How important is 100% darkness at night really?

Well, it’s one of my mh grow lights, that I use as an outdoor light. I’d say it’s 30 feet away, and up 16 feet.

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Sounds kinds quacky, but I have thought about running a ground wire from all my plants to mother Earth…don’t know why, just feels like it would be a good thing …lol
You know,so maybe they would feel better being connected to their natural world…lol


Snails are electrocuted Texas-style :cowboy_hat_face: if you put some copper wire in the ground and they try to cross it … :sunglasses:


Peace All. I wondered on this as well as I know I have been out at night and have seen the moon VERY brightly lit. I also have seen indoors where a small light on a power strip has had an adverse effect. But, I also have a room that I have my grow tents in that has a 24hr green CFL going and dark out shades yet I can see some light as it’s not COMPLETELY pitch black when the Sun is up in the afternoon, but I rarely have had a hermie becuz of it. I think the green light is mimicking the darkness of night and the slight light that may come thru is like the moon light in nature. In short I feel like yes it is an issue indoor but this may be a way to combat that. (unless the source of light is close to the plants, like a power strip inside the tent). Be well All…:pray:t6::person_in_lotus_position:t6:‍♂


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I made a mouse trap like that once. Sliced foil up and pain stackingly put them in a sink, and went every other strip with a strand of common, them the others a strand of 110 feed. They snapped like popcorn…I shit you not.
Electrified my bedroom door handle once also, parents where not impressed. :joy:
If I had my way, I would be able to throw. Switch in my bedroom, and anyone standing in my house would start getting nailed…just enough to cause convulsions mind you, not death…I want to bring that to them personally…But, wife will have none of that.

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