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I guess it’s time I finally start a grow log here, after seeing how everyone does it. Some introduction first: I started growing in fall 2020 after my partner bought a house and we finally had the space for it. She doesn’t smoke, but thinks my growing is a good idea, to save money, and for some plant therapy. So I have a decent amount of flexibility to setup my grow where/however I want, as long as it doesn’t get in the way.

After considering the options, with a good budget from my stimulus and unemployment, I decided to start with dirt instead of hydro, though I can see soilless experiments coming with automatic drip and coco or hempy buckets. Rather than try living soil, I went for recycling my soil after each grow, and reamending. I turn all my plant matter back into the soil bins, which started off as a mix of FFOF (first grow), CoM Stonington/Platinum Grower’s Mix (my current choice), and lots of Root Kandy coco, pre-washed and buffered with calcium nitrate.

We’ve got an old Victorian with a full height attic accessed through my bedroom, so I started there for my first few crops. While it was great to have the odor venting out of a third floor roofline, it turned out to just be too cold and hot up there to be sustainable. I spent a lot of money on running a space heater to keep my tent barely 70 degrees, then had a spring crop finish in 98 degree temperatures. No bueno! After I got done with my first round up there this year, in November, we had finally gotten a mason to come clean up our basement and fix the crumbling foundation that was keeping it incredibly dusty down there (don’t ever paint your brick foundation unless it’s a breathable paint guys). After moving my tent down there and adding another, I think I’ve finally got the new setup humming along enough to share with you all.

The tents:

Vegetative: AC Infinity 3x4 double chamber (not currently using the divider, just the shelves)

Flowering: Hydrofarm Lighthouse 2.0 4x4 (clearing those rafters by one inch!)

The lights:

Veg: HLG 135w B-Spec kit

Flower: HLG 550 R-Spec V2, LEDTeknik/GrowLightsAustralia LED Buddies (CRI 95 white, two strings driven by a 25w Meanwell)

These are a very exciting product I added this time to help cut down on popcorn and larf. I wish I had gotten four sets, enough to do two levels along the walls, but this is still a big improvement for piddling watts. The ultra wide angle diffuser lenses on the emitters are also waterproof, and can be in direct contact with the leaves with only minor spotting. Since I use positive pressure and rotate my plants every few days, it hasn’t seemed to piss off any particular low site. There are bunch of other Buddies for far red, deep red, and other specialty spectrums, worth the shipping from AUS to the US, I thought:


Ventilation is handled by an AC Infinity Cloudline 6" (the cheap one) and my original Vivosun 4" fan. Both are controlled by an Inkbird humidity monitor, the 6" feeds into the top of the tent and is circulated by two Vivosun oscillating fans, the 4" feeds the floor and is circulated by AC Infinity USB fans. The veg tent is passively heated and humidified by one of the two 6" exhaust ducts. You can also see the DIY panel I made from some free 2x4 risers I picked up, I needed a place to mount power strips and timers etc and it turned into a whole little control center that I’m very happy with. Everything runs through a Kill-A-Watt, since I pay for my grow electricity (at 28¢ per kWh) and it keeps me conscious of my usage, currently around 700 watts when both tents are on. Sometimes I dream about talking my buddy into letting me put a tent into his house in the next city over where they have municipal hydro and only pay 14¢.


In the veg tent, I’m currently growing the following:

-(1) Bodhi Cherry Unicorn (Fat Cherry Afghani x PUF3) (the big guy, the only one to survive my seed popping apocalypse recently, 1/12 baby!)

-(4) @SCJedi Blackwater x Apollo 11/13 open pollination

-(3) @Baudelaire Fleur De Mal OG Mix (various elite OG cuts to a Janis dad, which is Silver Pearl x Blue Widow F3)

The Cherry Unicorn:

My favorite OG Mix:

My two favorite Blackwater/Apollo:

An overview of the kids:


Looks like fun! :+1:
I’ll park over on the left and start loading the party bong.



On to the flowering tent!

In this one I’ve got the following girls at 31 days from flip:

@CopaGenetics Icy Grape F2, which is Purple Skittles (Southern Maine Mary Jane cut) x 1996 Sensi Black Domina (look at those fan leaves)

Two Hazeman/Infinity Genetics White Tiger (Aloha White Widow x Great White Shark), one shorty and one tall.

The tall one:

The shorty:

And last, absolutely donking out is the Cinderella 99 from @Baudelaire she is big and brawny and moving faster than any strain I’ve ever seen before in flower:

All of these were topped at the fifth node (ish) in mid veg and then flipped once they reached sexual maturity (again the C99 showed earlier than I’ve ever seen, super super early and obvious pistils). The two that shot up tall (one White Tiger and the C99) had their four stems broken over and staked out, and the centers charged right on up into the gap. It was a little nerve-wracking, given that I was trying to supercrop, but I’m going to explore this technique more in the future because it worked fantastic to get a nice deep canopy. Previously I’ve been using a SCROG net for support, but I am trying stakes this time and loving it so far. Rotating my plants regularly seems to give them that perfect, every budsite evenly developed look I want.


Thanks @Gpaw , welcome to where the magic happens


That first picture is awesome. Way to grow :+1:


I’ll hang out, what packin @Gpaw?
Looks like a great grow @Dirt_Wizard!
Basement growing for the WIN!


I’m in!
I bless these tents, you the grower, and the plants inside with the headiest of Heady Bear vibes!


Thanks! I love having the tents in their own corner sort of walling off an area for me, with a door frame to walk through like it’s a real grow room (door doesn’t exactly work, but that’s not a problem). It’s a quiet little corner for me to sit in sometimes besides the plant care.


Welcome, Beagle! I’ll check and see if we got any liver snacks around here for the pups


Man, I spend so much time with rent open just staring at my plant(s). It really is a labor of love


Well, the Jamaican is nice and there’s a little Sour Strawberry left but I think We’ll spark up the Congolese Red x SSHaze that OTUG turned me on to.

It’s NICE… RIGHT NICE!! :+1: :sunglasses:



I love seeing folks having the passion I used to have. :+1:
Bro your killing it so keep doing EXACTLY what your doing. Don’t get lazy and accept any outcome like I do. Watch this space as my passion is coming back. :+1::v:


Thank you Based Heady Bear



It all is looking mighty fine!


@V4vendetta here’s the grow log with Icy Grape

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Thank you man, I’m trying to care without caring too much. Growing in dirt is nice because it keeps me from messing with shit too much, I mostly set it and forget it other than keeping track of water consumption and hitting them with a feeding or bennies once or twice a week. Trying to work a middle way between soil and soilless, and with a sort of living soil but also some organic bottle and powder feeds. This way it’s hard to overwater but I don’t have to water daily, and the plant has plenty to eat as a baseline and I look at the feedings as boosters. I want to be growing a long time and stay passionate about it so trying not to burn out like I tend to do with hobbies sometimes


Looking good! Aim for fat leaves and short internodes on the Blackwater x Apollo selections!


Boosters etc isn’t needed bro. I fuck up because I’m lazy. My past grows have been epic. I don’t want people following what I do. I give honest opinions and advice that I really should take myself. Once you get a few grows under your belt things tend to just fall into place and become “normal”.
Your plants look great. Keep doing your thing :+1: