy ,voluptuous mama,#'s3-4-5,are all only a couple weeks old an I believe I pulled 3slips so far off of each of those beauties,all are gorgeous and have impressive vigor

This photo was taken on Dec 29th
Gg4 x Zkittlez,pheno number 2
Sorry I’m a bit slow on the draw,I do believe the pic above is my Trainwreck/super silver haze x F13pheno #1 and the one below is her sis, smells unbelievable! I’m not saying loud but delicious!

And the last two pictures are both the original seed Mamas about 5 ish (will have to double check)weeks in flower,with one of their clones that were put in to flower on Dec 20 so just starting out,hope you enjoy
Further Edit,the name that my Trainwreck hybrid is Big wreck xF13 from hemp depot


The first picture is two clones of Gg4xzkittlez#1pheno on the right (male,I couldn’t get rid of him ,yeah gonna do a bean run heh),and on the left of those is one cut of my number 2 pheno,took 8 cuts off her yesterday, the second pic is her sister clone,that I pulled 8 slips as well,
The next pic is of #'s3-4 up above
With the forth picture being#'4&5, the other day I cut 2 slips off each and yesterday I cut one more of the numbers 3,4&5,I’m switching things up, I used to pull like 16 ish cuts off my mothers from seed,then toss in to bud room to sex,I found that it worked well for my use,but now I want the best possible mother in case that she be the one! Hehe,ya well,in any case,I am now keeping the original seedling as my mother to take cuttings from,I believe once I start harvesting I shouldn’t need to have to rush to sex them I don’t even know how much time is saved ,I only assumed it is quicker


They are looking great! Boy, I am so glad your depression is getting under control and we didn’t lose you to it. Please remember that no matter how dark it gets, suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems. As a person who has suffered with depression for a few decades now, I feel for anyone with that depth of despair. Feel free to reach out here if you ever need an ear.


Others on the go, the lovely and absolutely delicious b-witched f3,my clone mother,

Original seedling in bud room,I didn’t note the day that I put her on my 11(light)/13 schedule.thats a habit I am going to encourage

And finally future starts
Almost forgot,I had rooted 4 other slips as well all from the same seed,I can’t express how elated the whole cloning process makes me feel, hehe
B-witched were a gift from @nube I believe and I will double check,I apologize in advance for my ignorance
Edit,yes @nube my man,she’s absolutely stunning,a smell that pastes a big silly grin on my face every time I brush up against her,I know she’s light but I don’t feed properly and I need to find a way to keep her roots warm during lights out,am currently using Alaskan,super light mix ,scared of a toxic environment,I have almost no experience feeding properly and can’t seem to develop that level of am understanding,so I’ll keep plugging away slowly increasing/guessing
F3 I do believe and b-witched was originally a OGS release


Next up is another gift from @nube Dank Sinatra,but don’t let the name fool ya she’s every bit a lady !

Not to mention a lady that could F your shit up! Hehe, thanks again my brother, grateful and in your debt,have more pics of her in various stages, will update later, peace and love


Over the last few years I have struggled with cloning, something that drove me crazy,so I have tried new things and hope to put all that behind me with my new setup

A $4 see through bin and I chopped up an old thin tray ($2)in my journey I noticed that I had roots faster when I use a small 1.5" round seedling pot ,a micro climate within a micro climate, within a well ,an artificial climate (?), anyhow that is the idea behind the higher walls of the seedling tray, it also has room for air to move around the flat bottom of the pellet to help things along
Apologies to @cannabissequoia I believe that you may have said something similar about the micro climate thing,(I really don’t get out much hehe,and imitation is said to be the highest form of praise my good man, peace brother,best wishes always ,as without you this community just wouldn’t be the same ,and you were there for me when things where the worst,and you got me thinking about your RCB pollen mad love and respect


Thank you so much, you are very kind,i really love and appreciate how this community comes so alive,so quickly ,when someone’s is in need,you are an inspiration to me,I also have a huge yard,hope to make a difference this spring as my health and drive sneaks back to into my daily stride
Peace and love
Thank you for stopping in


Yes,I couldn’t agree more,and thank you so much for stopping in brother, love your work!


Brother I spend all day in with these babies, absolute therapy,and I may only feel like it was 20 mins of actual work,I get excited to see new ideas pan or fail ,as long as I can document my failures they are actually progress hehe, thanks for stopping in brother


Another angle

Dank Sinatra
I do believe f3


These are 4 seedlings that I am currently checking out they are advertised as blue dream regs, but I thought that was originally a clone only,so when I inquired about the lineage,I was given a name for a clone nursery that he bought the clones from,kinda feel like it was a sluff(couldnt find the nursery with said name, when I looked up other businesses I couldn’t find any that offered any males,but why wouldn’t someone offer male clones for people to use to breed with?)idk,at this point the are healthy, vigorous, beautiful,damn, very impressive


Looking good amigo! A few suggestions, It would be better to water with more water and less frequency. When you water the top of the mix should be wet with no dry spots. Use the weight of the cup for when to water again. When watering you are looking for at least 10% runoff out the bottom. When cloning don’t let any of the clones leafs touch the cloner or tray. Use a CLEAN blade or sissors when cloning everytime. Make sure to clean the blade with alcohol every few cuts.


Blue Dream #'s 5&6


I’ll definitely give those ideas a shot , anything to tighten up my game (increase the survival rate),water to run off will be difficult,as I’ve watched in horror a couple babies that had toxic ph or nutrient lock up,and wouldn’t dry back out for weeks,I’ll try to find a way to deal with my personal issues hehe,lots of love brother
PS any luck with those Omar beans? I haven’t had a chance yet I’m dying to get them going ,peace


I just realized how bad my initial pictures are and I’ll try to fix that,as soon as I can figure out how
Edit,I decided to take a quick shot and add that to the first post, Peace

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Let’s gooooooooooooooooooo