BOG Blue Kush preservation run grown under a Mars FC 8000

Hey there OGers. As I am sure most of you know I have been working on a BMR run for the last 2 plus months and received 3 packs of seeds from different donors. Unfortunately I had zero luck germinating those seeds. For whatever reason they just did not want to cooperate so that run has been put on the back burner while I find some viable seeds. So it’s time to introduce you to BMR’s half brother, Blue Kush. Blue Kush is a cross of Blue Moon Rocks x Sour Bubble. This was the best alternative I could think of for BMR. So without further adieu let’s get this show on the road. Also a special thanks to @MarsHydro for providing the light for this grow.



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First! WooHoo! This should be epic!


Been sitting on a pack for a few years, I’ll be interested to see what you make of them.


Now I already have 3 Blue Kush running from a pack of seeds I received from a donner a while back who wished to remain anonymous. He knows who he is and I am grateful for them. Recently @buckaroobonsai gifted me a pack that he purchased from SHN shortly after Mr. BOG’s passing so those are going to dominate the grow. Here are the ones already growing. I had a small issue where one day 3 of them just started drying up but I got them back on track. The 3rd looks pretty darn good.

The plant in the top left is actully the only BMR to survive so I will keep it growing to work some side projects with.


OMG I’m just waiting for this one but hopefully it will change soon! @yardgrazer I’ve had some for about a year and I’m just to chicken to rub them but I just started my new 4 plant grow room but glad you were able to get them back on track and I just love watching you grow BOG gear thanks @DougDawson





If there’s a BX in the cards, I’ll have to figure out a way to bribe em out of ya!


Now here is the latest pack. 13 seeds dropped, 12 germinated. One was very slow and had 3 tap roots. One of them darkened some but I planted it anyway. Will have to see if it emerges from soil. That said the other seedlings are above ground now.

18 hr soak and into paper towel they went. 2 actually cracked and showed a tap root while soaking in the glass.

After 1 day in paper towel.

2 days

3 days

Day 4

Day 6

This is today.


Ya baby! Look at dem roots!!! Rootporn 101
Let’s goooooo


The grow is strong in these little ones. They just want to grow which is really nice to see. So we are off, this is going to be a fun run. I will be putting up a list at some point as these will be in the Co-op box and will also try to collect as much pollen as I can to share around.


WoW that’s pretty cool seeing the shark teeth on the little taproots and they are definitely some happy growing seedlings gotta get some of those bags but great stuff… what became of the crazy 3 rooted one?


Doug, do you typically go that long in paper towel or was it the triplet the reason you did so this time around?

Another epic run of BOG gear about to go down…


3 sprouts from 1 seed? Woah… Watching :eyes:


Round #2 with BOG gear, this one looks more promising. Looking forward to the show.


I was wondering the same thing. Never let my taproots get that long before


After 2 to 3 days they go from paper towel to coco. In this case I let them get nice and big but they were in paper towel just under 3 days so not that long. I left the triplet in there because I wanted to see what happened but it didn’t really do much. One root grew better than the other 2 and one started to go darker. I dropped it into coco to see if it will surface. Time will tell. Either way we got a decent number of plants going and they seem pretty hearty so hey, it’s going to be a good run.


pulling up a seat for this one
I was gifted a pack of blue kush a few years ago and they wouldnt sprout for me.
Good to see this in the seed co-op @DougDawson
maybe i will get another chance at blue kush afterall :wink:


Pollen and seeds for all is the goal bud. I had really bad luck with BMR but these plants seem to have some vigor to them. If they can just survive me there will be plenty for all.


I will be here watching as always! :slightly_smiling_face: