Afghaniganza! NOW Black Afghani, Cherry Queen, Black Leb and Blue Hemp Leb

I posted a picture in another thread of some Afghani’s that I’m growing. I’m running 3 strains in my tent:

  • Daku - A unique Afghani NLD gifted to me by a friend, which was brought back from Southern Afghanistan near the Iran/Pakistan border.
  • Deep Chunk F12 - A deeply inbred Tom Hill classic. Super fat leaves and chunky stems.
  • Nuglab Afghani Lowland - “These plants originate directly from various locations across Afghanistan including wild populations from the Pech River Valley and cultivars that have been farmed by generations in Kandahar and Helmand Province… these plants don’t display the typical wide leaf patterns normally associated with plants from this region. The leaves are thinner and actually look more like leaves from a sativa plant or hybrid.”

In the picture above, the larger NLD’s are the Daku, the deep green fat leafed ones are the Deep Chunk and the little ones are going 12/12 from seed and about a week behind the other 2 (those are the Afghani Lowland).

I’m growing in coco, ~1 gal pots. I feed 1.4 EC nutrients about 20s every hour during lights on. I’m testing a recipe I modified to be similar to the Veg+Bloom profile.

  • 2.8g Peters 5-11-26
  • 2.4g Calcinit
  • 0.6g Epsom
  • 0.25g Potassium silicate
  • 0.25g Ammonium Sulfate

I just got back from being out of town for a week, so the plants are slightly unhappy with me. My goal for this grow is to reverse the Daku using STS, and make S1s with itself, and crosses with the other strains. I’ve sprayed STS twice so far, spaced apart by a week. The front-most Daku (bottom left) is the one receiving the STS treatment.


In the above pictures, the first one has received STS treatment, while the 2nd has not. It’s clearly taking effect.

This is my first time using STS – I’m thinking about spraying it one more time tonight. Can anyone suggest whether I should spray again or let it be?


I say LITFA based solely on hearing MrSoul/Bros Grimm state he did just what you describe & decided it was worse than one application & LITFA…making the CindyXX fem c99…

(on a weednerd or possibly gt roundtable episode :unamused:)



Ok I went for it and sprayed again. Seems like there’s a million different opinions and recipes. I think the safe thing to do is just hit it again.


Really went full bonsai mode on the Daku’s. The amount of branching on these plants is just obscene…


Did a bunch of trimming on one of the cabbage monster Deep Chunks. We’ll see how it does in a couple days. Most of the stuff left has never seen the light of day… It was hiding in the shadow of massive fan leaves.

This plant is begging to be crossed with a wild stretchy sativa.


These are the Afghani Lowland. Safe to say they aren’t especially narrow leaved. At least not nearly to the extent of the Daku. Look good though, very desirable structure for an indica.


The STS seems to be working. Last sprayed about 4 days ago. I have 2 pollen sacs that look like they’re starting to mature. Hopefully more will follow in the next couple days.

I have done 3 applications – 1st when I started flower, 2nd a week later and 3rd a week after that. I hope I see more pollen sacs in the next few days. If so, I think I’ll LITFA.


Beautiful curves on them leaves. :heart_eyes: :joy: Those could end up being invaluable for a strain bred towards cigar-quality leaves.



I think I can sex all of the plants at this point.

Daku - 2/2 female (obv, because from clone). The STS reversal is going well and I’m not going to spray again. Lots of pollen sacs forming on the bud sites at this point. Hopefully they’ll open on their own and yield some precious powder.

Deep Chunk F12 - 3/3 female!? Could it be? Definitely at least 2 are fems, and I’m pretty sure the 3rd is as well. I will very likely be moving 1 of these over to my Jungle Spice tent for making some hybrids. These are so deeply inbred and all look the same, that I don’t have a need for 3 females.

Afghani Lowland - 1 M, 1F. Beautiful plants! Man, I love the way these are growing. The male is gonna have to hit the trash though. Fortunately, I have at least 10 more seeds to use later.

So, I’m pretty happy with how things are going. I think I’ll be able to make all the seeds I was trying to get out of this run. Daku S1’s, Deep Chunk x Daku R1 and Afghani Lowland x Daku R1. :tada:

More pictures soon.


Lots of action on the Daku reversal. Pollen sacs seem to be plumping up nicely! I’d love to see them open and start dumping soon. But I’ve also read that sometimes the sacs don’t open and need to be plucked and dried.

There’s one of the tops of one of the deep chunks.


Update on the Daku’s:

Really want those pollen sacs to open soon. The other Daku is getting fairly mature. Maybe I’ll have to run these really long.


These deep chunks are a mess. This is what I’m dealing with… It’s like fuckin Fangorn forest up in there. Huge stems on the fan leaves.

Got fed up with it. Major defoliation on all of these. Who likes bondage?


Last are the Afghani Lowlands. One is a male. Say bye bye :frowning:

Looks like they’re nitrogen sensitive. I’ll have to back it off a bit on my next reservoir refill.


Root shot from the Afghani Lowland male that I killed:

Nutrient updates:

Since the Afghani Lowlands were starting to complain about nitrogen, I decided to back off the N a bit and add the imitation V+B shine. For those following the nute formulas, here’s what I’ve been using for veg:

Imitation V+B veg formulation:
30g Peters 5-11-26
24g Calcinit
9g Epsom
8g Maxicrop Soluble Seaweed 0-0-17
2g Ammonium Sulfate

Now - Imitation V+B and SHINE:
30g Peters 5-11-26
24g Calcinit
10g Epsom
8g Maxicrop Soluble Seaweed 0-0-17
4g Monopotassium Phosphate (MKP)
2g Potassium Sulfate

Diluted to 1.3-1.4 EC (roughly 14 gallons), short fed every hour during lights on.


Pollen sacs on the reversed Daku aren’t opening… I’ve been drying out a few pollen sacs and then splitting them open and rubbing them on the other Daku’s flowers. Hopefully that works… No visible pollen, so fingers crossed.

Fortunately took some clones. Was a bastard to get rooted, with only like 4/9 taking root. I took the first one out of the cloner today, and took cuts before I started flower. I think the mom was revegged, so maybe that’s why it’s been slow.


Deep Chunk F12


Daku - Reversed

Afghani Lowland

Spotted what I think might be PM on one of the Lowland leaves. I wiped it off with a wet paper towel. We’ll keep an eye out and see if it returns. It’s still a little pissed about the N, but hopefully that’ll correct soon.

Pollen sacs on the reversed Daku appear to be slowing down. I keep drying them, splitting them open and rubbing them on pistils. Fingers crossed that it’s doing something…


it’s just like in people. :blush: all at once or nothing! :shower:




The Afghaniganza rolls onward! Low yield on the clonage, and took a reeeeeaallly long time to root. But by god, one has pulled through, and another is ready to hit the coco.