Jaybeezy’s garden

Bahahaha damn it wouldn’t i see them crawling around on the stems I’m going to defoliate and investigate further today. Before tying her down that leaf was fairly close to the bottom so could it be dried up nutes? Could my plant actually have deficiencies from nute lock out?..i really don’t want to admit i have bugs @Explorer !!! i fuckin hate bugs like I grow a vag every time i see a bug in the house. I freeze up till i calm myself down enough to kill or capture whatever it is. Usually bugs that are bigger than ants are what get me fun facts about jaybeezy lmao.

A bearded angry looking man child that turns into a little girl with the sight of bugs.

Moths? Oooooo I’m at war with moths currently winning thanks to a bug light :slight_smile:


That’s like the summer bro, you only hate em cos you’re a grower otherwise they’d prolly never cross our paths :rofl: hose em down bro burn em!


Lol true that @Explorer i hate em either way but i’d wanna burn the house down to rid of any infestation in my tent :rofl::rofl:

Upon inspection tho that was the only leaf that looked like that and i didn’t see anything crawling around. I looked more into thrips and everyone says if ya got thrips the white in your leaves will be like squiggly lines. Idk lol i just do t wanna use my sample unless i know 100% i got bugs :face_vomiting:

AND she prayinnnnnnnn

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Random question anyone have any experience with good distillate? Like what it’s suppose to taste like smell like whatever every article is like “odorless tasteless” put it directly under your tongue put it on food mix with topicals.

Well i slap like .3 on some buttered toast i gagged a lot lmao the taste is not tasteless it taste like weird weed took a dab and it reminded me of burning rubber. I feel like this isn’t right but i get blasted and i eat it cuz it’s wayyyyy cheaper than buying edibles 52 for a chocolate bar vs 20-25 bucks for 1000mg (1 gram) of distillate

Maybe I’m just approaching the edible aspect of it wrong and i need to actually cook with it instead of just putting it on a cookie or toast.


Does your samples only contain enough for 1-2 doses or something? An I mean it’s upto you by all means but with the damage to that leaf I’m willing to say you got bugs, lots of teeny holes in that one leaf.

And as a bit of a sidenote of my experience is you’ll spend money at some point don’t prolong it trying to cheap out on stuff you need or will need especially pesticides. Like some shit can wait but not bugs IMO. That said I totally get the struggle man 100% we all start off somewhere but you’ll spend more and more this hobby only gets more expensive :rofl: also know nada about distillates but CBD oil doesn’t taste overly nice from the ones I’ve tried :man_shrugging:

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That would be a step on the right direction. You could use it like a tincture to make recipes, you will just have to adjust the amount you use. This thread may give you a few ideas.


It makes 1 gallon but like I’m not gna make a gallon of it like 16 oz at a time probably soooo i guess a few lol.

I wanna see bugs is alll that way once i use it and i don’t see anymore bugs then i know it works so i guess it’s kinda experimental cuz i rather spray a bunch of essential oils than pesticides JA FEEL BRUH? lol

And yeah I’m realizing the more you learn the more expensive it gets lol 100% feel ya on that so if the mercenary works I’ll order some otherwise ill have to find something else if it is bugs I’ll see them by next week before the flip yeah? Cuz then i won’t flip till they’re gone…could it be mites…

Also with distillate yeah doin it wrong lol shit should be in savory foods i Made a dish at work picked the fattiest sauce (Alfredo sauce ) and mixed a good ole glob in my dish and to my surprise it’s like a pairing lol i taste it but it goes great with it.

Thanks @ReikoX I’ll check it out tonight

Did some more checking and idk @Explorer I’m not seeing anything more that looked like that it here she is confirmed she

Does anyone see anything outta the norm? @cannabissequoia

Fresh roll guise :roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper::roll_of_toilet_paper:

Besides that twisted new growth


newest growth tip in 2nd pic shows a little yellow at the tips, like burn. :blush:


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Yeah @cannabissequoia I’m backing off nutes for sure lol the new growth looks like it was mauled by a mini bear or something.

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It’s a tea day! Idk how I’m gna get reserves in my soil up if my slurry keeps coming out to 160ppm and giving strength and a half burns her i have contacted Scott Ostrander once again let’s see what he has to say

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There is no point in giving them tea if they dont need it, if they are burning then LITFA until its hungry again.

