How to cover up that drying smell too close to neighbors

I live close to neighbors, not in a complex but close. I have been on top of my game so far, drying is a few weeks out. What I would like to know is I was going to buy a closet wardrobe about 2x4x5’ like the size of a smallEr grow tent. Now how do I handle to smells, the wardrobe isn’t set up for a fan with filter set up and the room I only have to use it the closest to the front door with a window. I will be blocking window but I don’t know if a scrubber would be strong enough sitting in front of the tent right outside it’s flaps to get smell first. It will be in the corner of a 10x10 room…any help would be great, really want to be able to make this perpetual just need to figure out the best drying setup without a tent and without getting the smell out the room it’s hanging in.

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I think it will be tough. Do you have a carbon filter in your tent?

If you do, you could cut two 4" holes in your wardrobe cabinet, making one an intake, and one a suction to your tent. Run 4" ducting from wardrobe to your grow tent. has some black ducting that should keep the hole you make into your 10x10 light proof. Then just put a vent cover on the other 4" hole in your wardrobe. If you want to get fancy you could put a little filter to filter the air pulling into the wardrobe.

The negative pressure (vacuum) created by the carbon filter in your tent should pull all the smell from the Wardrrobe into the tent to be filtered.

That I think would do it. If there is still some slight smell, a jar of Ona ( cracked ever so slightly should take care of the rest (it’s strong!).


The wardrobe is in a seperate room that was my downfall, it’s upstairs while the grow is in my mechanical which has no more space. I would dry in flower but it has another cycle still in play(big bummer on my end for control I guess)

So aslong as neg pressure occurs the scent should always be pulled through fan since obviously positive pressure would mean air leakage in other directions. Worst case I’ll have to get another tent was just not hoping to have a 3rd tent just hangin around when I can reuse my wardrobe.

Basically it’s all about odor control without using the 2 current tents and I’m just trying to be as nice and quiet as possible with the dry since the doors are definitely big.


The best thing for odor control is investing in a really good quality carbon filter and fan to match it. I found with carbon filters, like most things, you tend to get what you pay for .

Other options may be an ozone generator or ona gel . I am not a fan of either.



Do you think a 6” with filter in front of closet would do good enough job or just run the 4” inline with filter leaving lower vent open would suffice enough for ridding the dry scent? I know my venting in the grow is great just wasn’t sure which route to have for a quick throw up dry kit when needed

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A 4" fan and filter would be PLENTY


have had no luck with ona gel

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The big question is… how much will you be drying?

Couple ounces??? Crack a bedroom window and forget about it.

Larger quantity… now you may have to think about stink.

I’ve dried numerous 2 oz plants in my spare room (by tge furnace intake) with a window cracked and my upstairs neighbors have never smelled it. Likewise I’ve never smelt it while walking past the cracked window either

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I’m hoping for a lb but either way every grow is a new experiment and hopefully my yields get larger every time. Currently scrogging 1 (1 ended up male) annunaki genetic East coast sour soda and 2 of their strawberry mambas. Next cycle has 3 ECSS and 1 Strawberry left. Then I have some tiki madman devil drivers going in 6 weeks.


Ahhh got ya… ya with that amount its smart to have some stank cover lol


a lb., I would maybe, definitely consider, something, anything, to cover the smell. For your own safety, and peace of mind. I live out in the country, with a few houses around me. I grow a up to 8 or 10 plants at a time, at various stages of growth, and clones in a separate area. Since I changed over to white lights, the humidity has raised and temps are in the positive, the smell is in the air like never before. I have just purchased a carbon filter, because a neighbor recently started asking about the smell noticed in the air recently? Time to take precautions, now! It will be here tomorrow, thankfully. Be mindful of your surroundings, and remember who watches the watchers?


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I have a carbon filter exhausting from a sealed grow tent setup with ac/dehumidifier/humidifier all tied in. A second carbon filter scrubbing and circulating into a veg tent with a loop connection exhaust, so the grow is nice but my dry spot I need a design that’s collapsible and would work. Didn’t want to get another tent but may have too since it’s in seperate areas for control.

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Ended up getting a 2x4 tent and setting it in spare room with ac and humidifier incase ac takes too much out, have carbon filter and fan to scrub from top, 6” fan on bottom blowing low. Got temps to 64-68 with rh about 50-60 so far I’m feeling confident. Cut 1 down and dried for a night so far, no smells.

Picked up one of these dryers…And I have to say, at first I was skeptical, now I’m in love.

The smell, that has a carbon filter box on it, but you can still smell it.

Works perfectly

I was skeptical about drying racks, I like to atleast hang by the branch, I def wet trim though so maybe a rack would be beneficial. Don’t want the bud to dry to quick though so may hang next plant without wet trim see the difference

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you can buy carbon filter matertal in sheets its like 3/8" thick I get it in 2’ x4’ sheets its handy, I glues it on the inside of tents on the bug ports, on window screens that i leave open , make caps to go over the end of ducting hose…it helped me with odor outside the house as well as inside. I bought it on Amazon

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I dry in a sealed room with only a small fan for circulation, no exhaust. It’s a bathroom.

I have dried as much as a pound and if you go smell the door you can smell it but it doesn’t permeate at all.

All the best