Master grower soil?

Has anyone tried this stuff not a bad price 8.99


Not sure what country you are in but, you can get specialised soils for the job for ÂŁ10/ÂŁ11 for 50 litres such as Biobizz organic all mix or light mix. Let us know how you get on with it. Might be worth checking the Ph values of it before you start.

Best of luck,

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I’m seeing a lot of ppl prefer soil vs coco! I guess it gives more quality bud or something…

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Make your own, its easy

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Not sure about that Madscientist.

I think people think soil is easier to start with, using either a single part feed, or buying soils which advertise no feed required.

I have not seen anywhere near as many 2 or 3 part nutrient solutions for soil as are available for coco or hydro etc.

Another point is not many will be using a Ph or EC meter with soils as you definatley need when using coco or hydro etc

To be honest I think the grower and enviromentals are more concerned with creating good bud than just the growing medium, but i am sure I will be told otherwise hahaha.

Genetics might just play a part too :wink:

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That’s the idea to discuss and grab whatever you can use from all the ideas thrown in the table… Cheers!



I always used pro mix in the past was hoping someone may have tried this stuff right on

Somebody might have… Give it time, tonight more people will log in, hold off for the weekend and you might get more answers!


Whats it made out of? What are the cough… npk values…:joy:? Where was it sitting when you bought it? how long has it been sitting there? What was sitting around it? When you open it any bugs fly out?

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Sqhagnum peat moss aged bark perlite composted manure crab shells and lime ph adjusted just came into the place sitting inside with other bags of dirt and its smells super fresh

Ooo my bad its organic mix no added fertilizes downy know npk

HAHAHAHAHA For real man, you’re killing me!!! LOL

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Well thanks man that helps me alot appreciate the help

@Diggydank Hey man, listen im no master grower or nothing. But i chose coco because you control what you put into it, with those organic soil recipes, you have no control over what comes in there or how long before feeding if any, and in the end if you’re gonna use Ferts, then choose coco, soil if you’re gonna do organic plant juice and all of that, IMHO.

I think soil is more forgiving than coco for holding its water for longer. If you want use nutes grow on water hydroponics etc you dont have to carry the bags then.:joy:

That’s what i wanna do eventually, not for now tho!

I wouldn’t have any problem trying that. I would mix in some azomite for potassium, gypsum for sulfur, and top dress with some kelp every week or so for a little safety. I assume you are going to be feeding the plant as needed during veg and flower.

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No. Its peat moss. And shitty filler. What benefit does bark have? Nothing. Its deforestation by product they use as a filler. There are no nutrients and very little minerals. You can make a simple soil for maybe a little more itll be way better and you wont support deforestation. If i were to use this stuff i would use it as my peat moss part of a 1:1:1 peat:compost:areation soil mix.

Tried coco before and had some ph problems I get the filler part but Alot of microbs love decaying wood as I use great white in and on top of my holes

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yes they do. but they love a good bed of soil even more. use biochar if you want some wood in there :wink:

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