This is a problem I had when doing Organic soil and then trying to boost growth with additives, you end up with burn and lockouts constantly, and you run round in circles trying to figure it out.

Thats why I went to no till organic, just a tea now and again and occasional macro nutrients, and no more problems, unless I cause them trying to add too much of something, because I like to meddle lol.


i was told microbes only have a week life span so giving a tea once a week would be beneficial in keeping microbial activity up at least With these EZ teas. That’s what the president of cultured biologix said it could just to be to get me to buy his product.

I’m confused hahaha @Shadey

I see your point. I just understood microbes as bacteria that eats at things your plant otherwise wouldn’t have available without them like silica so instead of adding silica the microbes break down rock and limestone giving it silica more of a synergy than a nutrient for your plant.


Sorry my hands are not working properly this morning, hit post by mistske.

In a sterile environment they will die off but in a soil with food they mutiply fast.

I looked at what the tea is, on YouTube. It’s not what I thought you were doing lol, didn’t know you could by packet instant tea.

I thought you were making your teas from scratch and adding micro nutrients from a bottle as well.

So you’re using a system that can be over applied, unlike no till. Which will cause burn on the plant, by adding a bacterial tea you’re making more food available by increasing the population of bacteria and therefore making more nutrients easily available, your increasing the chance to continue the plant burning itself.

You are right the bacteria break down macro foods into micro foods and minerals, when the plants request them, using chitlin signalling.

If you put micro nutrients in, the bacteria become redundant, as the plants have a pre digested food source.

When you have both, you have the possibility of the plants absorbing too much, creating a burn. Especially if humidity is low and the plants uptake more water.

It seems an expensive and complicated way to grow organic, from what I see. I expect it gets easier once you have used it for a couple of grows.


@Shadey Makes sense it kinda sucks cuz how are you suppose to know if they’re are present. Ya know? I do think i have a lock out. Might do a light flush. But i guess for now lifta maybe it’ll sort itself out.

Cuz honestly all I’ve been doing is adding nutes lol and maybe I’ve pushed majority of them down now causing a lock out. And not showing up in my slurry tests :thinking: maybe i should water till run off

So when i get this EZ tea it’s a powder of dormant bacteria(how it was explained to me) so it’ll take a few days for them to become alive. But when watering in between what about chlorine? That kills them i think I’m delving too deep too fast or just overthinking lo

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I added to my other post. Read that first lol.

This is what I mean when I say I was chasing my arse try to resolve problems. If you don’t know what is causing the problem.

Yeah chlorine is not good for bacteria, do you let your water sit for 24 hour’s so it gasses off.

If they are burning, then just plain water and a bit of a flush. Heat and cold will also affect how the bacteria function, the cooler the soil the more they slow down.

When in doubt Litfa, lol.


AHHHHHH humidity may be an issue in my case.

But ok ok ok thanks for clearing that up

I wish i knew how to make my own teas ONE DAY but for now just getting some happy plants with smokeable buds

It is more complicated than using fox farm nutes and that’s kinda why i wanted to give it a shot i like more complicated things lol if you could tell from the model i posted in the other thread complete interior of the tank haha. They said it’s a more scientific way to grow i like science lol


I am the same, I like knowlege and a challenge, but after 2 years of not quite right, simple is good lol.

I can still cause problems if I meddle to much and throw off the balance, but usually just causes a lock out not seen burn since I started no till. Don’t worry you will get around to going no till in time, lol

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Now I am on the puter instead of my phone I can get a good look at the plant pics, you have a tiny bit of tip burn which is not bad could also be a potassium deficiency starting, if your plants are drinking a lot, due to low humidity.

The first year I did indoor I would get the potassium deficiency tip burn and thought it was nutrient burn. Hard to tell but overall the plant looks really healthy, you may be bordering on nitrogen toxicity, the leaves are really dark, the funky twisted new leaves may be heat or light, is it on one top branch or all of the new growth?

Overall they look really good though. If they were mine I would just go with some plain water, for a couple of watering’s and see how they do.


I think this is sound advice. They look a little on the dark green side too, also indicating a bit heavy on the feed. A little LITFA goes a long way. :+1::seedling: