Homestead Mushrooms from Hightimes

Has anyone here ever ordered from Homestead Mushrooms back in the day? They used to advertise in Hightimes for the longest of time…I tried to order from them 2 years ago and they no longer exist and I’ve tried to Google them…Is Homestead company still around?


I’m only interested in Homestead Mushrooms from Hightimes…

Well they are not around anymore. Here is the guy i was talking about. Legit spores.


I’m actually want to see if anyone in Overgrow tried Homestead Mushrooms…

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Gotcha. Are those fungi you grew from their spores?

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I use to buy kits from Homestead and they had super potent magic mushrooms and they had different strains.


Thats pretty much the norm now a days. So many places to get good strains of fungi from. I never realized that fungi breeding even existed nor how large a scene it is. And its taking off. So many places to get good spores from.


Homestead got shut down by selling kits that promoted growing illicit substances. You can sell substrate or spores. Sell both and the feds come knocking.

Well the Mushrooms I grew from Homestead were super potent and a half gram of freeze dried mushroom I grew got people off…when I posted that on a different thread a few people didn’t believe me and started saying I’m spreading false information.

That’s why I started my own thread to see if anyone else has grown Homestead Mushrooms…

So Richard hawke, the owner of (formerly used to be the breeder for homestead book. He has been selling spores for years and has almost their entire catalogue plus more at his site. Quality has dropped off the last 2-3 years, with mislabeled and contaminated spores coming from him. I myself ordered orissa india and recieved koh Samui super strain. But if you want the homestead spores that’s the guy who made them.

And that was me. Trust me, I know my mushrooms.


You repeatedly said .05 g, not .5 . .5 is believable.

I’m not trying to grow Mushrooms or want to…I just want to prove to you that I’m not lying or spreading false information about how potent the mushrooms I got from Homestead…

I will say it again, .05 grams of freeze dried mushrooms that I got form Homestead were very potent…I weigh 240 and a half gram got me off…my point is that what I grew was potent even a 300 pound guy got off on half a gram of dried Cambodian mushroom.

.05 or .5? Now you said both in 1 post?

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Ok half a gram…my decimal point was wrong.

Half gram .5


That is a completely different claim. Thats a 10x difference. I even wrote the math out in the other thread. Yes a half gram will have an effect, especially if you have little experience with them. I heartily agree.


On Facebook, search for homestead book company, if you’re interested in their page.

Tell me why when my buddy and I ate 4-5 fresh shrooms we didn’t get off?.. but when we dried it it was super potent

90% water. What was the fresh weight? Fresh generally have a higher psilocin content since it hasn’t oxidized into psilocybin yet, so it doesn’t need to be run through your liver to be active.

Any chance your on an maoi or ssri? Both can act as potentiators of amines.

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Here’s my homestead book story… so, when you grow them, not every one that appears (pins) will grow. They stay tiny and the caps go dark, they are called aborts. Aborts can be up to 3x stronger when dried than a normal fruit. My first grow of homestead koh samui ended up giving me 7 grams of aborts after 3 flushes. I had heard they were stronger, but I thought it was fluffed up BS and they wouldn’t actually be that much stronger. I had eaten 7 grams in a sitting before, and was ready for it, I was not.

So I took them, ground them up in my mortar and pestle, squeezed a fresh lemon on them and let them soak for about 30 minutes. I came back added sugar and water, and prepared for my “electric lemonade”. I chugged it down and it was pretty foul, I hadn’t learned all my tricks to consumption yet, but I finished chewing my lemonade, then I kicked on a movie and waited.
I didn’t have long to wait, I had taken it on an empty stomach and in 20 minutes the walls were starting to waver and flux, an hour in and I was already tripping harder than I had in 10 years, since I had downed a ten strip my freshman year of college. I made my way to my room and wrapped up in blankets in my bed.
The geometric patterns flowing with colors constantly evolving followed my vision from eyes open to closed, I was in a space of mind greater than I had been to before. I was floating. Alone in a void of infinity… for eons. It was utterly isolating.

Then something warm came to me, helped me, guided me, consoled me and assured that I didn’t need to worry. I didn’t meet that guide again until I finally broke through on DMT. The presence I met there in the hyperverse had the same aura, the same presence about it, which led me to implicitly trust it, since they (or their kind) had helped me before. But thats another story I need to take the time to type out.


How do the ladies do with mushrooms? They like those?

Don’t do shrooms myself.