Jaybeezy’s garden

What’s up everyone I took a break had a surgery but I’m back! I’ve got @cannabissequoia Remedy CBD X Red cherry berry.

4/20 i used the wet paper towel method
4/23 i planted it in HF soil the last i had going to be getting nectar #4 soil to finish it out
4/25 it’s about an inch above ground


Dig it. :sunglasses:

So far there’s been a good report on that cross but you might want to have more than one in case it’s a male. :thumbsup:



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Hi @Jaybeezy23, welcome back :wave:

Looking forward to the grow…


I thought they were fem hahaha. oh well i found that when i have two plants 1 goes downhill and i neglect it instead of trying to fix it or i focus solely on trying to get that plant healthy while my other plant declines its something i gotta work on lol i decided to do 1 plants because i just simply don’t have the lighting to support 2 plants barely for even 1 i just got a mars hydro the plan was to finish off my happy frog soil with starting the 1 then get some nectar #4 soil to finish the rest of the grow. While doing that i was going to save some cash to get a better light by the time she flowers


Thanks for the support everyone! Let’s hope for a female lol after i get better lights I’ll be planting more than 1


Hey heyyyyyyy them true leaves gave about 5 ml of plain 6.5pH water


A bit of water this morning

I gotta throw my humidifier in there bring up the RH currently hovering in the 30s


Did the same with my sprouts yesterday. Cranked the heat up and humidity is up to 70%. Woke up this morning for her daily photo and she is showing the love.

I should keep track of how much ml I give also. Looking forward to seeing her grow!


Got me a bag of nectar #4 soil yesterday can’t wait till she’s in that soil! Got my humidity in the 40s going to be giving it’s first feeding with the nectar line today

working on the second set of true leaves


@cdnBuddy hell yeah! I’m bad at it but it’s important to record everything!


That it is! Looking forward to see how I do by the end of the year.

I’m going to drop another seed in water today and get the next one going. I’ve been taking my daily pictures now so I can go back along with my journal to see where I go wrong.


2 days after giving nectar nutes i believe it is too cold in my tent because new growth is turning purple and it seems to be struggling a bit i probably over watered but I’m going to be getting a new 150Hps bulb for some heat and lighting

i also think i need a new pH meter i calibrated the one i have but i couldn’t get it to Calibrate in the 9.18 solution kept giving me an error any advice as to what i can do or what i May have done wrong would be greatly appreciated while i save up for a Bluelab pH meter


I had also problems with calibration and pH, so I bought one of these, as a “backup” to at least know rhe rank I’m moving on, a cheap way to avoid major problems …


What PH pen do you have now? May check out their website to see if they have any tips to fix this error.

She’s definitely gaining some size from your last pictures!


I use the oakton ecotester ph2+ about 60$ dollars on amazon an has a auto calibration button for quick calibrating. Store it in calibration solution and its good to go.


I use them cheap pH meters vantakool or pancellet I’ve gone through about 5 in which i could have just got a more expensive meter and still have it …live and learn lol I’ve had so many because i drop them in the water smh or i broke the electrode on one i just ordered one got it went to try it out and it came up as 6.5 and dropped to 0 and stayed there so I’m returning it. I’m gna get the test strips and try and recalibrate which sucks cuz pH is so important especially with nectar


Right on man I’ll be ordering these


Hey I’m kinda curious when everyone transplants i read when the leaves get to the edge of the cup which the first set of true leaves have

Also it’s been 13 days since sprouting


I use an Essentials PH pen which I calibrate in PH buffer 7 solution but on the note of transplanting when the leaves get to the edge, I find it complete bullshit mate I wouldn’t do it right away i would always give an extra week. It’s down to you though but I find that it hasn’t fully rooted so you get half a rootball or a bunch of snapped roots left in the cup. So more shock but it’s down to you bud I only learned by doing it too early and it falling apart on me :joy: