Let's have another round....testing etc

So the Wicked Widow exists and there is the split top Afghan but everyone needs playmates right? Today we present a lineup of possible playmates. All have 8-10 days on them.

First up from @lefthandseeds we have 4 Deep Chunk X Jungle Spice
These were the first up and one is on day 10.

For now the one on the bottom snuck in…probably mugging the camera :rolling_eyes:

Next up we have a breeder I found before I found OG. (Seems he is around here somewhere though… ) #Blackpackseeds on IG. Well several breeders have banded together and one has a new seed bank called The Dank Bank Canada
So after some small hiccups…(he’s holding my cash and forgot to ship!!) Everything got sorted.

And I dropped 4 each of these. All the DBHP freebies and 4 of the GS of which I managed mostly thru my own fault to wash a couple of the seeds away and only have…3 GS on the left and 3 DBHP on the right. All at about 8-9 days.

Hoping to find some nice nugs in here somewhere for a mostly Indica high


Pull me up a seat and see what’s sprouting.

:seat: :eye:


“Greasy strangler” I’m done :rofl:


It’s one of the weirdest movies I’ve ever seen :rofl:


A ‘rose’’ by any other name would smell as sweet? I dunno. I didn’ do it…lol


Split-top Afghani identified as female today.

so naturally some form of bondage seemed to be a suitable reward.


A bit of ‘trouble in paradise’ …not sure what is on the leaves but I segregated 3 of them this AM 2 had definite spots on the leaves. Possibly wilt and the 3rd has shown some leaf deformation and curl. The worst leaf damage to the latter was to one leaf of the new set incoming. hopefully whatever it is will not affect the growth tip.

  1. BPS DBHP spots

  2. BPS GS spots

  3. Deep Chunk x JS- leaf damage

I sprayed them with Maggie’s Farm 3 in 1 garden spray waited 20 minutes and sprayed them with filtered water.

Could up pot the others but they would just take up more space atm and it would make it harder to get them optimum lighting levels.

Edit: for accuracy


The Wicked Widow clone

had some leaf damage. I took some of the damaged leaves and a few fingers that showed damage. The Mom is doing well too after beginning treatment.


The two BPS seedlings that got segregated were killed today. They were exhibiting some deformed leaves on the new growth and were already falling far behind the others. Besides I may need to start another one or two come June 1st for the solo cup challenge.

The rest are doing so well they need up potting.

Those two larger ones are one each of BPS GS and DBHP. all the Deep Chunk x JS are on the left …except this one…it started off the strongest

It lost a leaf at a critical place and the ends of the leaves to what I suspect was fusarium wilt. After this I changed out my spray bottle since I use filtered water it had some algae in the bottom of the bottle. Conditions have been damp and favorable for it and powdery mildew of late.


Deep Chunk x Jungle Spice @lefthandseeds
Day 17 or so depending on which one. I moved the segregated plant back in with the rest after some surgery. I will keep an eye on it. There is some light purple showing on the stems of some. They could all use up potting soon.

BPS DBHP @ 17 days

BPS GS 17 days


Haha, cool. Get ready for some super-fat leaves on that JSxDC. I can see them starting already.


No doubt. Thinking the DCxJS might do ok without topping…I’ll watch the branch structure to see what prevails.

Topped the taller plants at 5 nodes today both of the Blackpackseeds strains had shown more height and I decided to top them. So as luck would have it they were both 50/50 as far as the bleed trait. One each exhibited the bleed. Now these are seedlings and have not had enough nutrients I would think to be high brix…so…they did get the same inputs I would have given other plants for a round and these are at only about 21 days.

BPS GS now has a star on the cup as a confirmed bleeder

BPS DBHP also starred for confirmed bleeder


Blackpackseeds DBHP front
BPS GS rear
All up potted and recovering from topping. I have fed these some epsom salts in the water along with the usual round of inputs. (kelp and neem meal)

The Deep Chunk x JS are update in this outcross log



These plants were doing better than the next pictured group. The only difference is the containers. Well and they were topped the next group was not. These are in the square plastic and the next up are in bags that have more holes. and maybe a tad more soil. The light is the same distance from all of them.

Deep Chunk x Jungle Spice

The difference in color is remarkable. I will have to change pots on the BPS’but for now I just spread the tops. I do think they feed heavy. I did give them epsom salts etc. They have all had the same treatments/inputs. All of them show dark at the point where I topped them. So any of them could bleed I think …but I’m like oleskool830 when he said “14 weeks

I can only conclude the roots are much healthier in the one gallon bags.

Sometimes you know a plant is going to be special. It’s just strong and vigorous. The Wicked Widow was that way. I think this one here may be. Spicier more than sweet on the rub.

Two more might be either sex and one looks definite male but I am hoping/thinking the one above is female.


Looking good man. I love that DBHP.


Topped all of the Deep Chunk x Jungle Spice and now have 4 apex cuttings from them.

All of them are at least 24 hours and half are 48 hours and doing fine so far. They should branch more now and allow me to take some more cuts.

The split top afghan has become a nuisance and mostly leaf it’s gone.

Flowering out the Wicked Widow clone now and one each of Deep Chunk x JS and BPS GS to sex them.


My god !those are some gorgeous looking crosses! Updates please! Hehe Overgrow on !Out Standing!

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Two of these have identified sex. One of the BPS GS was a male and is no more. One of the Deep Chunk x JS has confirmed female. All of these plants are in 12/12 now. Except the identified female who is back in 18/6. All 4 apex clones are flying without humidity domes today and doing well.


All have been sorted now and are in 18/6 One of the DC x JS has some pistils at all bud ends…might have to flower it out but wanted to take a few clones. Probably will anyway.

There are 2 female Deep Chunk x Jungle Spice and 1 female BPS GS. The latter I trimmed up as if taking clones but threw them in compost. It looks as though it would prefer to be large and sprawling.

The two DCxJS are oddly enough numbers 1 and 2. #3 was a very vigorous male. Those 2 plants remind me of the WW as she came to be. Very beautiful full structure, full of hybrid vigor… The leaves are larger. The scents sweet and light with just a few flowers and not the fullness of the buds to come.

The #2 pheno female is completely different. She must take after her father. :wink: She grew straight up going for daylight until I topped her. Now the side branches are attempting the same. I will be taking clones of her today if things go as planned and posting pics of the two girls to jungle-spice-outcross-grow-logs-black-domina/deep-chunk


Took 4 clones from the #2 pheno today and watered everything that needed it. After cloning I stuck number 2 in the cabinet to flower at 12/12. Clearing the decks mostly for a tester run to come next week as scheduled.