Minnesota adult use legislation

so I came across this today https://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/members/profile/news/15271/29699

I’m super excited!

The Minnesota house majority leader introduced this bill on May 5. I spent some time looking through it and it allows 8 plants max, 4 max flowering, per person or house, I don’t remember now. 1.5 oz in public and 10 lbs at home. Also, multiple types of licenses to grow, sell, manufacture, and other things. The one that most interests me is the microbusiness license. It allows you to get indorsements to do most other things on a small scale. The one limit I saw was max of 2000 square feet of canopy space for cultivation.


10 pounds at home is a nice little headstash


Yea 10 lbs should do the trick until next grow… maybe…


Probably count trim in that also. That’s nice if it opens it up to smaller operations. More mom and pop pot shops would be a good thing!


Wish we could have a marijuana farmers market


Glad to see y’all making some progress! Should put a smile on those pretty blondes you folks have bopping around


I’ve dreamed of this exact thing so many times


My brother’s neighborhood has a little farmers market mostly hipsters selling eggs and tomatoes to each other would be a prime place to sell the local grown organic heirloom conflict free sourced herb for top dollar :joy::rofl::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: I really should go check it out it’s like a once a week or maybe everyother week thing


Either way would be cool


Been watching the progress or lack thereof on this… it’s frustrating that we have a small group of Republican lawmakers hellbent on fighting this with disinformation and outside “experts” damning the evils of the Devil’s lettuce.
It is of great importance that people realize that the “marijuana party” candidates are red herrings designed to pull votes away from Dem candidates that actually support legalization.
It’s even more frustrating that these reps will fight to keep this off the ballot for a statewide vote - In MN any ballot vote has to be approved by both house and senate by simple majority… and with Senate in Republican control, they’re fighting the very idea of letting the citizens (ya know, the ones who they supposedly represent) decide by casting their vote for or against.
Tons of tax money, jobs, tourism $ the state is losing out on.
It’s being introduced again this session… I’m hoping it somehow wiggles free and at the very least ends up on the ballot. :crossed_fingers:t3:


I dont think the state government is to worried about the revenues generated from legalization here.
Its a wealthy state with plenty surplus you can tell by their infrastructure.
Are they really losing out with that in mind and worried about tourism up here, not really still the go to destination for about anything outdoors.
Thats just a start.

The state is crazy on their licensing of new vehicles, how guckin ridiculous.

BUT LEGALIZATION OR NOT thee far best state ive ever lived in and still do.

I’m a goat I never wanted legalization to begin with and I see everyday how things are melting together just as I predicted.

Agreed… I have mixed feelings about it with knowing it fucks a lot of growers out of business when they get crushed by the commercial grow ops that have profit margins at the top of their list.
But I selfishly want to grow an row of 8 foot plants in the back yard and not be anxious about getting busted

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Hear ya there brother