Howard's Hunt for Headstash

Oh no!! I couldnt decide if I should ‘like’ that post or not. It freaks me out! We need your smarts, and kindness @Howard.Crane. Especially in these dark days. Your threads, comments, and posts help me get through the day.

Seriously. You help me, and Im absolutely sure, many others as well, get through this crap thats going on now.

We need your friendship.

If anyone is bothering you let us know. I would personally be extremely happy to go punch them in the nose - from a safe distance and wearing protective gear of course :wink:

As some one else said - talk to @LemonadeJoe about this. He will help.


I agree. Its bad for the site. Needs to go. Nothing good comes from it. It just lets the trolls have a free place to practice and feed.


What happened is that several fire trucks and ambulances pulled up at the house across the street yesterday and took away at least two people I know: A healthy man in his forties that works with at-risk youth, and his teenage son. Couldn’t see if they took the mother or daughter, but the father was clearly in respiratory distress. I am gutted for that family, and fear for mine for reasons that I will not go into.

Then I go online at various sites, and here in the Smokers Lounge and Shark Tank, and see some of the fucking asinine bullshit some people are saying, and lose a little more faith in humanity.

And I don’t fucking need that shit right now.

And I especially don’t need to find out that some of the people I really liked online are actually kind of garbage humans.

Life is too short and too precious for me to spend another minute reading the soul-crushing stupidity that some of these randos on the internet are sharting out.

I will almost certainly stick around, but I need a timeout from people who can’t spend a few minutes looking past their biases and hatred to look up primary sources and expert analyses, who can’t be bothered to apply at least some level of critical thinking about a problem that is not at all partisan or nationalistic or conspiratorial in nature, and which potentially affects each one of us in some way.

I wish you all the very best. Please take care of yourselves, and have some consideration and empathy for others.


I am really sorry to hear about that stuff Howard. I agree with everything you said.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and yours. We will be very glad to see you when you feel like coming back. Im saving a place for you. Actually, we are saving a place for you would be more accurate.

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I’m sorry for your experience, but there is no reason to leave…

These are tough times, but we can all make it if we unite!

I can recommend muting those categories… or add particular users to ignore list (that is also big hint to us who is obtrusive)

Answer is here: How can I delete my account?


Woah bro don’t go anywhere yet I got a lot of Howard crane stuff to grow out still surly you would like to see your creations grow up and get smoked…there may be three or four douche nozzles I imagine they eventually move back to roll it up or Joe gets tired of people bitching bout same guys and will boot them…I’m not digging this mass Exodus of the last couple months


Don’t let the tw@s bring you down Howard. Fuck em. But I could see being overly irritated at their fuckery in the here and now.

Be well.


The same way here, it’s like they’re just waiting out there to jump on your ass.

I’m now being censored and not feeling jiggy with that either.


Hey Howard, I totally understand where you’re coming from. Just wanted to let you know that I really value your presence here.

Whatever we believe about what our governments should be doing to fight this thing, we are generally powerless to decide. But people here are going to be hurt by this either directly or indirectly. In some small way, we do have the power to help each other through it. So please everybody, let’s make that the thing that defines our community.


I find having 0 faith in humanity and assuming everyone is an asshole by default works pretty well…then people can surprise you when they’re actually decent haha


Keep your head up. Every little thing is gunna be alright


My heart goes out to you and those you care about. As this crisis continues we will all start to know someone directly affected.

By all means step away from the site if it is causing you undue stress. But please consider coming back to say hi and let us know you are still okay.

Take care everyone. :+1::seedling:


Just want to say that there are many truly awesome people on this site, which is what attracted me here in the first place. I’ll just try to stick to a few threads for the time being.

I’m feeling a little better after reading all of these replies, so thank you all for that :smile:


So how about I share some pics, then?

Today is transplant day. Everything in the cabinet is being transplanted into the flower tent, including this Orange Goji #2 clone that was taken late in flower.

What a freak, lol.



And this is the Orange Goji male that I’m going to use for the F2’s and crosses. I obviously neglected the plants in the cabinet for far too long, lol.


The one-gallon fabric pots worked okay I guess, but this next round will be in two gallon square Hydrofarm pots, which have always worked well for me.

Still, they got a decent stem thickness for the size of the pots they were in…


That is pretty healthy reveg! Congrats!

How long did it take to this nice form?


I honestly have no idea. I took a cut from the flowering plant, stuck it in a cup of coco, and forgot about it until it rooted. Then I moved it into the cabinet with the others and applied heroic levels of LITFA until today.

The cabinet was so packed I literally couldn’t see anything but the top leaves, and couldn’t tell which leaves belonged to which plant, lol.