Jelly's Laboratory - A collection of my Experiments

So, I’m gonna just dump a bunch of my pictures in here, and if there’s anything anyone wants to know about, or hear about, I’m game. Just kinda wanted to have a slideshow of all the hard work that’s gone on here.


SO now that i’ve spammed with a shit ton of pics, I’ll explain most of it.

TLDR: Put a bunch of work into a run down shed that was on the property when I bought it. Now it’s got a grow space inside and a couch.

Space: Build a small “closet” inside a shed, 2.5’ deep x 4’ wide x 8’ tall size space. Actual growing area was about 2’ x 2’
Light: 400w HPS
Container: 3 gallon rubbermaid tote
Medium: Fox Farms Happy Frog
Training: LST only.
Nutes: Jacks Classic 5-12-26 and Cal-Nit 15-0-0
Strength: Fed most of the plants life at 2.0 EC on my meter. (dunno what scale)
Problems: Did not have drain holes most the way through, Had to drill and flush midway through flower as the plant was showing serious lockouts.

Started with some NL clones (Unconfirmed strain)

So below was my recap in my glog. Yeah, Efficiency was in the crapper but it was my first try in the shed space. Nute lockouts and getting the general feel for things…

Ok, Final weigh in.

2 ounces on the partial harvest, plus 3 ounces from the last of it (mind you, It’s probably TOO dry so to be fair, I probably had 4 ounces)

Totals me at 5 ounces from one plant.
Puts my efficiency at .35 gpw. Pretty low but I don’t care.


Other things i’ve done but won’t bore you with the complete picture log:

Project and Status
Mini Fridge (Started/Finished/Robbed parts)
Colloidal Silver Generator (Started - Waiting on parts - Lazy, have parts haven’t finished)
Aero or Bubble Cloner (Planning)
Armoire Pantry Conversion (Planning - Defunct, Built the 2x3 cab instead)
DIY COB Light (Planning/Researching - purchased parts - Waiting on parts)


A PC grow box I never got around to finishing. It’s still sitting like this.

Had to make a second slot, 3d printing ftw.

Once I knew I had the right dimensions, I made a double slot I2C LCD holder.

And I think that’s about it as far as what I been up up too.

Outdoor plants this season. Pulled in a couple ounces not bad for in the shade and no input.


is that a PI for your garden?


It’s Arduino, but same idea. It’s something I plan on actually finishing. I design PCB’s and tinker with code as a hobby lol.
All credit goes to Mr Sparkle on ICMag for his code and inspiration. I just was going to make a Single Board with modular plugs to mass produce for the community. But my PCB skills leave a lot to be desired. Plus I don’t have the patience to learn EAGLE or KiCad
Features include
Temp sensor,
Humidity sensor,
RTC Clock
Soil Moisture Sensor for automated watering
Relay control (for solenoid based gravity watering, or Turn on water pump and light control)
That’s all i can remember off the top of my head.

A LM282b LED board I was gonna make.

Got as far as having the boards made from DirtyPCBs, just never ordered the diodes lol.


You’ve got the moves, ill give you that!

Love the hi-tech mixed with gro-tech. SKills man. Gonna have to show me how all that hoopla works lol

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Once I get all the bugs worked out, a better modular board designed, I’ll offer enough information for anyone who wants to use the system to DIY it or purchase a ready made kit. I don’t have a time frame for this, but if there’s enough interest I might have more motivation to get back on it.

@Mr.Sparkle on ICMag has already given me permission to use his code, as long as I point credit to him. I can post screenshots if need be lol.
Another Edit: To see his system in use, check out his thread Here.


Very cool, id love to chat about it when things arent so crazy on my end. Talk soon

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Looks like I might need a new refrigerator.

Where do you keep the munchies? Hehehe

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In the big one lol.

I like salvaging broken crap. It was here when we bought the property.

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hey!! are you the one who provided me these files??

edit: yup checked my messages and it was definitely you! glad you found your way over here man!!

That’d be me lol. I never got around to finishing it, though I have 11 of these boards sitting unpopulated on my mess of a desk.

As an afterthought… I should have had them made in aluminum substrate instead of FR4.


what is FR4? i think the aluminum is used for heatsinking isn’t it? i’m not sure but i was going to pursue that pcb further when i expand. very satisfied with my quantums so far but still in first flowering cycle with them

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I abandoned it because lets face it, 6"x4" with the LM282’s would never be as good as any larger board with LM561c’s
They’d be good in micro grows but I still wish they had aluminum backing.

FR4 is a type of circuit board,
When i say aluminum substrate I mean like the Quantums are made, pcb glued to aluminum (Usually one sided boards too)

It was a learning experience and I don’t regret it.

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My wife sells pcb boards for aliving… I can’t believe this has now spilled into my little world here. Lol.

Y’all ever need the big scale stuff give me a holler! I guess. Haha.

Very impressed with your skills @Jellypowered

Stay hazed

Edit to add: apparently saying “pcb boards” is redundant. My apologies.


Good to know man, Honestly imho I don’t have “skills” I just have the ability to read about something and inherit the knowledge. If it weren’t for other pioneers in tech and grow-tech I wouldn’t know shit.

I’m a trial and error kinda guy.


Being open to knowledge and paying attention to things around you are two invaluable skills bro.

Keep up the trials!

Stay hazed


Are you two gonna geek this to the next level squared?


Nah, That’s why I didn’t continue replying haha.

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