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I interested in learning more about Blue Bonnet. It sounds like an outstanding strain. I’m assuming it’s a Blue Berry cross, but with what I am not sure. Any information, and or reputable source for genetics would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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Riot seeds have an F2 listed and this is their discription:


Blue Bonnet was my first go to after losing my riotberry mother cut to make another reliable blue terped breeder. I had heard for years about this other super blueberry line that Lonestar from Texas Resin Co had made. Our good friend Bodhi happened to have some in his collection that he generously shared with us for the project. The male that we pulled from those seeds is one of the most outstanding breeders for passing on blue traits, the high and absolutely amazing pain relieving properties blueberry is known for. For me it also brings a calming non paranoid high. That to me is the one thing that is a must for my personal stash. If you want to make your own blue lines, you will find what you like in here. A very rare old line given some new life. Very afghani dominant in structure, it’s fast flowering (7-9 weeks) and awesome for bringing down the flowering time on anything you cross it to while adding beautiful colors and fragrances to even the most earthy kush.



Thank you! I’m excited to be a part of such a great community!


Thank you Gpaw, I appreciate the info! I’m excited to be a part of such a great community!


If you search Blue Bonnet you can find even more info too.

I have grown it and have some seed.

It was unimpressive to me. I grow a lot of blueberrys. Matt Riot apparently is a blueberry head and raved about it -in his sales descriptions. But this isn’t the blue I was looking for and is pretty variable from seed. It was supposedly a line bred from DJ’s Blueberry by Lonestar for blueberry muffin terps, not a cross.


What are some of your preferred blueberry lines?


One thing about Blue Bonnet that was interesting (and something DJ says he selects for) is that all of the males produced female flowers. Some set seed from these flowers.

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Great info @Gpaw love reading your posts.

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Welcome to the OG @Ozone98 great 2 have u here.

I’ve tried DJ Shorts Blueberry, it’s really great strain. But my favorite is BC Blueberry. The cut I tried came from Next Generation back in the early ‘00’s. It was said to be crossed with grapefruit then Back crosser to their blueberry. Making it much sweeter in flavor than DJ’s.

I am curious about Blue Bonnet to see if it was a phenotype of DJ Shorts Blueberry, or crossed with something. It sounds like it was a pheno.

I’ve tried many crosses of Blueberry and I have to say my favorite cross was Blaze (Blueberry X Haze) from British Columbia Seed’s. Again, I got my hands on this strain in the early’00’s. I’m not sure of the parents back ground other than it’s a blueberry and Haze. I do know Blaze was much louder in smell, taste and buzz than Blue Dream, even the Santa Cruz cut, which amazing in it own right.

What your favorites blueberry lines?


Thank you! I’m excited to be a part of such a great community.

Thank you! I am excited to be a part of the great community. Still got lots to learn and hopefully contribute as well.

Thanks for the rundown. I haven’t grown any, and anything that has come time as “blueberry”, I have no idea what lines they were. Sometimes it was good, others not as much. I’m definitely curious to grow some and soft my way through a bit.

I’m in on the blue velvet seed run @Chronickyle is doing, and super pumped about that. I’ve got some 907 Blue Jeans from AK Bean Brains that I have heard some good things about, so I am excited to give that a go

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Pretty sure Blue Bonnet was a DJ Short Blueberry plant he found. Heard it was great and whatnot. Blueberry in the early 2000’s was really nice. Seems tough to find that Blueberry these days. Have some Lemon Tree x Blue Bonnet and GG4 x Blue Bonnet packs in the stash. Might get to them one day, but they’re not near the top of the list unfortunately.

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