Help me go legal! (MA)

So the post says it all. I need help though with the paperwork and such as I’m only one person. Plus I’m broke. There is restrictions and such in my state but I have the ability to do this quicker and cheaper than most. If you’ve dreamed of it let’s talk. As I need a team.


If I where in a position to I’d be all over that and volunteer my wife to do the paper work bc trust me if you could even read it wouldn’t want me touching it. Lol good luck thou I hope you find the team you need and look forward to watching you guys get up and going.


His profile covers his state


Well arent you just a ray of fucking sunshine.


Ah yes the state of interest would be MA. And perhaps I’ve lost a brain cell or two along the way. Thank you for the support🙏🏼


Bad day? Not sure of why the insults, please take it down a notch or twenty.




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Thank you, @MimirKush- I prefer the original as well. And I do think he needs to STFU with that belligerence, but I’m trying to not escalate anything.


Two wrongs and all that jazz :joy: I just think it was uncalled for. People really gotta step back sometimes before they post some shit. I can see that kinda thing on fb but i feel like og is and should be kept a step above.
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Have you read through this guide? It looks like all you need is a doctor’s certification, which will issue you a pin, then online signup.

There’s a PDF guide in that link for the online registration step.


I do know how to register as a patient, but I’m talking a tier 2 or 3 canopy grow, cmr 935 is where you would want to look if interested.


The state has made it easier than it use to be to become a patient, And tele health made it even easier. It’s tax free and the only way to get things discounted in MA. I am a patient and will continue to be. I’ve worked at two dispensaries and have created a educational program. I also have taken many classes the state offered me.


I did post this here in anticipation of a not so good time ensuing. The question itself, help me go legal, implies some sort of blatant shimshamery, and then again credentials I have none to most, as some may say I am a ghost, But really do encourage y’all to have open discussion about it. Even if it seems a little curt, which didn’t really bother me but made me think what I was thinking posting it.


Ah, now that we’ve gotten to the nuts and bolts - I’m not usually a pessimist but that document is a nightmare of regulation, fees, insurance, facility inspections, etc. etc.

If I had to guess, and it seems even more bureaucratic than Colorado, you’re going to have to bring hundreds of thousands of dollars to the table to get a “government regulated” facility running.


Yes there lyes my problems. I do have a social equity award that waives fees and such. And also has some other priority access benefits. But the endless paper work is where I start to not do so well. I mean if there was a rock and a hard place I still might not do well with the paperwork. But I did do part of it. And really am looking for those that want to get into the legal market and may have that piece to bring to the table. Which opens up the rabbit hole of more monkey biz.


So what aspect do you want to get in on? Cultivation? Owning a dispensary?

Forgive me for being a pessimist but without a mil to throw away, or angel investors, I just don’t see how normal people get in.

Now if your intention is just to work in the ancillary markets, I think selling shovels in a gold rush is the way to go.


if you want money that is the place to be


I’m all for setting up an ancillary biz also. I do have expedited review and priority access. I want to do cultivation, manufacturing and processing, and delivery only on the product produced Really just need a warehouse or land to lease. I agree on the analogy thiugh

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So cultivation to supply dispensaries is the end goal?