Investing in marijuana stocks

Btw speaking of investing… does anyone hold some marijuana stocks? Preferably not on OTC…


It is risky but i bought a few shares.


I found the link to their cannabis program site. I bet you will see a nice return @ryasco

Interesting stuff over there, some neat tobacco ideas too.

Maybe I’ll follow suit bro.

Stay hazed


the current offering for listed cannabis companies in canada has zero support from me. they offer subpar products at ridiculous prices with constant recalls for banned pesticides (including one possible class action lawsuit) they clearly have no regard for patients well being. hopefulllly once rec legal is in place they will approve some mom&pop and craft growers and the price of weed will drop like in the states. i really hope all the existing canadian LPs fail and go bankrupt


I’v always had my eye on GWPH currently at 113$ a share other than that just penny stocks which don’t seem to do much, however had I sold at the right time on one of them I could of had a return of 600-700%


I invested in GWPH a long time ago. Great asset appreciation… they’re the only “legit” cannabis company on the Nasdaq. But also they’re kinda the enemy in their attempts to patent and control the plant


Ya I think I read or heard they are in the experimental stages of the oral spray sativix(spelling?) something they’ll eventually put a patent on!

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Hi @Swampthing sorry, but I feel the need to gently correct you…GWPH trades on NASDAQ… is not listed on the NYSE.
It is a very interesting company nonetheless.


Fascinating business/financial perspective.


Here is some investment advice, I found to be pretty good?

Brinks and the dread Scotts-Miracle-Gro as Marijuana plays.

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These 6 Stocks Make Up 58% of the First-Ever Marijuana ETFs Holdings

This Canadian Marijuana Stock Is a Bet on the U.S. Cannabis Market, Too

You’re correct
My mistake. Anyway, I’ve had great ROI

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Thanks for sharing ! Just another product (company)on the market that won’t get any of my business!

Hi @Tinytuttle I understand that you do not want to buy the products offered by Scotts.
I am curious as to whether you would consider buying stock in the company?

I own shares of Scotts because I think it is one of the least risky plays on the burgeoning cannabis business.
I am not a consumer of their products however.

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Probably not it would go against my principles to be in cahoots with anything associated with Monsanto!

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