Let's have another round....testing etc

the vegging new growth on that plant smells like juicy fruit a bit yes,it gets a little bit skunky in flower. I like the smoothness of it. I had not commented 'cause it has not cured and I only tasted dried yet.


@Meesh :+1: tyvm
So after the Holy Punch was jarred for 2 full weeks the Juicy Fruit smell on it came back strong now. It is a smooth and laid back kind of buzz and very enjoyable.


I figured id post it here where it belongs. Most of what ive seen grown out on these is about right. Piney, roofing tar, burnt rubber cement. Ill be digging in the crates shorty. Honestly with more space id be pushing through em.

LDxPTK I pushed it at around 70. A little too long but I had some loong flowering ladies so I folded her in a jar and I had to drop my mom a chunk. I love her. She knows good smoke.:blush::heart:

Sorry my camera auto adjusts so much it snaps when it wants. I tried getring some natural light. Its been grey wash. Thank you Lefty!:v:


Glad you are enjoying it! I find it a really pleasant smoke as well! Looks great!


Other cut went 12/12 today. Gonna be a lotta nice spears

I dumped some maybe 150 lady bugs in and about… about 3 days back. Saving a few in the fridge. They spend half their time screwing around
and humping but at least they are eating bugs too.

Aye it tis tis…err…was?! Got better as the cure got longer. You say 70 was a bit too long? Mine was definite burnt rubber on it. I got a few of those still in the pack. and some straight LD fems he sent. :+1:


Well you get better at this as you go along. Thankfully… after a good long cure (and this one had almost no fade when I took it down) the taste was much more subtle and pleasant. Curing longer meant less chlorophyll and greatly improves taste.

I have 2 females of the SL (D) x Goji QM so far from @GrowHard. Shorter phenos both of them taller one has not shown sex yet. These are from his thread here…

there is a strawberry Goji pheno that is short and bushy?


The BDxCQ is getting close to harvest and the mites have returned. The top of it had webbing and so I put it in a tub of water and swished the tops and was drying it in front of the fan. (kept the root ball dry of course) So i shook it out when the wife starts crying about “what is that smell and did I spill some lighter fluid or cleaning solution or what?”
LMAO to me it smells like cherry cough syrup (shrugs) and smells great! :+1:
She claims it smells like magic marker. So Cherry Marker?

The SLx Goji are doing nicely and will soon go in flower. Hopeful to contain the stretch. Have 2 and one is just a bigger plant the other more diminutive. These are from @GrowHard 's thread and I had pics but hit the limit and won’t post gotta retake them.

The Holy Punch is a huge plant but the stretch was zero almost…should have vegged even longer. The Goji has a bit of that juicy fruit smell. :smile:

I’ll redo the pics soon and get some up.


Holy Punch @Meesh a little over 4 weeks of flower I think

BDxCQ @lefthandseeds coming down soon.

@GrowHard I am training these a bit flowering soon These are 10 -D from his thread

Mother number 10 is the Queen Mother Goji cut. The Queen Mother Goji BX.


Up potting BDxCQ today getting a bit overdue.

I really like this strain so I went back and got the rest of these and dropped them yesterday. Going to see if I can find a nice male in there. And maybe another sweet cherry girl :slight_smile:

I have this one male from the Unknown Mothers thread by @GrowHard that has this sweet smell like juicy fruit but stronger!? and had so many flowers I could not bring myself to chop it and instead am collecting pollen.


@Howard.Crane well here you are :wink: @lefthandseeds

BDxCQ up potted 2 weeks ago (foreground)

I have 3 of the BDxCQ up and hope to have a decent male to f2 it with.

The Holy Punch came down and in goes the other girl now.

The first girl in is about 3 weeks into flower now iirc

The male I have been collecting from is mostly done.

BDxCQ clone that is in the cabinet with the male.


