Johnny Potseed's Mexico Vacation - Down Memory Lane by way of Acapulco...GOLD, that is!

lol Just a little tip here cuz… don’t just chop that bugger down to trim it out, you’ll have a hard time. I’d take it down a limb at a time or even part of a limb! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: expect to spend a few days in the process on just thatun!!


:heart_eyes: OTUG… I saw the trunk yesterday, no matter how ya cut it, THATS impressive…

oh, but cut it like Johnny says :smiley: I’m sure his wisdom there is from prior experience. I’ve never grown a monster that big…


Good grief! Throw some hay over it and that’ll overwinter just fine. :joy:


I have had some big ones to harvest, but nothing that huge! lol I do know from experience that it’s going to be a long hard few days of backbreaking work! If you gotta friend or two in the area, I’d recruit them if at all possible cuz!!

My last outdoor grow before moving to indoors was in the Fall of1984… I had a whole 5 acres of 8’ and up plants. I called all my friends to help, I took only the tops and let them have everything else. I still had well over 100 pounds of just the top colas. Took almost 3 weeks if I remember right. Long time ago lol

they got well paid lol they got way more than I did outta that deal! I can’t remember all the numbers, but it was a LOT more than I got!

edit… Even as young and strong/healthy as I was back then, at 35 yrs old… No way in HELL was I even gonna think about trying to harvest by myself! I’ve never been the greedy type and always willing to share with others. They were very happy to help in exchange for all that dope~ lol


I don’t think I could even if I wanted to :laughing: I’m a big guy and these plants make me feel tiny. Indoors is one thing thing, I’ll hang whole plants no problem. Outdoors, I think I would need a crane to lift them :joy:

:grin: Thank you @Nagel420 I know it will inspire you to grow a massive tree one day.

@GREANDAL lmaoo, my wife and I were just talking about that the other day. I wonder if you could do that for a reveg next year. Might have to try with the best ones.

@JohnnyPotseed that is awesome! I wish I had 5 acres to play with. Maybe 1 day…

I guess I’ll find out soon. Almost there in the Odyssey. Been feeling the heat, belching forth from the bowels of the underworld, as I delve into the pits of hell to search for answers on our quest.


Now you need an air pump and a series of elaborate launchers in and around the plants.
Mole gets close… and now it’s flying. This is if they scoot over it though.

edit: get a band of cats together!


Ok folks I gotta get on the phone awhile, then back to work for me. I’ll cyas all later! Have a damn good day playing with all the plants!! :crazy_face: :grinning: :+1:


2" trunk is my personal record. I remember when I was in college and growing, a friends father had a monster in his veggie garden with a 5"-6" trunk, but it was HARD chopped at 5’ off the ground with side branches that shot out as big as most indoor plants. Don’t recall seeing any tie-downs, but I imagine if uncut, that mighta been as tall as yours. So it IS possible in my area to attain such greatness… Absolutely gotta be in ground though. My 3 ladies outside are in 25g fabric pots, are just over 6’ but since they have been “left to fend for themselves” so to speak, are nowhere near as impressive. They have inch and a half, maybe 2" trunks at best. They blend in nicely now, if they were that big I might wanna put a disco ball or flashing light on em to attract less attention where they are. LOL


I’ve grown outdoors far more than in but always in a guerilla fashion, never able to let them be. It has been a real hoot watching my two bushes go crazy. An education too. I hope to have a greenhouse knocked together by November and Oaxacans on the move.


Not a lot has happened with the AG babies since my last pics lol they’re doing their thing and looking nice as expected. Even though it’s a different ‘project’ lol I have so many projects going on atm , I’m thinking about just moving everything into the one main thread. I have so much of my stuff going there it kinda just makes sense to me, at least.
What say y’all? @corey? To clear up the server space since I do post pics there of this AG project also.
Meanwhile, for those of you that aren’t following the other thread and only check in here…here’s a pic of them taken this morning

If I can move everything into just that one thread, the link to it is


Looking good cuz! You can see the sativa in those seedlings. I would say it’s up to you where to post. Your diary bud


Does my heart good to see those special girls go. Nobody lagging either!


Ok, the main one i wanted the ‘ok’ from is @corey , since he’s the one gave me the seeds with my promise to get em going ASAP and post pics of the progress.
So, without further ado lol let me try to get a mod to close this and we go to the Autos thread!

Is there @moderators available? I’d like to please shut this thread down, which will relieve some of the clutter on the server, and consolidate my threads a bit better!
Can we do that, Mods? Thanks for the assist if you can do it… . I appreciate it.


Ok folks, I’ve moved everything to one thread. Nothing else will be posted here!
So please just hit this link to see any progress


Turned watch off this on this one and turned the other to watch.

:green_heart: :seedling:

I’ve worked at AIDS prevention/needle exchange and addicts who use needles almost always follow similar patterns. Starts between fingers and toes to hide the tracks but those veins are small and soon collapse so on to the arms and legs. With multiple perforations through both sides these also collapse; then people start going for the jugular and dick/groin.

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That is insanity @Qtip ! I was addicted to pain pills for over ten years. I understand “why” someone would go to that length for relief but damn, that is heartbreaking to think about someone loosing control of their life to a needle. And so much so that they’d inject into their penis is crazy.
I was so close it scared the crap out of me.


It is so sad to see so many people lose their lives to addiction. Even worse is the pain loved ones go through trying to pull someone out who only wants to go back.


I think it was more what I saw my family going through than realizing what I was doing to myself that forced me past the turn around finally. I’d think I had it and then turn back convincing myself that I needed “just a little to take the edge off”. Countless times that happened. The pain and tears I saw in their eyes is, I think, the thing that truly pushed me past that point. I began smoking pot to help with pain and tremors. That helps me stay clean.


Per OP