Mold on outdoor ww X destroyer plants

So this is from my sons outdoor grow started from clones taken from my indoor females from my last grow.
Being just a few miles from the ocean here makes the climate not so friendly for buds this time of year.
So anyway, noticed this crap on 2 plants yesterday. Only able to find on 2 buds and at the base of several fan leaves.

Close enough to harvest that the whole crop is being chopped today. Will have to continue to check closely but hoping the other 4 plants are unaffected.

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Sorry to hear that, please check any single bud and open them to see if it is already inside, no risks with fungus that may finish in your lungs … :sweat:


So far it has only been found on 2 of the plants. He’s checking every bud on all of the plants. Anything with any suspicious areas are getting tossed. Won’t go into the compost but will be burned in the outdoor fireplace.