LifeCrop's area [250W hps Sens' Jack H] END OF DA RUN

Hey guys,

Just willing to share a bit of my growing set. Jack Herer…Haven’t tried yet to grow that strain. Unknown pheno so it’s gona be kinda of a surprise…sativa dominant or not that much haha!
Anyway, heard that it stretches quite a bit, and far more than 2 weeks.

So I’ve got 5 J.H plants, the regenerated mother in the middle and 4 clones of it. Can’t wait to go 12/12 !

See ya!


Hi @lifecrop, welcome to OG!

Good luck with Jack, I know it only from more indica hybrids, cause people around just loved to make crosses with Jack Herer. I know it stretches a lot :slight_smile: but it has very good yield imho opposed to some similar very sativa dominant strains… But still I tend to grow more faster hybrids… :slight_smile:

Btw have you got it as seeds from Sensi?

How many litres of soil fit in those bags? They look enormous :slight_smile:


They look super man!

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Looks soooooo clean. Like a really nice place to share a meal, clean.

If the stretch is a concern, maybe consider topping or LST? Iv’e only seen it grown outdoors and they were really tall (12-15’+). You may also try to manage temperature more and bring the lights as close as possible without burning them. Pots look like they are going to allow for some growth.

Keep us all posted.
Nice show.


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Yeah…from sensi… Heard few days ago what happen with them so, maybe I’ll get lucky with a nice pheno.
Looking forward to get some canadian beans;heard they were doing good job.

I have to check out what’s LST ! hehe but anyway I’ll do my best to master any outgrowing in there!

Middle smart pot is a 7 gallons hahahaha! the other 4 pots are 5 gallons (growing in 80x80 space) Harvested a multistrains SOG some days ago (3 liters pots) Hell what a wattering nightmare haha specialy in summer.
So I decided to go for biiiiiiiiG bags hehe


Ha! Ha! Jack Herer might have an Indica pheno but i have never had it. Every Jack Herer i smoke gets me hyper and spun out. Artists, musicians, mostly creative people seem to love Jack.


hehehe juz smokin’ out some diesel :ghost:

aight! sativas are my favourite to grow anyway :smiley: jah bless challenge indoors haha

I just love the taste of JH…Actually I’v had two plants of JH once back in the time; jack taste with a sooo nice peppery touch! no veg period, pruning, shit harvest but nice quality . That was about 10 years ago (young grower), and believe it or not, just can’t remember from which seed bank i got that :poop:

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I have had a few Super Silver Hazes that had that peppery back note. It is unique and enjoyable.

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love pepper… That’s nice to get that ! 3 weeks ago got 2 joints from a friend, CBD strain…a year old; the smell was just crazy and unbelievable extra strong pepper smell and taste, even in the trought (excuse my english I don’t get much opportunities to maintain my english at a decent level haha


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No worries, i think you mean roach right.(trought) The end of a joint. I am originally from Texas so my english is iffy at times also. :grin:

hahahaha laugh trip i meant throat!! i knew it but hey…diesel haha :wink:

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Looks good. I got a jack cross im puffin. Sugar jack. (Sugar shack x jack herer) definatly a racey high. And its packed with trichs.


They say “damn skimpy”!

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as…skimpy large pale shade makers haha no way

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Hey OG,

Thinking about going blooming…A week ago I actually switch my light cycle from 18/6 to 16/8. The reason; mostly 'cause of temperatures and hygro issues (Crop in my room bro!). Windows almost always open, but when I sleep I have to shutter up windows, leaving just a minimum of air circulating around the room…
However, no choice for “a now life” haha

JACKS are apparently responding to that 18 16 switch; seems stretching since 2 days!
Space is about 70% filled up so instinct tells me not to wait to long. I was thinking about 2 or 3 days before switching into our nice blooming period.
Plants might even outgrow a bit don’t you think? that wouldn’t be much a problem I guess uncle me can handle it :grin:

The only thing I don’t like right now is my middle jack (the mother)…It has like…at least 20 small new branches spreadin everywhere IN THE MIDDLE AREA (I know sorry for the shit pic but am doin’ my best really!)

Seems to me they’re gona be way to close from each other…? prune after or during flowering stretch?


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If you plan to flower in two or three days i would do all your training and trimming of branches now. While you are there you can trim any leaf hitting the ground. Revegging gives you all that panic growth you are talking about. I also would worry about humidity and light penetration issues.

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panic growth?..mother plant stayed in 12 hours light for 2 weeks before reveg
strain was actully regenerated about 40 days ago…I had just one bean, grown for a week than switched in 12/12 (but stoner me just didn’t did the right thing, cause I forgot to get clones before switching into 12/12!). I waited anyway…female! As sex appears I switched back the plant into 20/4 cycle for at least 3 to 4 weeks (maybe not enough). I made a few clones out of it and here we are… :slight_smile:

If I can afford to buy some extra fan soon I will…for sure! Anyhow bro, it’s my 3rd session in this flat and no real issues I shoud say.

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I didn’t mean to scare you, i apologize. When you force a plant back in to flower it is in survival mode and has an imbalance of hormones, you get multiple shoots from your nodes. My terminology might be a bit dated, sorry.

Edit: I meant to say, “when you force a plant from flower to veg.” Not enough coffee yet.

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haha aight no problem :slight_smile:

but it was forced to flower, than (after showing sex) forced back in veg for 3 weeks…lol i might understand later :grinning:

Now it must be about a good month in veg (just since a week in 16 hours cycle.

This might be interesting for you.

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