Cloudline Duct Fan System

Thought everyone might wanted to check these out, seems like some pretty nice ones to me. :call_me_hand:


Pics? Nothing’s is appearing


I know of a few of us here at OG using the T4 and T6 versions and reasonably sure that anyone that uses them would reccomend them.


I use them,

My only recommendation is that if you think a T4 will work for your application, buy the next size up, they (the t4) don’t have a lot of oomph once you add a carbon filter into the mix. Other then that I love them!


These cloudlines are awesome! When I’m setting up my grow room in my new house I’ll be using these to cool the lights, love the fact they have temp control built in and with it brings a digital control, no more fan hum!


Mini review for the cloudline T4:

If you can blast open air, these are super nice fans. They move A LOT of air unrestricted.

I was able to cool 350w of SolStrips in a 2x3x3 space, without much noise (28db iirc from my measurements)

The digital thermostat is a Godsend. Set your desired temp on smart mode, the fan will spool up or down depending on need.

Where the T4 begins to lack is static pressure. Sucking through a carbon filter cuts down it’s CFM significantly, While it’s true you can buy longer 4" carbon filters to make more CFM available, these fans really begin to shine at the T6 sizing.

And, let’s talk about warranty. I was 2 months away from the 2 year “no questions asked” warranty expiring, and contacted AC Infinity about an issue I was having with my thermostat. The Led backlighting was so dim that I could no longer see it from all angles, I couldn’t see it unless I was right up on the screen. They asked for my order number and asked me to verify my shipping address, and sent me a brand new (upgraded from the version I had) thermostat and probe. They didn’t even want me to return the defective unit.

When I upgraded my room size to 3x4x8 and 500w of Solstrips (drivers mounted inside the space this time), the lack of CFM became apparent because I was exhausting to outside with a carbon filter. The solution for me was to add the second T4 unit I had already purchased for a second cab that I decommissioned to the space, and i’m able to keep my temps within 4 degrees of ambient with one fan/filter exhausting outside and one fan exhausting back into the room (unfiltered, smell inside the room is not a concern)

Overall I would recommend these fans to ANYONE. For the money you get a lot of features and quiet smooth running fans. Always buy one size bigger than you think you need and you’ll be golden.


I made a mistake and hit reply before I put the link up, I couldn’t go back and edit it until it was approved and posted. Sorry about the confusion bro


Those look really cool, and I’m surprised how cheap they are. I’m usually vortex powerfans 4 Lyfe fanboy here, but I’d definitely try one of those.


Heard that, well I’m an outdoorsman now having to move in so I guess I’m off to the right start choosing this quality of inline.

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They seem interesting. I am looking to upgrade my ventilation this coming year and I have been looking at PWM fans for their speed control facility. Unlike using a variac, they actually use less power when running slower.

I will keep an eye on these and see if I hear any horror stories after six months.

I see a lot of their range has yet to enter production. I reckon by the time I am looking to upgrade they will have been in use for a while so any potential horror stories should surface by then. It is encouraging to hear good reports here from people that have used one.

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Gotcha :bulb: I sure was going to go with the t4 too.
I’m using the 4x4 gorilla grow shorty btw, I’m only coming out in my calculations to atleast a 96cfm requirement, with the t4 pulling 205cfm. Being sativa guy I definitely will be raising that puppy up for those stretchers, which In turn will require more cfm.

Yea man reading and checking out vids on them has me sold.

That’s awesome man, you just plugged in the one that was defective and got back around the problem. That plus a super low wattage :call_me_hand:

My 1st fan I said I was going for was the vortex seeing it on build a soils website, then a week later I phased to the Phresh filters hyper fan. I thought that was the pinnacle, opened up you tube a couple days later and the 1st video that popped up “Suggested” was the Ac infinity…
So here I am lol


I just love vortexs because they’re quiet, powerful and super reliable. I haven’t looked at other fans in years because I haven’t needed to, but there’s always lots of cool new stuff coming out!


Yes, get that T6, it’s well worth the extra. Especially In a 4x4


U think the 4 inch would handle a 2x4 or 3x3 with filter? Or go with the 6 inch.

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Go with the 6 inch, you won’t regret it.


Before even seeing this thread I went & added an S7 to the controller as well…

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Since this thread is already here, I have a question on this. I’m planning and pricing out building a stealth box right now to be used for full cycles. Internal dimensions will be roughly 2ft x 3ft x 6ft, 36 cu ft. My first priority is smell, my second is sound. Would yall still recommend the 6 inch over the 4 inch? Also, if I exhausted through black PVC with one 90 turn, would I need further light proofing, like a trap?