Huckleberry Soda & East Coast Sour Soda IN - A Shed O' Tents

Ill start this as an ongoing diary of my grows in my shed. Details on the shed itself can be found here

Multi Tent Shed Grow

Ill try and focus on the plants here.

In this shed I have a 2x4, a 5x5, and I am getting a 2x2.

In the 2x4 I currently have a spider farmer SE3000 and in the 5x5 I have a SE7000.

The 2x4 has 6 BOG Sour BluTooth and 8 entries into the solo cup challenge. I hope to breed the SBT.

The 5x5 has random autos that spent the first 2 weeks outside getting flooded and eaten up. Going from outside in summer to 20 hour light that I started too close and high intensity shocked em a bit too. They are recovering now. Your advice is appreciated.

Sour BlueTooth

BOG Sour BlueTooth put in soil August 13th. Soil is Happy Frog. Not much done to them since planting. Light at 70% I think about 20 inches above.

3 of the 6 had nice 1/2 - 1 inch long taproots. They are numbers 1 - 3.

1 had a tinnie weenie. We’ll see if he is a boy. I dont want to assume his gender but will listen to him when he is ready to tell me who he truly is. You can see him chillin topside by himself before deciding he wasnt too good for his hole. Stubby is number 4.

1 was JUUUUST crack a lackin with the most modest hint of white tap root in the crack of the shell. You can see her being shy in the last pic up top chilling with Pokey. She is number 5.

1 did not look open at all. Having a dud would have sucked. But decided to let the little bugger keep floating solo. We all cant be social butterflies. Sometimes we bloom in our own time. So 12 hours later, after all the other siblings were planted this little one shows some tap root. Pokey is number 6.

And pics from today.

5x5 autos

Started these are two basic times. Most on July 27th, 2nd batch 10 days later. Started outside before shed was ready and suffered through heat, living mostly in shade, dick caterpillars, and being drowned. Now under 75% se7000 at 20" after starting at 100% and shocking the ladies. BT has been applied. Pots are still saturated from rain water from outside. Planted in 1/4 Happy Frog and 3/4 FFOF on bottom. 5 gallon pots but only 1/2 to 2/3 filled. Its what I had.

Red Solo Cup Challenge

Also have the 8 autos in cups in the 2x4 with the BOG. Fast Buds - 2 Crystal Meth, 2 Purple Lemonade
ILGM - 2 GSC Extreme, 1 Bruce Banner, 1 Gorilla Glue


I’ll take a seat over here to the side and watch all the magic happening, don’t mind me


Live veg tent shot.

Nap time is currently 1 - 5 pm as hottest part of the day. Both tents on 20/4.

Auto/flower tent live shot.


here for the journey have fun !


Nice light, I’m not in the market for a light but if I was that would also by my choice. Anxious to see how this plays out.


Mixed up first feeding for BOG babies. 1/2 tsp Grow Big and 1/2 tsp Calmag in 2L rain water. PH perfectly neutral 7 and 20 ppm before mixing up. Gentle 355 ppm and 5.95 PH after.


I’m currently contemplating a shed grow and this seems almost exactly the same size as mine. What is your current daytime temp outside?


Looks great so far! I dig the live tent shots :sunglasses: I’ve thought about setting up something similar in my flower tent.

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It has been hitting low 90s outside. I can keep it 20 degrees coolor than ambient during lights out from 1pm to 5 pm. My shed is shaded which helps.

Other than that ive been setting it to run 83 or so during lights on so I can run 71-75 during lights off and get a nice light/dark temp differential. Can do 75 with extractions fans off but ac on during dark to let the co2 bucket work its placebo magic without being exhausted all the time.

I kill the lights at 1pm but let the exhaust/intake run til 1:30 actively bringing in AC to lower temps quickly. Then fans cut off til 4:30. Then they come on to lower temps as much as they can before lights come back on at 5 pm. Trying to get what I want out of the system as effenciently as possible.


Got some more shed construction pics and details of materials I need to get up. Also need to fix time zone of my camera I guess.

I want to add a 2x2 tent and can only find on 2x2x5 from a no name brand. Most 2x2s seem to want to top out at 48 inches. Might need some advice on best way to run all the duct/exhaust stuff. Keep males in the 2x2. The man cave . . .


Hey @SOLGarion! I’m gonna stick around for this. It’s nice to spend some time in someone else’s Shed. Turn on the juice and cut the damn thing loose brother! Peace



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Loving your setup, I was looking pretty hard at the new light lineup from Spider Farmer, but gonna hold out and see what the new AC Infinity lights are like. How do you like them?
I see ya got some AC Infinity tents too, how do you find those?

Thank you for that information. Your setup is looking good and you’re bound for success. My shed is also fully shaded and my outside temps are the same as yours right now. Probably start building in the fall

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Working good so far. Spider farmer seemed to be best balance of namish brand and not top of the line price. Se3000 is on sale for 260 + tax now on ebay or for 320 with a free 75w fill light with no tax from their website.

Morning shot of best of my abused drowned autos. White LSD.

Poor things still recovering from what seemed to be monsoon season here in the midatlantic. Havnt watered em since they entered the tent and since theyre in big pots for such small plants they are STILL fairly damp.


Got a bad BOG baby that is trying to block out the sun from one of my solo cup contest girls. Gonna have to fix that when I stop being lazy.


I have plugged up some holes and drafts so decided today was a good day to stretch the pink rooms legs and see what she could do during nap time.

Took about 1 hour to get down to 20 degrees below outside. Max delta was achieved at the 2 hour mark.

I still have some spots I can fix and insulation that needs repaired/resecured but I am happy with 22.5 F below outside temp. Can prolly eek out another degree or two with some effort. Also could get a larger AC if needed. This is the smallest window unit I could find at 5,000 btus. Supposedly about .06 to run an hour on average electric cost.

I dont usually run them this cold so as not to waste electricity but wanted to push it on a hot day to see.

Inside the 2 x 4, close up on thermometer.


BOG babies getting a misting seconds before lights out. Leaving for 9 days on Friday so going to transplant to 2 gallon tomorrow. Probably try to top as soon as I get back.


Transplant 1
Day 12 Veg BOG Sour BluTooth

Going from cups to 2 gallon bags. Mostly FFOF but lined with Happy Frog.

Next lets flip some lids and get em a new home.


6, Pokey, is now the monster.

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Damn, found something.