Dana Larsen's "Overgrow Canada" Campaign!

Greetings fellow Canucks! If you are not aware, Dana Larsen is running a campaign to over grow Canada! 5 million free seeds were given away in 2017 for the purpose of planting as many plants in as many public places as an act of civil disobedience and to normalize cannabis. Seeds were a high CBD low (zero) THC autoflower variety in 2017 called Freedom Dream? Apparently there was a high THC strain in 2016 as well, Canadian Dream, which i really hope makes a return in 2018 altthough not hopeful.

Register at the link below for 100 free seeds. And share pictures in this thread of plants from the campaign!


excellent project!!! Time to put these greedy politicians in their place. thanks for posting

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Wow, if,I could get my hands on a 1000 of those I would really upset the law in my state… Ha kudos to him… I remember years ago them doing similar but not for planting outdoors to make a statement. Genius

I grew 3 females just in my yard. They got about 3ft tall lol
Been using em for back pain.
Still have a ton of seeds

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I tried to apply and with all my enthusiasm i didn’t check on the fact it stated that it’s only for Canadians…


CBC: Federal prosecutors drop appeal of ruling that dismissed charges against B.C. pot activist (2017-Dec-14)

« …the appeal was to have focused on Brown’s findings about delays in the case, not the merits of the charges Larsen faced. »


Salutations LegalCanada,

So, in retrospective it seems to me there could have been some great opportunity for the cause of Dana Larsen to fuel mass-media news positively if the prosecutor hadn’t decided just to drop it all in order to avoid being ridiculed, since the UN health section clearly called for a revision of CBD’s classification last month…

Good day, have fun!! :peace:

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i don’t understand why CBD is illegal in canada (prescription only) when is nonpsychoactive and many health benefits. even CBD made from hemp is illegal. i think the only reason is to prop up the medical marijuana industry in canada… they want you to only buy CBD from their friends in licensed producers!


Hola Gang

I got a bunch of those
but I never grew them
I figure it was crap seeds

But I kept them they are in
the fridge with the rest of them

if someone grew them I would like feed back

Thanks Craigson
any other with opinion.



I think im actually gonna pop a bunch tonight.
Wife needs some cbd.
I have a bit of a window here so I may just toss em right in the notil bed


How’s it work for ya back pain?

Also, did you find any with reasonable trichome production? Mine were bare. Tried making a second generation hoping a larger seed hunt would yield something, but same thing.

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I find thc to be better for back pain. My back pain is usually muscular and flares uo when standing for long periods.

I found a couple old pics.
It def wasnt frosty like high thc strains but it had decent trich coverage.
Buds looked like ‘mids’ but wasnt like ‘hoky shit theres nothing on these’
Note* i bought some supposed 10%cbd:10%thc bud for the wife last week from a Native dispo here and it actually was like ‘wtf, theres no trichs at all on this bud’. Wife tried it and said it was useless. Was supposed to be cbd critical mass.


@LemonadeJoe You’re the man. :thumbsup: :grin:

@Craigson15 I knocked up that second generation with one of reikos autos. I’ve got a couple going right now, I’ll grab a couple pics when I get a chance. They’re still fewer trichs than normal, but I’mma see about dropping fifty bucks and a gram off at a lab for cannabinoid testing come january.