The only male allowed to reach maturity and flower has been the Snow Lotus x GojiQM by @GrowHard all the collected pollen is in the freezer now. Didn’t really get to store it the way I wished but it is done.

BDxCQ by @lefthandseeds

and a couple seedlings of the same One fell and died. Sad.

3 solo cups in this pic

Left to right they are 1- BDxCQ and 2- SourBubblexPAK from @Pedro_Bann
One of the SBxPAK smells a bit like watermelon gone overripe. (Big bud one on the right)

All 3 of those seem to be preggers from the SLxGoji male and I have increased the light timing to speed up the seed maturing process. I have not tasted the two SBxPAK so no idea of those. Those were intended to be run in the cabinet but I found out I had more than I could do. So probably won’t even try the cross for a bit. Still need to grow out some of the SourBubble and SBxPAK properly first

I took the Holy Punch down and she had a few immature seeds.

The SLxGojiQM #1 at about 4 weeks

SLxGojiQM #2

Edit: those might be PAKxSB pedro_Bann will have to confirm but thought that was what he said. Can’t confirm because put addy in first post and when I asked the addy be removed the whole thread disappeared.


Snow Lotus x Goji QM
Have had some leaf drop and spotting, leaves turning yellow. Several issues one of which has been a change from Megacrop v2 to v3. Following @Mr.Sparkle I noticed his note on the change and what he experienced and have adjusted the way I fix my solution. I now pH check this after mixing and not before. Also have adjusted the Megacrop ppm down to ~600 and an EC total of 1.4

Further I began recently boiling water and letting it cool to room temp instead of filtering it. Why? Watching Mythbusters. Can’t find the episode and not gonna link to someones ad laden youtube vid. Gonna try it and see how well it works.

The last girl in had some leaf droop at the bottom and some of the leaves have died off due to too many in the drier cabinet/wind burn (too close to a fan) and so I removed many of the lower fans and stripped the lower branches so only 3 or 4 nodes remain on the ends. Will be pollinating it this week. Removed the training wire and put another in place to guide it.

Those serrations on the leaves are doubles. :slight_smile: The smell is very fruity sweet.


Re-wired top


I added some soil to the bag since one of the reasons for going to a 2 gallon bag was to keep the watering/feeding down to once a day and the soil was washing away and needed more mass to stay moist longer.

There are no more felt pots in the cabinet now. Humidity is now consistently low.


ec of 1.4 wouldn’t that be 700ppm on a 0.5 scaled meter ?

but still looking good, guess just have to wait and see what the changes do.

Whats the humidity at now, with the removal of the felt pots ?


it is but 100 ppms is the ions in the water before adding the Megacrop So it’s 100 H2O + ions and then 600 ppm Megacrop v3 :slight_smile: Nice catch

Running less than 40% RH if I don’t add


if your temps are on the lower side that 40%RH should be fine, also sensor placement does show different readings


Also pH now is in the ~6.2-6.4 range without adding anything to the solution just the Megacrop so not adding any vinegar at the moment

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Sensor is very close to outlet air filter and at the very top of the cabinet above the lights. So would read on the dry side


SLxGojiQM #1

This one is about 3 weeks ahead of #2 and close to 28 days I had just sprayed it with plain water and was letting it air dry …noticed the frost and thought I would share the pictures.


Made a new batch of feed. Measured 2 gallons of water boiled yesterday and then cooled overnight. Using Megacrop v3 target ~600 ppm. Water checked at 133 ppm Was trying to get about 4.25g/gallon wound up with 9.20 grams instead of 8.5 and just went with it.

After mixing tested and came in at 752 ppm Checked the pH Looks like a 6.0 fine for a coco base media

Humidity is up for days now. Worse yesterday. Better today.



Edit: Forgot the SLxGojiQM

Number 1 @ 5 weeks or so

Number 2 @ about 2 weeks in


Those are outstanding…hows your place smell?

Those are the plants by lefthand…outstanding!!!

be nice to grow a clone crop of those…