I went to the Bank Of Stank and made a withdrawl (Part 1)

The latter


Just bought the 16mm line from @Bobgrows. The wife and I are stoked.


Well, you’ve single handedly sent me on a Mac1 locate and obtain mission. Literally changed my outlook on that cultivar completely. Hopefully :canada: doesn’t let me down on yet another cut that’s impossible to obtain. Also got me contemplating some cannagars but that’s a whole other scenario lol. Great thread bro, love it!


It’s worth the hunt . You see it’s frost level , translates to smell taste and power too .

Cannagars rule , my new preferred method of combustion


Oh I’m on it, have been for a couple days tbh. Maybe those will lessen the insane amount of joints I smoke daily/nightly lol. I was scared away by what I can only imagine was a bad batch from Dave at CE, he was like hype crap blah blah , and after blazing his I agreed. And he’s an exceptional cultivator/grower but I think he just needed to dial her in tbh. It’s funny how one mishap can skew judgement so easily, then a read a few things like only good for breeding, short duration etc. then since watching you come back I was intrigued, and the more you posted the more intrigued I became. And glowing reviews plus we seem to have similar pallets for the most part. I need a frost factory for a breeding project as well and hoping she’ll fill those shoes.

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Doug opened the wiki for BOG seeds .

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Not a Bog fan . Ran about 6 of his years ago found nothing for me


Good luck breeding with her IF you get the real cut she is near impossible to get seeds out of . I whacked her with the best I had full term she gave up few seeds and as of today only one has sprouted and lived.

I call it Lost Cap and it’s in my Tent 1 right now


Man I hate trim jail

Watching Top Gear


The Mac 1 is SUPER PRETTY!


I love top gear. :100:

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That looks delicious Jet!

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Irvine seeds has a mac1 x candyland that looks amazing. I’ve got a few I’m gonna be starting soon. You can get a 20 pack of fem seeds for 50 bucks too :v:

This is off their discord


@Jetdro Do you have a link to those filter ends you use please? This size on the picture is what I’m looking for


Purple rose supply

Just Google buy from them good peps
Those lil ones are the Mini


Actually , to be honest , it is :sunglasses:

Me too fav 1 hour show seen em all

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The lil Mac plant did well for her height !
5.2 ounces of beautiful bud . The 6 footers in Tent 2 will yield really nice I bet

Actually yielded more , I do not trim small shit , so what was left when I finished the nice buds is gonna get pressed for rosin


Here’s the Strawberry Cough at 47 days. I took her down at 56 last time. Thinking of pushing her to 63 this time for no good reason.


Just curious @Jetdro which batch won the blind smoke test? They all look great. It amazes me at the green thumb you have and respect your talent the shit looks awesome