humbolt nutrients are REALLY good

I bought humbolt ginormous on a whim, I had about an extra 100$ and went to go on a shopping spree, bought koolbloom powder, gravity, and ginormous for about 80$ total

2 days after I added ginormous, my plants actually got bigger. the label suggests adding 1ml-10ml so it MAY scale (DO NOT TAKE MY WORD, DO NOT, IT MAY BURN YOUR PLANTS AT 3ML+ BUT IM A NEW USER)

we’re not talking about .5inches, we’re talking about 2 inches into 3 weeks into bloom, ill snap a picture if I can

I can REALLY trust humbolt nutrients now that ive used them, they’re not a rip off like I heard on other forums, I honestly figured they were scammers, im starting to think humbolt and emerald triangle brand nutrients are REALLY from hardcore growers in the emerald triangle


Dude were the fuck can you get gravity i thought it was discontinued like 10 years ago… Kool bloom powder for mid flower will puff your buds like crazy then add gravity for the finish before flush and they tighten up like rocks that was all i used to use…

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They also have snowstorm but i think it was more minimal with effect

sorry, its called “gravitation” and I got it from

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You can buy paclobutrazol products…check out “Paczol”. Same 0.4% formula, available at that’s a lifetime supply of it for $140. Most of the triazole fungicides have the same growth-retardant effects, you aren’t limited to just paclo. Daminozide was also an ingredient in the “stretch stopper flower hardener” products.

It usually made the buds kinda crappy but I think people just used way too much. It’s also a powerful fungicide, so it was curing/preventing a lot of people’s PM/budrot issues and they didn’t even know it lol.


Yeah the g10 from what ive read isnt the same at all. Gravity def something you dont want to go over board with… Gotta say didnt know it worked so well as a fungicide :joy:

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Many discussions around differences amongst PGRs with some limited scientific research in the journals. Please consider the following and head down the rabbit hole:

Older discussion here on certain PGRs:

Tradeoffs positives and negatives:


The only thing listed on gravity was norwegian sea kelp.

Do you mean the new version or the original? I think that is all that is in the new one, but I would never trust this company. For the original, Humboldt and a few other companies were lying about their ingredients because paclobutrazol is only approved for ornamentals in California. The State tested a bunch of different products and then ordered the offenders removed from market, if memory serves.

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That actually sounds vaguely familiar now that you mention it. Personally i never had issues with it i only really noticed a difference in bud density… Then again i always apply everything on the low side of everything cause i dont like dealing with nute burn

What’s on the label and what the actual active ingredient is are often two separate things in “grey area” or off label applications. Fertilizer labelling laws can be very strict.

I often use those shady gas station dick pills as an example. Says “herbal blend”; actually contains sildenafil analogues. Or the “herbal incense” that was just herbs sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids. Or “video head cleaner” that’s amyl nitrate. List is endless.

I definitely don’t think they’re as bad as people say, and I think that a very small amount to help control stretch and grow slightly larger buds is a bit different than “stretch immediately stopped and buds got enormous” level dosage. I don’t use them, though, never felt the need and I prioritize quality over size.


Oh i agree with ya man. I never noticed a quality difference myself but i could see it happening. I havent used any myself since '11. I have looked into a bunch of flowering additives im probably gonna try out golden tree but im fairly done with most of em

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