Homesteading and growing some cheeba

So I guess it’s time I put a grow log together. I have been lucky enough to test some fire genetics and wanted to do a log for my man @GCBudz. Being theses are fems I only popped 3 chem91xcap junky and 2 chem91xskunk. I also popped 2 tropical freeze that I traded for. Have to look that up who traded me but I seen a plant of that strain on here someone was growing and it looked like more fire. All 7 popped and are in my little dome under 2 t5 grow bulbs. I love how gentle t5s light are. @Dirt_Wizard thanks for the trop freeze beans. I’ll hit you again when they’re all grown up



As far as the homesteading goes the wife and I gave up on society 7 years ago and bought a farm. I think this is where I was meant to be the whole time. Learning how to diy on a farm has proven to be a difficult learn but very rewarding. Please feel free to post any and all like photos. No matter if weed related or not. I will post some of our learning bumps too. Ha.


Homesteading sounds wonderful! Wish I could experience that too. Someday :slight_smile:

Here’s a link for some common plants and their root systems. This may be useful if you have areas which need a certain plant to cultivate and keep the soil/land happy.

I’d like to post the photos of cannabis sativa but I’m not sure if there’s a copyright or anything so a link to the site is a bit more beneficial. Hope this helps! I found it useful. I just google the scientific names of the plants to find the common names. Pretty interesting.


Hey Bro… Thank You for tagging me in your grow. I know your gonna knock it out of the park with those beans! Glad you decided to start a thread after seeing some of the other plants you have run in the past.

If i may… slight correction to your strain description. The Cap Junky x Chem 91 is correct, however the other strain is Chem 91 SkunkVA cut S1’s. This plant that i reversed is the same plant that was grown back in 1991, and is still going 32 years later.

In 91 a bag of weed was sold to MassG aka ChemDog at a Grateful Dead concert by Pbud and Joe Brand. They exchanged numbers and another oz or two was later sold to ChemDog as well. Within one oz 13 magic beans were found… which later gave up Chem 91, ChemD and a few others. Those who held this cut all lost it from one situation or another. Many thought she was gone. Then one day a guy with the screen name SkunkVA showed up on the original Overgrow and posted pics of his Chemdog/Chem 91. He ended up reacquainting ChemDog and Pbud with cuts… and it’s been held tighly for years.

SkunkVA is now breeding with the Chem 91 under the name Lucky Dog seed company in Montana, this is the guy i drove out and met in spring of 22. I sampled some of this legit flower grown from SkunkVA himself… and i had to have it.

What you have is the result of me reversing this cut, and also crossing it with Cap Junky.

Grow on… :wink:


Thank you for that my friend


Thanks for creating a cool thread to document your grow and farm life, I’ll be following, half for the Chem 91 hybrids and half for the homesteading!

To start off with the homesteading questions, what percentage of you/your families’ calories are harvested by yourselves?


@PatioMat I too love the homesteading. It’s a wormhole that would take 3 lifetimes to master. Well we buy NO meat. Not really any other reason as we really enjoy raising animals.

usually hatch 100 or so a year. somewhere round ten a year

And this pic is an odd year. We usually don’t calf that many. Sorry for pic bomb I get going and well you know lol.


Thanks for sharing! Your family looks fantastic! Idk about you but my pets are family to me.

They look happy :slight_smile:


Mmmm bacon, and beef!

Livin’ the life dude.


Thanks. Here is the new adventure this years hemp plot


Hell yea bro you’re right up the same alley!! …homestead life :love_you_gesture:
Good luck with the testers !


Thank you. Feel free to photobomb some of your 'stead


Well said
Ain’t nothing like coming home to work :sweat_smile:

Here’s some!


That’s what I’m talking bout my man. All those pics make sense but I can’t figure out how you got that dinosaur tame enough to hold like that. Bravo sir. Bravo.


He was the worse rooster in history…great size but dumb as hell would pay no attention to the hens and have no interest in mounting them just wanted to beat on the other rooster … our original rooster a silver laced Wynette was definitely being bullied to where he got unhealthy …so fair is fair we got rid of the second rooster to a good home believe it or not lol. the wynwtte rooster will come running no matter how far to protect his hens and is pretty aggressive about it …there I go rambling again haha


He’s my stud of the crew

And a more colorful shot

Everyone loves baby ducks haha
and last but not least the security team


Beautiful setup brother !
Trying our hand at some meat ducks …
22 dollars for a five pound duck at the store !
First time raising a pig as well !


day 9 out of dirt. I’ll give the ladies new shoes next week. Cap junky is in back row seems to be doing well for day 9.


Boy do you bring back memories. I was raised on a farm with Hogs and Cattle, once in a while chickens. My Dad was the Ag/FFA teacher so we did chicken for the BBQ. Plucking chickens is the worst. I rather hang a hog or steer and gut it.

:green_heart: :seedling: