How to choose the best title for your new topic

Part of my daily routine is to correct titles so that forum is easily searchable and organised. I’ve gathered some tips for you:

:warning: You can also use :pencil2: tool next to your topic title to rename it later if you want to correct it.
If you want to rename really old topic, you can ask any Leader to do it for you.

  • Be specific. Always describe the problem.
    For example:

Major #$%@ up :rage: :fast_forward: 10/14 light cycle instead of 12/12 - Major $%@ up :rage:

IM NEW AND HAVE A FEW QUESRIONS. Please help :fast_forward: Websites to learn growing basics

Anyone ever suffered this :fast_forward: Bloated stomach after smoking cannabis

  • Don’t include unnecessary wording, make it simple and clear.
    For example:

Anyone have good or bad review on Turboklone :fast_forward: Turboklone Reviews

i used cbd tincture for a skin rash :fast_forward: CBD tincture for a skin rash

Please Help. Looking for advice on varietals that will help epilepsy :fast_forward: Varietals that will help epilepsy

Brand new to growing and need advice about ph levels for dirt and water. :fast_forward: pH levels for dirt and water

I need some help/advice for air circulation of multiple times/tents :fast_forward: Air circulation of multiple times/tents

Hello OG fam. Silly question here. Why do we call it “gear”? :fast_forward: Why do we call it “gear”?

  • Everyone should be able to know what to expect before entering the topic.
    For example:

Breeding question? :fast_forward: Will cold temps affect the seed development when breeding?

Hydro setup question :fast_forward: Looking for new Hydro setup

  • Where applicable include exact strain title or seedbank name.
    For example:

In-House $50 a pack :fast_forward: Beach City Seeds

Anybody ever order from Peak seeds BC online? :fast_forward: Peak Seeds BC

  • Try to limit title length to brief one liner.
    For example:

Would you rather have 6 plants in 1 gal pots or 3 plants in 3 gal pots? Your thoughts?
:fast_forward: Rather have 6 plants in 1 gal pots or 3 plants in 3 gal pots?

  • Personal garden topics or diaries can have funny names but should be identifiable from their title.
    For example:

Unknown strain ( sativa , indica , ruderalis ) :fast_forward: Kushking05’s grow - unknown strain

WHO…why they can’t handle the pandemic? :fast_forward: Budget Grow (pandemic grows)


I don’t think anyone understands just how much work running the show is thank you, and the mod team for keeping us on track


This seems like wishful thinking to me (:blush:) but it’s good to have examples. :+1: