Hidden room build. Help


Hello everyone. I have been wanting to start this grow since April. I’ve been buying equipment and reading up on my options while seeds and other purchases arrived.

My main concerns and Q’s.

  1. I want to make sure I have no smell. I’ve never used filters. Mainly grown outdoors.
    I have one 6 and one 8 inch cloud line fans with the controller. The section that I’m going to frame up will be 8wX8hx24 long.

I could have 2 equal size rooms or 3 Rooms.
I have 2 lumatek 600watt ballasts. With magnum xxxl 6inch hoods. 1 T5 . And a 480 watt QB.

My garage has 16-20 inches of blown in insulation above the ceiling. I can cool the garage with one wall AC but have two one was free a couple years ago. I can also heat the place with one or two plug in heaters.

I’ve wanted opinions who would rather have solid construct Individual new rooms behind the Wall, or should I buy 3-4 tents so I don’t have to worry about making light tight doors and easier maybe to control humidity, temps, and smell in Tents.

Fans will exhaust out gable vent of garage.
If it guarantees no smell and as a back up to have a fan and filter to just recirc and scrub?

I’m fighting the itch to fire up the led and pop some autos under it 24/7 to help force me to finish this project. For now I’m trying to take my time and ask the pros :grinning:


I prefer tents and would definently use the filters. However, there are a lot more people out here with more knowledge and experience then me.


If smell is ABSOLUTELY vital, you need ozone generator and at least 2 larger carbon filters.

If you truly need zero smell, run the outside garage gable exhaust inline with the ozone generator, and run it 24/7. Use the carbon filters on the interior to reduce overall smell 95% before the exhaust leaves your house. Ozone has its own sorta weird smell but it isn’t something that will tip anyone off.

Reducing smell is easy, it’s just a matter of redundancy. More carbon filters, less smell. Go for overkill.


So it would be something like this with tents. Sure would be easier to to get the ball rolling.


@vernal @Old-Ron yea I think I’m going to go ahead and get two more large filters as a backup and maybe go ahead and use one as a scrubber.

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I would probably build the long wall and use one exterior grade door (no light leaking out) in the center of the wall. then two short walls dividing it into three equal spaces. A door on each short wall to get into them. Then you can have two flower rooms and a mother/clone room in the center. Perpetual grow!

Paint the walls white. You can vent out attic or the outside wall like a dryer vent.

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@Jdem075 ok could I make that config work with the 2 fans and filters I have now? Originally I thought I would have vents in the walls between rooms to and have them light proofed.

Like you said I would have a veg, mother, clone room. I have both MH and HPS 600 watt bulbs. So if I wanted to veg under a 600 I could.


@Jdem075 I have 5 gal of kilz primer and plenty of panda film to help keep room airtight and bug free and easier to keep clean as well.


Love me a good build thread!
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Check out my Workshop Rebuild thread, you might get an idea or two.


I don’t veg mine much. So the clones stay in the same room with the mothers until I put them in flower. Her sre some pics of my tent setup.

Little flower tent. That was supposed to be my mother and clone tent. But its too small. I just started things up again, so I have a couple clones in flower.

This is supposed to be my 4’x9’ flower tent. But my mothets and clones are in it now, until I get a 4’x4’ tent. Then I will use the small tent for making seeds!


Lol @ReikoX figured a new groom room build was the last topic you’d like to be poking around in. I have been checking out your build. You had an old space and indoor experience. I see you are closing in on the finish line. You’ve had your hands full. It looks great!

Being in the Midwest. Extreme temp swings and humid, I’ve been taking my time. I may only run from sept thru spring. What are you thoughts on my project?

@Jdem075 what brand is your 4x9 tent?

I think it’s oppolite. It was a package thing. Came with scissors, a net, adjustable light hooks. It’s a pretty good tent. Both have some pinholes, but other than that its pretty good.


My only thought so far is you are going to want more that 24" depth. :grin:

@ReikoX length of the wall to hide the grow area is 24ft long. 8wX8h

8’ widex 8’ tall x 24’ long?

That’s quite a grow room with ample room to grow!
You can grow serious pounds in a room that size… even if they’re in tents! Keeping the smell down is easy with a couple carbon filters/ozone generator, as @vernal said.
Ozone leaves a fresh earthy smell behind… same as what the air smells like after a good thunderstorm.


a gorilla grow tent with the included 1 foot extension will fit under a 8 foot ceiling


Look on Craigslist for tents. There are good tents for great prices. Saves you some money for other stuff. Just my thought.


Yes @DesertGrown so if anyone needs to come into garage tents aren’t visible. I have a kid.
After the issue of smell is how do I control the humidity, 50-70 pint dehumidifier in a 4x8 tent with both 600 w for flowering. Or get 2 dehumid and separate 4x4 tents one 600w light per tent. Or stick dehumid behind the wall not inside a tent and let fans pull less humid air through tents.
Humidity in veg/mother/clone tent shouldn’t matter as much.

KEEP THE IDEAS COMING. I’m going to keep mudding some drywall seems. Have to do along the ceiling and wall which will be the worst of it.

Next week I’ll have a helper that can help me knock it out.

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