Matanuska Thunder Fuck real deal clone

I used to have this clone, is it still around?


Looking for it myself, an Alaskan member is hot on the trail, will let u know if I find/have it…


this guy has beans

I was wanting to try this of his

smoked this I believe way back when they were building the pipeline

be safe and stay free



This is pretty mich what i always heard about mtf in the early 2000s not sure if true but is an interesting read none the less


I first heard this while living in reno there was a ton of alaska kids going to college there

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AK Bean Brains is a long time breeder from Alaska who specializes in old strains. He’s got a MTF Bx3 that I bet is the real deal…


Thats just the story i heard not sure myself not trying to discredit anyone. Just throwing that out there i would love it not to be true idk its one of the strains i grew up hearing about in hushed tones :joy:


AK Beanbrains MTF is more Indica

DR Greenthumb supposedly has it as S1 and it’s the sativa version.


Here’s the story I was told…In early 70’s a biker from Cali took some seeds to Alaska and grew them out…One of the plants was exceptional potent so he kept it alive and kept cloning it…He only passed it out to his biker friends…well I went to school with these 2 girls who were sisters and when they were up in Matanuska they ended up with the biker group…when they came back home to Chicago to visit their mother and they told me about the MTF strain and that it was a clone only strain no seed were available. Well they went back to alaska because thats where they were living now…they been living there for almost 17 years…when they came back to their moms funeral 3 years later they brought back 2 clones of MTF and gave them to me…it was the best…it was one of those 1 hit weed and the real deal Matanuska Thunder Fuck smelled like Tang, I shit you not…I lost the strain but I did manage to make a cross…so now I have MTF cross strain…I been trying to get in touch with the biker sisters for more clones but haven’t been able to get a hold of them…the last I saw them was in 2004…had the real deal clone for almost 10 yrs.


Out of curiosity was the MTF you had more Indica or Sativa leaning?

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The real deal one I had was more Sativa.


Real deal was sativa leaner and not a lot of bag appeal. I grew it from a clone shipped to me from a member who passed on the old site. Sadly it didn’t look like much so I didn’t clone it…stuffed the only ounce I had in my ball sack for a plane ride but the MTF was absent on arrival. It was really good smoke and clone only from what I remember.

This might not help, but Bodhi Seeds has made a couple ATF crosses. I’m not sure where they are in stock, and they’re only crosses, but Bodhi always has the real deal.

Sounds like DRGreenthumb is the place to go to get the real S1

Back in the day when I had the real deal MTF this one guy told everyone on Overgrow that I shipped him the real deal MTF which was not true, I never sent him anything. I went on Overgrow and told people that the guy who claims that I sent him the real deal MTF was a liar and I never had any dealings with him…

I got my cut from Mota420 Rest In Peace

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I know someone that grew DrGreenthumbs mtf out and it was a dead ringer for the real deal. I would say it’s legit coming from someone who had the confirmed real cut of it back in the day.

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@PhilCuisine I believe sinister seeds is offering this strain in seed form .

Here’s his email info for those interested


I’m Around brother :+1::call_me_hand: