Massachusetts Peeps

Looking for Massachusetts peeps who can discuss the present cultivation climate in the state, i.e. legalities vs realities, foreseeable future, etc. Will be relocating there and need to know what I’m stepping into.


MA is decent (21+):

  • Inconspicuous grow, inconspicuous consumption (e.g. hidden from public).
  • Up six plants per person to a maximum of twelve if there is another occupant.
  • Personal use/grows: No sales. No barter. Can ‘gift’ up to 1 oz.
  • Up to 1 oz finished on person. Up to 10 oz finished in home.
  • No consumption on publicly or federally owned land.
  • There is a threshold before which the consequences for a violation is minimal, after which they can become significant.

See these for additional information:

On the other-hand, trying to run a business will encounter tons of difficulties and possibly corruption.

The legalization was by referendum, which means the majority voted to force the legalization. That didn’t stop the legislature from mangling some things but the laws remains relatively permissive. Nothing terribly odd on the horizon but there will always be the threat of more legislation.


ok. thanks. so not much licensing for craft operations happening then…?

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Good question, last I remember there was consideration under way for craft co-ops. I haven’t been following the details and do not know where this stands.

Info will be here somewhere:

This is from 2018:

I’m not certain of the fees for co-op since it’ll be all the state stuff + the individuals town. For a general business, it can be expensive. And, there were some specific rules you’d have to follow.


you from Mass ?


I am. There are a good number of folk from MA on Overgrow. Welcome.


ok cool. just wanted to know I was getting it from the horses mouth per say.


I’ll post any info I run across on the co-op situation if another member doesn’t chime in before then.

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the legalities and legislation on paper can quite often differ from the reality of life in that local. for instance in cali we can legally have 6 plants per person but the reality is as long as it’s under 99 it’s all good. how is Mass in that regard ?

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Story is they will confiscate anything over the limits. Like anything, don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t cause disturbances, etc and there would be little problem.

There has been a couple of cases where the local town/law enforcement didn’t get the memo. But, I haven’t heard many of those stories recently.

The state does have limits, not very well defined, where they could claim intent to distribute. I think there may have been a case or two. But, from what I remember, there was a large number of plants and/or they were selling product without a license.

For licensing, this is where a lot of problems have been. The state has fees but then there is a large percentage of the towns that will tack on all sorts of BS and, in some case, have been caught in graft.

Personally, we haven’t had any issues but we also keep things to a small personal circle and within reason.

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Home cultivation line reads pretty much like “10 oz or the entirety of the harvest” which means if you grow well over the max and it stays there you should be fine. It just has to be “in a locked area and not within sight without optical aids” so some wiggle room in interpretations. But your landlord has an option to not let you grow. Only way for this is written notice within the leasing paperwork. Landlord can prevent cultivation and smoking. But if you stay within the legal 10 oz in a “locked area” they cannot prevent you from possession. There is also “microbuisiness” in the state. You get to be a tier 1 cultivation/ production facility with option to sell on site as well. It’s an interesting concept. But just about every “nice” town in mass voted against the bill which means no rec sales or licenses available in many highly profitable areas. Mass is good for home cultivation but the legal market is not easy. And the ccc isn’t necessarily experts at this yet so the hurdles businesses are facing can seem pretty ridiculous too. I talked to one guy that opened a shop and he said the ccc expects you to know the entire law front to back yet provides very few answers to questions when issues arise. Making it difficult to navigate the oftentimes years long process of simply opening a retail only store. I’m hopeful the state will be a good example in a few years but right now it’s quite frustrating to see. Especially since the law passed wasn’t the law we voted for. It was “the GrEaT compromise” I’m still mad about it tbh :joy: