Chronicles of a madman, over a dozen strains

Many different stages of growth, from seedlings to full flower. I’m running over a dozen different strains, can’t seem to stop Poppin beans.Seemingly endless amount of effort, still out of smoke !


From here,

To here
Or here


What strains you got there?

A little background, my space is split in two. I have a modest 3 x 3 flower cab. Usually I’ll max it out at ten plants, or I’ll start six then add five or six more halfway through the first six’s cycle. My vegging chamber is the most interesting as it holds mother’s, clones, and seedlings. I select and train clones or seedlings before there number is called to flower.

With the wide selection of strains, I’ll run four different ones a flowering cycle. Most of my strains I have are hybrids, so my finish is close within days of each other.

Any critique is much appreciated, and open to questions. Do be shy or stingy with your own pix as well.


The list of the strains is long, but I’ll try and get them all highschool sweetheart, cornbread, darkstar, sherbet, white rhino, durban poison, blue dream, jelly pie, Hindu, northern lights, gelato, forbidden fruit, and a very special Swt GDP.


Sometimes they get a little impatient waiting to exhale


Sometimes they get a little uglyish, look at that multi trunk.


Got some good ones sounds fun.


the darkstar from my last Harvey. When it cured it smelled like grapefruit.


Why is this bad. I am rooting a clone like this and another like a wishbone. If there’s a reason, beyond aesthetics, I will smip* them.

*Typo, but I like it. A bulp went on in my head.

Nothing bad about the multi trunk, it’s actually better imo. And the wishbone thing is also the bizzness, just that in clone form it would have had to been trained on the mother plant prior to cutting. It’s been said before that only beans will give you that after topping.
But to the original point, that plant that I marked for ugly was having a bad hair day. Was just showing the good and the bad.


JS reveges like a beast.

My White Rhino has issues but I think these cuts will be okay.


What’s the JS ? And what can you tell me about that white rhino, I was just recently gifted two rooted clones of this strain. They are out of quarantine and are in the lineup. I’m thinking of flowering one out to sample it😉 never had it

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Here’s my individual clone dome, built for single cuts


I’m gonna have to redo this example when I turn them Brite ass lights back on. What a terrible pic :joy:
That’s what happens when smoke breaks take the wheel, my eyes ain’t werkin

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Is that like a smoothie cup?

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Yup, I collect large clear cups with lids from take out joints. Couple that with them little 2inch nursery pots filled with coco. After I see roots underneath, they go into solo cups.


Here’s a pic of this young lady goin to the big house. After I see them roots explode after potting up, they get there due date.


JS is Jungle Spice. Pretty much all I grew this winter. Jungle Spice Dating Game

Afraid I won’t be able to shine much light on the White Rhino. There are some illuminating threads on Mr Nice board.
I’ve never grown it before. I got handed a bag of mixed G13HP88 x (?) seeds. The mothers were G13HP88, a White Rhino x, Colombian Gold and something else. I wanted to study the source mothers so that I could recognize the Ghash. Then I got some actual Ghash beans and that made the whole project moot.
Still, I spent so much energy getting the White Rhino, I figured I’d grow it out. It’s been a poor performer, very bad germ rates (bad seeds, not strain). Only two of ~18 survived. One of them is a runt the other seems susceptible to garage pests. I want to smoke it but I wouldn’t increase or breed these seeds without tasting the fire.

It’s called Medicine Man now. Same parents. @OleReynard is also growing it.


No worries, I’ll grow them out and see first hand. Always heard good things about white rhino, but only smoke report not on grows.