Help. What's happening to my pistils

Help guys,

I have plants in their 4the week of flowering. All girls have nice long white pistils and are starting to fatten up. But there’s this one weirdo:

Pistils lower on the plant look just like all the others. But the ones at te very top seem very yellow and shriveled.

Any idea what this could be?

Another short one:

And a normal one:

The yellow colour is harder to see on the pics since my HPS has a yellowish colour.

Any help would be appreciated

Well, that’s different…
Hey @George1961, any ideas what going on here?


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Looks like some bug damage in some of those pics??? Hard to tell w hps


I’ll make some better pics tomorrow. Haven’t seen it on any of the other plants so far. And only on the top buds. Also no obvious signs of bugs yet but i’m giving them a thorough inspection tomorrow

Thanks man, you have more confidence in me than my own dog :sweat_smile:. Waiting for better pics I see some tacoing so maybe it is just heat stress for the lights being too close, that would explain those “presumably burnt” pistills, but it is just a hypothesis just not to avoid the “call of duty” … embaressed_smile|nullxnull


I agree with @George1961 those top calyxes and new growth looks fried.


Thanks guys. Indeed seems to be burnt. I had to get a new lamp when switching from veg to flower. LED to 600w hps is indeed probably what killed it then. Luckily my other plants don’t seem to be bothered


Looks like it could be from the light. Though, I’ve seen similar problems with pistils and looked around and saw a catepillar.

@vernal anything like you’re dealing with?

Sorta looks like it with the yellow-top thing but HPS is hard to see. If you didn’t take in outside clones though it’s hard to contract a virus like that.

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Looks like nute burn to me… increase in lighting will make it show worse. Nutrients will singe the hairs off the top buds but the lowers remain OK. Plain water.

So basically i hung my lights a little higher, will use less to no nutrients the next few waterings. No bugs to be seen yet but i’ll keep an eye out. And if it’s some sort of virus basically i’m screwed? :sweat_smile:


Well, @vernal is the resident expert on that subject but, as he said if you are not dealing with clones you are reasonably safe.



*very unwilling expert (and there isn’t even a ton of info out there to digest)


I’m not saying it isn’t possible but if you started from seed and don’t go around manhandling hops plants all day, you shouldn’t have any virus. Granted, it is theoretically possible to get it from the seed itself, but not very likely. Viruses in Cannabis are woefully under-studied.

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Thanks for all the help guys. I’m keeping an eye on them and will note any progress. Djust when needed. Curious to see how it will turn out.