High THC+High CBD strains for anxiety?

Up until yesterday I thought all high CBD strains were low in THC, but then I found these Cream & Cheese CBD 1:1

Anyone have any experience with High THC/ High CBD strains like this? particularly for anxiety? Or is it only helpful if you have low thc?


I have got a gram of cbd isolate in the mail and plan to use it like kief on some herb I have that makes me panic only if I smoke it. I can tell you more in a few days what it does by itself and at different ratios. It seems to be a standard hybrid indica/Sativa but I get especially nervous when I smoke. I also have a strain atm that relaxes me when I smoke it. I’m guessing it’s a standard hybrid again, but let flower so long the trichomes turned brown and into cbn. I plan on mixing them around so I understand cbd as I’ve never used it before.


that’s interesting. yeah dude keep me updated. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about cbd


Will do. The package is in NE and I’m in PA, so it will be a few days.

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Yet another Pa grower on here :metal:

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I used 1:1 vape at bedtime and that shit is just like sleeping pills for me…love it


I’ve grown a couple 1:1 strains and they are some of my favorites.

Dinafem Cheese CBD is a 1:1 with as close to a pure body high as I’ve ever had.

Dinafem Early Amnesia CBD is a 1:1 that is like a cup of coffee, no jitters, and a mild pleasant feeling.

Both really nice :+1:


I swear by mixing CBD flower 1:1 with higher-THC/low-CBD flower. Makes a huge difference. 2:1 if the CBD strain is smokeable or even by itself, but 9/10 CBD flowers I’ve smoked have been EFFECTIVE but harsh smoking.




I’m growing Boaty Mcboatface (CBD Medihaze) which ranges from 1 to 2 / 1.
I have had success with frontoading Headband joints with a pinch of high CBD. More work than I want to do for a roll but in an emergency…


So my isolate came today but the only alcohol I have is 21.6% mouthwash to try a tincture out with. The stores in my PA county can open tomorrow, I think I’ll buy some everclear.

I tried maybe a match head size under my tongue with a ml of mouth wash or two until I had to swallow my spit. The cbd by itself feels like the smooth but vision darkening part of a weed hangover I’d say, the part that comes on after a few hours of being high when you start to crash, but not the sickly tired feeling. The feeling that lasts into next morning but clean.

I’ll have more thoughts about it later as I don’t feel like smoking anymore right now which is exactly what I bought it for!

Edit: it’s been about an hour and I smoked a large hit of some mid grade indica/Sativa and I don’t feel the same as normal but I would not say it’s a better quality high feeling. It is definitely worth the money though as I’m feeling more high than I would have without the tincture, as it’s just strangely a dirty feeling I notice, almost like ash would feel as an emotion, yet still energizing. It’s definitely isolate and not full spectrum I notice. I will also smoke some high cbn bud I have shortly. Cbd is not as warm and friendly feeling as cbn it seems at first glance.

Edit 2: I vaped/smoked another match head size bit on top of some cbn herb and the cbd seems to be the same as before… ashy like the purity in gun smoke. It’s definitely intensifying the real bud unlike it felt alone. Alone was that bullet hole feeling but I was overall less anxious and now I just feel high with a feeling of empty like God is busy using the bathroom but will be back in a minute. Lol.

It’s definitely worth the $15 bucks I bought it for… makes weed go twice as far it’s seeming! I’m going to buy the full spectrum stuff next… they are probably even better!


Blueberry lines are great for anxiety.


I would almost bet money that the anti anxiety and the anti inflammatory compounds are the same thing

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In my case its Bubba Kush and Elektra from https://berkshirecbd.com/product/special-sauce/. They also propose to join http://www.shareasale.com/join/96443