Indigo freak f2, og kush (fast version, from seed), gmo cookies and 9lb hammer grow

What’s overgrow this is my first post on here in the grow diaries. I went to one ohios first farmers market and found a few clones I liked got the only 2 indigo freak f2 v2 available a 9 lb hammer and gmo cookies there and og kush is from seed I got from herbiesheadshop.

indigo freak. 9lb hammer. og kush fash version (6 week flower time) gmo cookies. I have them under next light mega I have 2 but just 1 running ATM with cyco nutrients


Whoa very interesting leaves on the Indigo Freak! I’ve never seen that before, looks a little like rosemary at a glance :herb:


Humboldt seed Co (not org) has seeds. Freakshow I’ve ran a few times…always has grow friends doing a double take on them leaves

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Really look forward to your grow with those. Hope you do a journal or updates. Thank you for sharing🍻

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I’m all outta likes for the night but I can do this
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Almost seems like Humboldt Seed Co should change their name to “Humboldt Seed Co (Not Org!)” so fewer people wind up with the wrong place


Me too! So back at you :green_heart::heart::beers::green_heart::beers:. I definitely agree they really should as more times than once I recommended them without the (disclaimer) and people come back all po’d as they went to the other so now it’s like my personal (formally known as disclaimer) when I recommend them lol easier for all that way​:100:HSC not HSO

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What’s OG people’s this is my fist post on here thought I would share some strains I picked up from the ohio’s first farmers market. I grabbed the only 2 indigo freak f2 v2 plants that were displayed only but may buddy knew the guy so I got them. Then I have 9 pound hammer and gmo cookies which were all clones and then og kush fast version which is a 6 week flower using nextlight mega commercial series v2 I have a second mega v1 for when they start to take up space.

indigo freak f2
og kush fash


Picked up seeds at the same farmers market.

Can’t wait for my current crop to finish so I can get these going.


I hope you get the genetic female I’m thinking mine might be male