Marc & Jodie Emery ARRESTED Canada Wide raids!

They are calling this waste of taxpayers money " Project Gator" Yesterday (Wednesday march 8th) Jodie and Marc were arrested at Toronto’s Pearson international airport! Today at noon the raids started. For those who are not in canada or do not know. The Emery’s have been fighting for Marijuana Legalization for YEARS

Marc spent 5 years in a US jail after the DEA ILLEGALLY came into Canada and arrested him .I feel he has some fighting in courts to do now…

He is being Civilly disobedient , and being charged with VICTIM-LESS crimes. Anyone aged 19+ in Canada can purchase from these stores NO medical card required (Many reasons, Doctors wont give cards, legalization on its way etc etc.)

a few Cannabis Cultures have been raided over the past year of them being open in Canada, But not all at once like we are seeing today

Several CC employee’s have been arrested aswell…

Instead of taxpayer dollars going to this we have a HUGE Fetanyl / Opiod crises here and they are targetting the sitting ducks… Just my thought!


Same thing in the US regarding the opiate epidemic. Trump even has said that weed has caused the opiate problem. Such bullshit. we can’t use a natural plant but my doctor could prescribe be vicodin at 15 years old and start my addiction to opioids.

My thoughts are with Marc and Jodie and all those facing prosecution. Hats off to the both of them for the impact they’ve have had on how the world see cannabis.


Shait… Marc Emery has done a lot in past 20 years for cannabis scene and his extradition to US was such a bullshit…

So he is selling MJ to everybody in his Cannabis Culture shops, basically operating network of kind of takeaway coffeeshops? If so than the police reaction was probably expected and Marc has handful of arguments prepared to fight in court… I hope so…

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Lame… I hate how government harass businessmen.

I remember ordering from Mr. Emery almost 20 years ago… all was good.

I’m sure Marc is prepared. A man of his intelligence always has an angle. Lol

Excellent way of putting it… after I got stabbed they gave me a perception of Norco and refills that added up to 100s overall and sure enough I was hooked took two years and a lot of herion use later. I finally beat it with no help from them btw once i told my doctor about my addiction he recommended me to some other shitty doctors cuz he didn’t know what to do lol but yet we must take down the evil plant that does amazing things for ppl medical & mental it’s redick plus it represents much more then just a plant it’s about the freedom to grow a natural plant and put what you choose to who is any government to tell you any different bull shit is bull shit no matter how you wrap it still fucking stinks

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Yes Marc has done a lot in canada let alone what he’s done for cannabis. We use to never be able to shop on sundays!! He got that overturned!

Yes pretty much how it was ran if you were aged 19+ you could walk in a buy some. I was going to go but the day I was close enough they had nothing under $10 a gram. The current Liberal Gov, has put if you have a criminal record for anything cannabis you are not allowed to work in the industry, well marc and many others made this industry possible… they were being cut out and the liberals are taking their time dragging it out, so Marc decided to get the ball rolling on legalization. I’ve had a chance to meet Jodie while Marc was doing time in the US. Just wonderful people, hoping to see them at the Canadian LIFT expo in may!!


IMO Emery was handed over to the DEA to keep him out of the news. He is a royal pain in the ass to the government, and knows exactly what he is doing. Problem is, selling to just anyone is totally illegal, and always has been. I appreciate that the movement needs rebels like this, and this man has talked the talk and walked the walk. Regardless if cannabis was miraculously regarded as tomatoes (completely de-regulated) in Canada, Mr. Emery will be dogged by law enforcement for the rest of his life, and sooner or later, he will run out of cash to pay his lawyers. He can take all the credit for changing laws (Sunday shopping? OMG really?) he wants, but because he has no respect for criminal and civil laws, he will never be free, again. I support some of his views but opening a store and selling pounds to 19 year olds, pisses off just about everyone. When he does things by his own agenda, even allies shy away. I wish he would shut the fuck up now personally, as he is hurting the popular legalization movement at this point in time IMO. He seems like the kinda dude to smoke a joint in front of children and argue with the mother about his rights being violated. I still admire the prick in him, but hey this is Canada, and we are usually more tactful and respectful in public. The only thing that stops him is jailtime, which he openly seeks out.

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@StrainVenator I believe that sunday shopping thing was only for his town in Ontario or maybe even just his neighbourhood. guys a royal douche so he’ll have you believe it was all of canada i’m sure. and i’m sure most of what he does is for profit and not the movement. look at dana larsen, he gave out 5 million free cannabis seeds last year in the overgrow canada campaign. marc doesnt seem like the type to ever do anything for free.

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Aren’t those free seeds at OvergrowCanada 0% THC tho?
I’m not a fan of the Emery’s politics, but their dispensary always seemed ethical and has helped me many times.


they were a high CBD strain freedom dream i think, they also had canadian dream high THC strain but ran out quickly or maybe that was the year before. hopefully canadian dream comes back again next year

That is always subjective and hard to look into someone’s head (it is not some objective and visible fact). I know about Emery only from news and the word to describe him that comes to mind is pragmatic.

Of course you have a lot better insight into it than I do, because you live there.

Btw… OvergrowCanada website features some galleries that are redirected to facebook and unfortunately can’t be seen from outside Canada IP address range. May I ask if it serves well to the cause? Is there any active public movement following this seed giveaway? Like growing plants in front of police station, etc . :slight_smile:

Here in Czechia, pro-legalization NGO does seed giveaway to seniors every spring so they can grow their own medicine.


i think a big percentage of the people took the seeds and grew them personally, perhaps that’s why a High CBD zero THC strain was chosen to prevent people from hoarding all the plants themselves (although with 100 seeds i’m sure people could have kept 10 and planted 90) but there’s some humorous pictures. i know they removed plants from in front of vancouver city hall as well. i only heard of it this year when searching for free seeds in a needy moment, next year i’ll be sure to participate!


Anyone know how marc’s doing? That was one of the last things in remember. Stephan Harper got power, my website went down, and I gave up. Ages later please don’t tell me he’s rotting in us jail?