How can I add member to my Ignore list?

I’ve been asked about Ignore list feature. There is none [There is now - see below]. Actually we have “Mute” feature. You can mute categories, topics and even users. Muted means that any update won’t trigger any notifications for you (and it also won’t be shown on /latest). But you will still see the content if you go straight to the category or topic from the topic list.

I know that there are Ignore lists on other software platforms, but this one shares different approach and philosophy. We don’t want to divide community into separate “camps” which ignore each other. We want united community that is open and tolerant especially towards new users. I mean if there is some user that is just pain in the ass and can’t behave (argues ad hominem or attacks others), we don’t want him to be part of the community in the first place.

So I can recommend if you feel offended or insulted by another’s post or messages, use flagging feature. OG staff will review it and act accordingly. Offender will be warned and after multiple warnings can be even banned. There are also automatic filters in place so if there are enough senior members which will flag the post system will hide it even without any staff manual action.


There is now Ignore feature!


We all need to be tolerant, i never muted anyone ever and prolly never will, that is because no one can hurt my feelings or make me change my mind about things. I have a personality and am happy with it. Hope the ones that like me are more than the ones that do not.

Having said that, i believe this comes from our childhood when mama used to say "do not play with those kids who do not love you and cherish and admire you the way mommy does" and that is why some people want to ignore others, because the lack character and self respect to confront the situation and talk in a civil way to the person and work it out. They would rather disperse poison and bad mouth the people.

Real man work their differences out, thru tolerance, patience and understanding.

In my book anyone who NEEDS to mute someone is a coward, hiding under mommy’s skirt.

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What he said ^^^^^^^

I know one of the eejits that wants to mute people (he wants to mute me as a certainty) is very quick to dish condescending bullshit out. But can’t take it back…I don’t like those people


I’d like to add that flagging some post is not coward. It helps to keep our community working. Staff will review it and act if needed (ask OP to edit the post / apologize).

If you run into a member who is insulting you, just flag the post. If you instead choose to react grumpily the problem will only escalate as a snowball. It is then much harder for Staff to step-in.


Quite the contrary my dear boss man, i flag people all the time, and you guys know it. When i see something i do not like, i flag it. This is a necessary tool to keep order and assist the already super busy mods with the site.

Cool. Good call @LemonadeJoe


Yeah i know, classic, the one kid in school who would
get on everyone’s nerves but couldn’t take the heat back… Sad.


I was with you, up to this point mad, lol.
Ive spent my life ignoring or"muting" people trying to start trouble.
It’s for their sake not mine and it’s saved a lot of heartache for us both.
A strong man also knows when to walk away.

Good hunting.


Better to be a live dog than a dead lion… Is that how it goes?

Thanks for the good wishes man! Right back at you!

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Ignorance is bliss :laughing:

"And the wisdom of a truth won’t set you free…"

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Interesting, this must be a millennial thing. My manual ignore feature works just fine.


Yeah man, me too.

I keep my brain updated with DNGAF Professional ver 2.0, limited release with LITFA bugs fixed.

DNGAF - Do Not Give A Fck!
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Ive used the mute feature on users on other forums many times, but I found I was constantly peeking at the hidden posts anyway. I just had to see what new BS they were spouting now :slight_smile:

I keep doing it now because I tend to forget which people are the a$$ h0les in a short time. Just cant be bothered to remember jerks like that. When a hidden post shows up in a thread, I can say “Oh yeah, that must be one of those jerks I flagged.”.

I still peek though :slight_smile:


A quandary arises when :scales: appear uneven from above without explanation.


I’m a dead lion in a live dog. Like a lethal turducken.

So many things rhyme with ‘ucken’, I’ll just leave it there. :thinking:

:evergreen_tree: glad i made that hash. :peace:


How to ignore user?

With latest update, there is now possibility to ignore user completely. That means that all topic and replies from given user will be hidden for you.

Just go to the profile of a member and you will find following setting on the right side.



So many members just got saved with this function :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:


There’s an ignore timer with no option to ignore indefinitely. Not really useful to ignore someone temporarily IMO.


Thanks for message. I haven’t noticed but you are right. I’ll try to improve this in next update.

Maybe that is an attempt to get community together :slight_smile: … Time is healing… :smiley:


That doesnt work for me…i just checked

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From what I can see It works… and people use it a lot…

That button is actually labeled Normal.

What exactly doesn’t work for you? Have you tried to Ignore / Mute anyone? I see that you don’t have anyone on ignore list currently.

You can also do it from your profile -> preferences -> Notifications -> Users.

BTW. You can’t mute or ignore site staff.

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