How do I layout my space?

So here is my grow room- or soon to be one. The two walls, with arrows, are just black and white poly, will be studded minimally. The dimensions of those two walls does not have to be as written. The remaining two walls is structural stud wall, and the side of the stair well. Those are maxes, I have extra space on either one but not more than an inch. Hopefully that sums up my restrictions. Oh yes, and a 8’ ceiling, 9’ past the joists.

Now on the Left is what I have- my 2x4 veg tent and 3x3 flower tent, and uh… table I drew in for some reason, I don’t know man. Ignore the figure in the upper left of the image.

On the Right is one of many things I have thought of, but it would make 2 light proofed tents, and a tarped off area I could use to veg many plants, not just cannabis.

Bless you if you read through all that, I don’t have a grow buddy around here to talk shop with. Just trying to maximize my space here but realized- you guys probably have done this more times than I, so I leave it to your wits.


Building grow tents amd rooms is always fun. Its like lottery dreaming, but more achievable.

So you’re going to frame out the room, and arrange the tents to flower with an open space for veg.

Good idea :bulb:


I am thinking of building rooms and getting rid of the tents, thing is we would like to move, so have to think on it.


For me, it’s a stepping stone to exactly that. If I had the money- oh I’d do it right… but same, I don’t know that I’ll be here too many more years. Want to move out to the country a bit and grow in an outbuilding in peace. I drive a lot for work and everything, and I’m getting tired of neighbors.

My buddy, he’s got it right. He lives on a plot behind a cemetery, and surrounded by corn.


Wife only lets me frame with foam.


The white walkways in the lower left seem to underutilize your space.

What if you just kept a 3’ access “hall” on the left hand side, and split the remaining room to the back. This would give you two 4’ x 7’ areas.


Or, since the door is in the upper right, leave the 3’ walkway up top along the top side. Then if you split it, it would give you two 5’ x 5’ areas. Those may be easier to work.


Those two walls ARE doors, just big flaps. Easy access but no wall mounting.

I’ve been running your first thought around my head, I was torn between 3’-4’ but ultimately decided I could figure it out later at little expense. I’m not filling any of the spaces soon.

But yes… it is way too much wasted space. I have played with the idea of keeping the tent on a platform with castors, and pulling the whole 4x4 chunk out for access- although I can only go about 1’ out. But… who has time for all that? Also I just put in Tropf Blumats so that wouldn’t work.

I am going to up the two hard walls first, and just kinda Tetrising everything to see what I want.


I like your design on the left, it gives you room to move around. It also is dependent on how the tents open, accessiblility.


This is, I think, the layout I’m proceeding with. Put up some plastic today, turns out the space is actually much closer to 12’ X 9’. So I arranged my 2’ X 4’ tables to place my two tents, sectioned off a 4’ x 7’ area that will be for open veg, some cannabis plants and some vegetables. The potting bench is similar to what I have ideas to build, but isn’t necessarily the same size but close. Maybe if I get bored I’ll model my idea.


looks like a damn fine set up to me. It is almost my exact size work area also. I first started building small foam rooms. Then once tents got cheap, I started filling the area with those. 1- 4’ x 4’ x 7’ veg tent, feeds (staggered) a 4’ x 8’ x 7’ flower tent, 3 go in, 3 come out, after I got the timing situated.
Best wishes!


I like the foam wall idea. Move them around if needed.
@ChemicalDependant sounds exciting being able to build a room. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done.


I’ve got the two walls up, I have to get some lumber to build some supports, but it’s getting there. I also need get a new light before I can utilize all the space- but having a lung room for the tents should improve my climate dramatically. Basement is cold and dry, and I haven’t been a big fan of my humidity plummeting anytime my humidifier runs dry. Hoping the lung room will buffer it all.

I do want to put foam behind my film, or at least a second layer of film… I also got a pro tip I don’t know why I didn’t think of- white duct tape where you’re going to staple, it reinforces it pretty good.


Aw… and today we learned 50 ft wasn’t enough for a 42ft perimeter. Now to decide if I should get 25 or 50 ft…

How important is it to cover the ceiling? It’s the joists and subfloor for the floor above.

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Me, myself, in a small area, I’d white paint the ceiling. However in my room when I ran open in it, I did not worry about the ceiling. Just my $.02.
White tape is a great idea, I always used small squares of card board to make staple supports.

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Yes! I have cardboard boxes around I can cut to strips, nice one!

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