Just my girls in their 400w hps flower room

figured id try n make a post…lol


Nice soil grow. What is the strain?

Mylar walls or tent?

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How far from seed? I’d estimate 2-3 weeks in flower.

They are on week three now in flowering. Those two lean heavy sativa, one i call bad ambrae, the other is yard plant. I named it, as literally found it growing in a field a while back. Im glad i grabbed it, as it roots in 3 days, and just grows in anything and anywhere. Hardiest plant ive ever had, its incredible. I have a couple indica dominate strains in there also. Ill take a couple pics tonight. Neither mylar, nor tent. Its a room, divided into 3 sections. Flower and veg room is simply lined with aluminum foil, dull side out. Always used foil without issue over the years, and its cheap.


They are all clones. Not grown from seed. I guess im still old school…old mother plants, and clones…lol

Looking nice man!
Those little 400w HPS setups can churn out nice buds, I ran one for my first few years.

I love seeing setups like that.
Keep up the good work!

Stay Hazed,

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Just a few more pics

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hahah tin foil. thats awesome. reminds me of my first grow. soo much tinfoilXD looks great dude


LMAO about the tinfoil. Its just something I have used since the day I started. I figure, it works well, is cheap enough, and disposable. So, count me in…LOLOL

It actually works less then flat white paintXD

Lotus, thats great. But not changing up, nor painting panneling white…lol ive grown along time. And never once, has foil failed me…

Looks great!

I wonder what exactly is that eletronic device there? “INKBIRD” and that blue one… Are they regulators for ventilation? Looks pro, man!

It has probably some linkage to that cooling device (if am I right) on first pic.

I dont know about pro…lol im just some redneck.
The controllers are diy temp and humidity controllers. Real cheap, programmable, and work great.

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Coming along nicely.


Just took some pics of my clone set up as i was cleaning it.

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Very nice aero cloner… I like the idea of using actual water pump with 360 degree sprayers) instead of original with just air stones.


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Thank you. Its been a works in progress. Has a cooling plate, bubblers, and a heater in it. Stays within a degree of 76. Going to build a dome for it. They are rooting in 3-9 days.