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This is a thread specifically for factual documentation of your Bodhi seeds grows and smoke reports.

This topic is dedicated to documentation and factual content of official bodhi strains so people can use this thread for research and reference material.

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Read someone asking about DLA 9. Here is what I finished a couple months ago, smokes better and better every day. Literally my best plant ever grown so I can’t really compare it to anything else.


Your DLA 9 (Kush 4 x HP) has Beautiful fat kushy-looking flowers! What’s the flavor and more importantly, the effects please?


Artifact 1 f2 #2 x Kashmir Azad
Chopped day 68ish
Still drying.


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Thank you! The entire plant just had an absolutely beautiful purple/silver sheen to it. I’m really bad at describing taste, I’m tryin here. Taste like an over salted/peppered meal that finishes sweeter- hint of sweet sugary berries. The smell is like straight curry food with incense. No negatives in any sense, though. This is my first bodhi plant, happened to be a female as well! But I haven’t had experience with anything bodhi, would you say this is a mom leaner, or a HP leaner?
Edit: forgot to mention the effects. In simple terms… relaxing, calming, social. I made some thc sugar with it and gifted a few people on Christmas… needless to say they were having a blast. I vape it in a Mighty, so I fill up those little pods. If I vape 1 pod, I feel relaxed. Anymore than 1 pod, I can easily take a nap, and limbs can actually feel heavy. Pretty cool feeling if you aren’t at work or something important. Although it’s not a couch-locking experience. Hope that helps!


@minitiger you mentioned you didn’t like headspace from NL2 x PUf3. How many females did you run and were there any individuals leaning towards NL2? Not sure if that’s possible in PUf3 crosses…


I had the same experience. Between my FIL and myself, we’ve ran the entire pack I bought. We had 6 total females from the pack and the first 4 were 100% purple. There was one that was mostly green and that would be the nl2 leaner. Seems the more green the pheno is, the better the headspace but still not my thing at all. Just needed a couple more puffs to reach the same headspace the purple pheno’s gave :confused:

I haven’t had any other PU crosses to know if it’s something from this particular combo or if it’s PU specific.


I only grew one female (it’s logged here on OG if you wanna take a look), think I started with four plants total (not a surprise that I ended up with only one female from four plants haha…). In addition to just not liking the high, it took foreverrrrrr to finish, just kept spitting out white pistils, finally said,”Fuck it…” and chopped it on like day 81 or 82.

I don’t mind plants that take a long time if the smoke is good. But this smoke was not good haha.

If I wasn’t aware of holy’s experience with it, I mayyyyybe might be inclined to try it again, if for no other reason than I have like 20 seeds of it left, but knowing what I know with holy’s grow, I probably won’t ever grow them again.

As far as NL2-learners are concerned, mine was extremely purple, so I’m assuming it leaned PU.

I really loved the other NL2 cross of Bodhi’s that I’ve grown, though, the Big Sur Nigerian hybrid. That was awesome weed.


Heres my two blue tara f1 males. Theyre ready for an up pot soon, then they will be off to the races throwin pollen for f2s and crosses to goji og and csis mendo54xurkle. My initial judgement is I like the short squat one the most, its been slower to respond to topping and has tighter internodes, so probably closer to bubba.


Thank you for the very detailed smoke report of your DLA 9!
I love kushes so i guess i’m gonna have to get that strain now.


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Your Blue Tara’s look so good! Exciting to see that you’re working w this rare and medically useful strain.
My brief smoke report from memory of 7 years ago:
A very nice relaxing of muscles as well as anti-anxiety mental effects. Wonderful daytime to evening medication. But maybe not sativa enough for “wake and bake” mental stimulation.


I finally get to post a bud pic in the Bodhi thread! This is a little Cobra Lips top.

Touch of gas, touch of floral, big helping of something dank in the background.:grin::v::canada:


Yeah man Im stoked for them! Ill have to show the 3 females next. Your smoke review sounds exactly like what I was hoping for - an anytime indica with nice medicinal qualities.


3 Blue tara females. One has three branches at every node and unique leaves. The other two were just topped for clones. They took a bit to grow out of slow runty seedlings, now are growing with good vigor. Super easy going growers. Speckled leaves from ipm spray.


Rooting some blue tara clones right now myself to flower out hopefully soon, Really excited about those


Nice man! F1s or f2s? Ive got a couple f2s I sprouted too as a safety net if I didnt end up with a male or female in the 5 f1s. The f2s show a lot of pheno variance and some are much pickier growers. Ive got one f2 that looks just like a stretchy blueberry indica - leaves look dead on blueberry, it just showed a hair if I saw right so stoked on that one.


Pretty sure it’s an F2, I got a bunch of packs from one of Doug’s auctions and while repacking em for storage there was one puck that got wet, just one seed, so I decided to throw it job tk germ and got a girl, been pruning her as a mom in veg for a while since, just now getting around to rooting clones to flower her out and see what she’s got


Getting anything on the stem rubs? I think that bottom one is the most bubbashine leaning of the bunch just looking at the leaves :thinking:

The dad of the bubbashine IS the rare blueberry indica ‘stretch’ pheno…