Acapulco Gold Repro

Somebody help me out if I categorized this thread incorrectly. I’m not even sure how to start a “grow log” on here.

Anyways… I’ve been talking about doing this for a while now. Dragged my feet here & there (ugh, sorry) but it’s finally underway. Acapulco Gold – via @WoodstockFarmacy (10) and via Bodhi/Nierika (12) gifted by @Kyumonryu. The goal is to grow these out to fruition and give-away to the OG community – I’ll talk more about that later; don’t wanna jinx myself.

I can talk about what I heard about the source for these seeds from both parties, but it’s just not my story to tell. Woodstock would be a better person to ask.

So lets get down to the nitty-gritty. (3) of the Nierika seeds didn’t pop; well, one popped but fizzled out shortly after. And as you can see in the pic, (1) seedling fizzled out before pushing out its true-leaves; one of the Woodstock ones. So as of right now, we have (18) specimens if I counted correctly. Everything’s obviously vegging together, but they’re labeled by which breeder they came from just in case, ya know? Needless to say, they all look uniform and look true to type IMO. So I’m confident that all are what they’re supposed to be.

Not much else I want to report yet. Any questions are welcomed. If anyone has any suggestion for those fizzled-out seeds, I’m all ears. And if anyone else is growing these and wants to chime in/contribute to the open pollination, I’m game! I know more than a few packs got spread a few months back… But I won’t judge. I will admit: I’m a little weary of taking in clones or pollen from undocumented grows, but when the time comes I’d probably be willing to send stuff out. In my grow, and even my part of the state for the most part, we don’t come across PM, russet mites, HLVd, nor other systemic pests too often… if ever. At least I don’t. But knock on wood for me.


Pulling up a chair and locking into this grow. As a person who has been shamefully sitting on these beans myself I’m excited to live vicariously through your grow


very nice of you and i would def. would be interested in sum seed when you get there. in the mean time ill be watching


grabbing a :couch_and_lamp: :notebook_with_decorative_cover: :pencil2: :coffee:



This looks to be awesome! I LOVE the old school… will be watching intently! Best of luck!


Looking forward to seeing how this turns out! Best of luck with the grow :v:


This is great.
Your lucky you don’t have the pest problem
I’ll be following you


Ain’t no shame.

Hey, if the laws weren’t so shitty and I could grow however many of what I want in my backyard like I could tomatoes, I wouldn’t even have a seed fridge!


How long are you planning to veg these for? I was considering getting some through mass medical (they credit Bodhi, Wellgrown, and Woodstock, so everything you’re saying tracks), but the thing that scared me off was this line:

These plants are a real sativa, and can flower for 16-24 weeks!

I know good things take time and not everything worth growing is going to be some 7-week hybrid, but half a year of flowering is pretty daunting to me. They even make suggestions about flipping after a very brief veg just due to the amount of stretch even after flipping.

Either way, best of luck with the project, I grow with a relative who’s an old-school stoner and I’ll definitely show them the updates because I know AG is a strain close to their heart.


Nice, always up for an Acapulco grow. Best of luck.:+1:


Looking great already, decent number there too. Stoked to see how this goes. Good luck!


4-8wks — I typically just wait until preflowers and keep everything small so I can maximize every sq inch because FUUUCK a plant count.
(In my state one is too many)

I feel ya. That’s why I grow so many. I typically have a tent full of short-flowering/modern hybrids as well to offset the wait.


"HERE WE GO!!!"* Go get 'em, @lambchopedd, work your magic. I see there’s room in that far right corner. I’ll hang out there if you don’t mind. Continued success, Bro, SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes: NOTE" Any idea if the Mariachi is gonna show up? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice man! Strain of legend here!


definately will be following along. I have 3 of woodstocks ag if i get a male ill be making seed and cloning the females for clean bud to try out.


I will be following!

You sure do love you some sativas!


Watching intently as I’m also sitting on a Nierika AG pack that I scored when it dropped. Love what you’re doing @lambchopedd. I plan on doing a run of assorted Mexican varietals when I’m set up proper. For now its shorter runners and smaller plants.


When you’re ready, if I have something (ex. pollen, or other) consider it yours! Until then, just keep on keeping on.


Very cool, I’ll be around. Good growth…


Yeah yeah gimme gimme :+1: