Mysterious stranger’s 3 chamber grow with led hid perpetual grow

2x 3x3 tents
1x 4x4 tent

150w hps
600w hps (coming on Friday)
Assorted led lights

Flora nova grow
Flora nova bloom
Gravitation (gravity knock off)
Koolbloom powder
Bud candy
Big bud
Maxi gro and bloom

Mother chamber:
Currently sour strawberry and 2 unknown indicas in soil
4c Siberian autos in 150w hps and a led
20gal ebb and flow with 6 indica clones

2x4 homemade ebb and flow table with sour strawberry clones
1x 20 gal ebb and flow with 6 sour strawberry clones

Currently I’m using. A bright white led until my 600w hps comes in, I’ve read that hps is just better for growing weed when it comes to 100$ lights

I also have scrubbers mounted and various fans, using hose water from outside

Insatead of using a cloning. Chamber I just planted the clones directly into cubes and cubes and turned the water on, should root with in this week, I didn’t use cloning gel as usual, and I did an experiment, I poured a little floranova and potassium silicate into both Rezes 2 days ago, the smaller one got more n, they didn’t die, just got greener like dark green, and one got a little yellow, after the pro tekt the leaves got thinner, i since flushed and am keeping it 100% water until I see roots and minor yellowing

The Siberian autos are blooming well, I found out a 150w hps in a 3x3 tent is WAY more efficient then 4 led lights at 60$ each, but runs hotter. I have 300w led and a 150w hps in the flower chamber, it runs about 80f, but it’s cooled from air outside

When I get more cash, I’ll put in another 4x4 chamber, and I have about 2 bags of Fox farms and a 22 gal full of coco/Fox farms (half and half) so I’m ready for outdoors in March

Hopefully you enjoy my thread and swing by often

Now on to the pics


Nice write up dude!!. Wish I had the patience to do that. I’m like here they are, this is whats going on. Lol, ill get better.

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Thanks man, I’ve had a lot of free time and love sharing my experience so people on this forum can branch off of it so I can see a better side to my work in cannabis


Cool setup and approach on the clones. :beers:

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