Little Greenhouse Story/1st

During this winter had some time on my hands and I´ve begun an extensive search of cannabis seeds. Browsed through hundreds of strains from dozens of breeders, completly mesmerized. Barneys, Humbolt, Greenhouse, Fast Buds, Eva, Reserva Privada, Cali, Crockett and so on. Took me a month to select, since I wanted them all wilst living în a rather impredictive temperate climate. Selected 3 outdoors strains, add to cart and : „we no longer ship to selected country“. Few sites later with the same response and , in the midst of all that masked virus hysteria, I panicked :sunglasses:. So made a few calls, dug a huge hole in my expense budget and 3 weeks later, the list goes as follows:

  1. Alaskan Purple fem - 3
  2. Passion #1 fem - 5
  3. Lithium OG Kush fem - 5
  4. Original Skunk Auto fem - 3
  5. Annapurna Super Auto - 3
  6. Tangie 'Matic Auto fem - 5
  7. Blueberry Kush Auto fem - 5
  8. Hawaii Maui Waui fem - 5
  9. Original Sour Diesel Auto fem - 10
  10. Shaman fem - 3
    11.Master Kush Auto fem - 3
    12.Lost Pearl fem - 5
    13.White Widow Auto fem - 5
    14.BCBUD Tuna God regular - 3
    15.White Widow regular - 3
    16.Kush ‘N’ Cookies CBD fem - 5
    17.Strawberry Cough fem - 6
    18.Jamaican Berry Super Auto fem - 3
    19.Stitch’s Love Potion Auto fem - 3
    20.Purple Kush fem - 5
    21.Strawberry Banana Grape fem - 3
    22.Octopussy Super Auto fem - 3
    23.Tangerine Dream fem - 5
    24.Magic Melon fem - 10
    25.Enemy’s Dream fem - 5
    26.Wonder Woman fem - 5
    27.Sweet Tooth fem - 10
    28.Lemonchello Haze - 5
    29.Kush Van Stitch Auto fem - 3
    30.Purple Mazar Auto fem - 3
    31.Strawberry Lemonade fem - 5
    32.Frisian Dew fem - 5
    33.White widow fem - 10
    34.Blueberry fem - 10

So…I want to start as soon as possible, so builted a „lasagna bed“ (L1,2m/L1,2m/ H0,8m) filled it with the necesary stuff, topped with compost and resulted a self heated mini greenhouse/propagator (if neede). After carefull consideration, picked from stash 4 Fast Buds seeds : 2 Original Auto Sour Diesel and 2 Original Auto Skunk. Yesterdayday, 25/04/2021, the outside temperature was as follows : 1am/+5°C , 5am/-1°C, 10am/+12°C, 2pm/+19°C, 4pm/+22°C, 7pm/+14°C and so on. The low night temperature will go on until the beggining of june, between +5°C/+12°C nightime up to +28°C at high noon and the ocasional daybreack frostbite (-1°C!). So its hard getting your own. Can´t wait to see how this all goes.


Welcome to OG. Man, that’s a lot of seeds. Will you be growing indoors also?

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Actually i have already start an indoor with few girls by SweetTooth #1 from Barney’s!

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If you can, get a bunch of fresh horsemanure to topdress your beds with, it’s like giving them a warm blanket. Then top that with grassclippings/hay/straw. Can also dig a swale around the garden bed so the frost drops in there instead.

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Nice assortment of genetics you have there-

Best of luck…


@hillman especially interested , I know nothing of some of those, a great FREE way for me to learn about them, thanks for the journal!


Nice seed vault :smiley:
:seedling: :green_heart: :seedling:


Will consider this the first day of vegetation. These little seedlings so far are everything Fast Buds say they are. The second day after planting (5 days ago), just as they were popping, had to leave in a hurry and forgot to raise the plastic foil from above. As it was placed at 15 cm to keep the space at minimum for better heating during the night, the sun came out of the clouds and for a solid hour and a half they were baked at +50°C. I was getting ready to sprout new ones but…here they are! At the end of the day…it´s a weed :slight_smile: .
P.S. The information in the “Grow Conditions” are as accurate as possible, meaning for example temp inside the pile is 45°C, whilst at top it varies between 16 and 26. Pot size is 1150 liters divided by 4 plants is 280 liters each, but the diary program must have an inbuilt maximum, to deter funny people probably :-). No stress.